What Is Act Of God Insurance: Examples Explained [2023]

What Is Act Of God Insurance: Accidents that do not always happen due to your negligence or fault are categorized under Act Of God Insurance. Damage to property caused by natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, specific natural disasters, lightning strikes, or a tornado that cannot be predicted are all insured under Act Of God Insurance clause. These events can cause immense damage to your house, car, or any other belongings.

For better financial security against such incidents, insurance companies categorize damages done to your property due to such mishappenings under a clause called the Act of God so that you are compensated accordingly.

Act Of God Insurance: Overview [2023]

Act Of God Insurance policy covers damages done to your property for which you were neither responsible nor could you have done anything to prevent or even reduce the damage.

Insurance act of god
Insurance act of god

Acts Of God include natural disasters, serious weather conditions, natural causes, events, or any other similar catastrophes over which humans have no or very little control. Both auto and home insurance provide earthquake coverage and cover flood damages to compensate for the damages.

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What Is Act Of God Insurance? Does Your Car Insurance Company Cover It?

Act Of God Insurance is when insurance claims you for a loss that has occurred due to environmental factors that are a sudden and unpredictable, unexpected event, like a natural disaster.

What Is Act of God Insurance
What Is Act of God Insurance?

Yes. Car insurance companies do provide compensation for losses incurred by you due to Acts of God under comprehensive coverage, although it is optional. Under Act Of God Insurance policy, the insurance agency compensates for your losses in case anything other than a collision happens.

Nevertheless, the insurers will try to determine other causes that could have damaged your vehicle. For instance, if a tree falls on your car due to heavy rainfall but it was infested and unsafe to be there, you might not be compensated because it shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Therefore, your insurance company will send an insurance agent to study the circumstances as well as your surroundings before compensating.

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Do Homeowners Policies Cover Act Of God Insurance? [2023]

Yes. Multiple Acts of God such as wind, hail, and lightning are covered under this provision, though some Acts of God require a separate insurance rider to be covered.

Homeowners Policies