Yieldstreet Review: Alternative Investments [2023]

Let us get to know about the Yieldstreet review in 2023, How does it work? Is it the right alternative investment for me? Is it worth it? Get to know the top 5 reasons why you should choose Yeildstreet for your investment.

Do not want to invest in the high-risk stock markets anymore? Looking for investment alternatives where you have fewer risks and good returns? Invest smart with underlying assets at Yieldstreet. Learn more about the Yieldstreet review from our experts and how you can start your journey in non-traditional investments.

What Is Yieldstreet? Explained [2023]

yieldstreet prism fund reviews
yieldstreet prism fund reviews

Yieldstreet is an online investment platform that allows you to make investments in various assets ranging from art to real estate. It starts investing at a relatively lower rate as compared to other platforms enabling users with average incomes to invest in some high-dollar markets other than the traditional ones such as stocks and bonds.

How Does Yieldstreet Work? [2023]

Yieldstreet allows investors to take part in crowdfunding for a number of alternative investment options, including real estate, commercial, legal, and art. Most offerings are open only to accredited investors, but there are investment opportunities beginning from as low as $500.

Yieldstreet Review-Work
Yieldstreet Review – How Does Yieldstreet Work?

Direct investments are for accredited users only. They can simply create an account on Yieldstreet and invest directly in alternatives. Prism funds on the other hand are open to all investors. This type of alternative investment provides the user with a more diverse approach.

The working of this fund is in a way similar to the working of mutual funds but there are a few key differences as well. For starters, this does not allow you to easily liquidate funds whenever you want. You have to keep investing for a number of years and will only get a certain quarterly distribution (about 7% annually).

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Yieldstreet Review: Who Should Invest? [2023]

Yieldstreet Review-Who Should Invest
Yieldstreet Review – Who Should Invest?

The platform provides all kinds of investors opportunities to invest ranging from low to high cost. Both accredited and non-accredited investors can use Yieldstreet to invest. For accredited investors (those with $1 million savings), there is the opportunity for direct investment. Prism funds are open for non-accredited investors.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Yieldstreet [2023]

The following are some of the top 5 reasons investors can choose Yieldstreet over other traditional investing options:

Choose Yieldstreet
Why You Should Choose Yieldstreet?
  1. It provides access to alternative investments so if you would like to invest in non-mainstream initiatives such as art, real estate, and legal settlements, you would get quite the variety.
  2. Yieldstreet allows you to invest in assets that are not tied to the stock market, thus allowing you the opportunity to invest without the risk of a stock market collapse.
  3. Can everyone invest in Yieldstreet? Yes, both accredited and non-accredited investors can use Yieldstreet to invest. For Prism Fund, the minimum investment is a paltry $500.
  4. With an average annual management fee and the availability of traditional as well as Roth IRAs(Individual Retirement Accounts), Yieldstreet is a multi-faceted option that is a must-try.
  5. Over the life of the investment, you will receive regular interest payouts via Yieldstreet.

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Yieldstreet Review: Is It Worth It? [2023]

Yieldstreet is a suitable platform for accredited as well as non-accredited investors to diversify their investment portfolios. Due to the nature of its offerings, Yieldstreet has a lower risk profile than some other investment platforms that provide similar investment opportunities. But one would always run the risk of losing money and should therefore diversify their respective portfolios.

Yieldstreet Review-Worth
Yieldstreet Review – Is it worth it?

Top 5 Advantages of Yieldstreet

  1. Easy-to-use platform
  2. Carefully selected offerings
  3. Excellent mobile app
  4. Full spectrum of alternative offerings
  5. Options for non-accredited investors

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Top 9 Features Of Yieldstreet You Must Know [2023]

Following are the top 9 features of Yieldstreet:

  1. Minimum Investment Amount
  2. Asset-based investment
  3. Fees
  4. Who gets to invest?
  5. Prism Fund
  6. Type Of Investment
  7. Self-Directed IRA
  8. Commitment
  9. Limited Investments
Yieldstreet Review-Features
Yieldstreet Review – Features

1. Minimum Investment Amount

According to the company, the minimum investment ranges around $10,000. The minimum investment for the short-term notes offered from Yieldstreet and Prism Fund is $500.

2. Asset-Based Investment

Asset-based investments enable you to invest without significant losses or risks as the offerings on Yieldstreet are backed by some underlying assets such as houses and so on.

3. Fees

The annual management fee ranges from 0% to 2.5% usually. There might also be a listing fee.

4. Who Gets To Invest?

Although most offerings are for accredited investors who have a net worth of $1 million, non-accredited investors will also get a few deals.

5. Prism Fund

The Prism Fund investment allows non-accredited investors on Yieldstreet the possibility to invest with a minimum of $500. It pays annual fees of up to 1.5% for the fund.

6. Type Of Investment

Yieldstreet provides an opportunity for alternative investments over a wide range of fields such as marine, art, real estate, litigation settlements, and even commercial loans. In addition, Yieldstreet provides information about the reasons why the company appreciates the investment, the costs, the dangers (and how it is working to reduce those risks), and the anticipated return schedule.

7. Self-Directed IRA

You can invest in Yieldstreet via a self-directed IRA which uses IRA Services as the major custodian broker.

8. Commitment

Yieldstreet makes sure that once you sign up for an investment, you cannot chicken out and leave it midway.

9. Limited Investments

Every investment deal on the site is available only for a limited period of time. It offers first come first service investments, so there are chances that you may miss the deal even if you are ready to invest.

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Compare Yieldstreet To Other Investment Platforms [2023]

It is always recommended to compare things especially when it comes to investments and investment platforms. So let us check out other alternative investment platforms to Yieldstreet and compare their fees, the minimum amount required, who can invest, etc.

Compare Yieldstreet vs Fundrise
Compare Yieldstreet vs Fundrise vs Crowdstreet vs Alto vs Masterworks

Yieldstreet vs Fundrise vs Crowdstreet vs Alto vs Masterworks

From the table below you can compare Yieldstreet vs Fundrise vs Crowdstreet vs Alto vs Masterworks and check who is the best investment platform.

Account minimum$500$10$5000$0$0
PromotionN/AAdvisory Fee Waiver applicableSpecial 1% return on your first investmentN/AN/A
Type of investorAccredited/ Non-accreditedAccredited/ Non-accreditedAccredited/ Non-accreditedOnly non-accreditedOnly non-accredited

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4 Best Ways to Invest with Yieldstreet In 2023

The following are the 4 best ways to invest with Yieldstreet in 2023:

  1. Yieldstreet Prism Fund Reviews
  2. Via Self-Directed IRA
  3. Direct Investment
  4. Yieldstreet Wallet
Invest with Yieldstreet
Invest with Yieldstreet

1. Yieldstreet Prism Fund Reviews

The non-accredited investors will find it simple to invest on Yieldstreet via the Prism Fund. You can invest in alternatives like real estate, fine art, and so on, outside of the stock market, but at just $500 as the minimum investment required.

2. Via Self-Directed IRA

You can invest in Yieldstreet via a self-directed IRA. Yieldstreet actually helps you set up an IRA account through which you can use IRA Services as the major custodian broker to make investments.

3. Direct Investment

Only applicable for accredited investors who can take higher risks.

4. Yieldstreet Wallet

The FDIC-insured savings account held for Yieldstreet at Evolve Bank & Trust ensures that investors can get back good returns at extremely low rates of interest.

How To Open An Account At Yieldstreet? [2023]

Follow the steps given below to open an account with Yieldstreet: 

1. Verification of identity: Click a picture of your US-issued Government ID so that all four corners of the ID are visible clearly. Upload this identity proof.

2. Link bank: Link at least one ACH-compatible bank to withdraw and distribute funds as and when needed.

3. Verify accreditation: This step is only for the accredited investors who will be joining Yieldstreet. You can verify your accreditation via a third party (financial advisor, lawyer, etc.), income, or net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact Yieldstreet?

Contacting Yieldstreet is a simple process. Their office address is 300 Park Avenue 15th Floor, New York, NY 10022. To contact via telephone, you can call at 844-943-5378. You can also mail any queries to investments [@] yieldstreet [dot] com.

Note: Please do check their official website and confirm. Our team tries best to provide the correct information and in case the details get updated, we will also update the same whenever possible.

Yieldstreet Review: Is it the right alternative investment for me?

Yes, Yieldstreet is the right alternative investment for all accredited as well as non-accredited investors as it does not have the high risks of the stock market and lets you invest with much lower risk and underlying assets that will smooth over any potential crisis.

Is Yieldstreet legit? How safe is it?

Yes, Yieldstreet is guaranteed to be legit. Since it caters to a whole range of accredited investors, the investments featured on Yieldstreet are painstakingly researched and verified before being posted. It is very difficult to be defrauded of your money here.

Can you lose money with Yieldstreet?

No, Yieldstreet is a very safe investment platform that roots out fraudsters super fast. On the other hand, investments are always a risky proposition and are dependent on the market. Therefore, you might lose money with a bad investment, although not always.

How does Yieldstreet Prism Fund work?

The Yieldstreet prism fund generates income via investment across multiple asset classes. These include art., legal services, commercial, real estate, and so on. It has a low minimum investment of just $500. It claims to deliver a professional, multi-credit income portfolio via one single fund and with the ease of 1099 tax reports.

Is Yieldstreet FDIC insured?

Yes, Yieldstreet is FDIC insured. There is an FDIC-insured savings bank account for Yieldstreet at Evolve Bank and Trust.

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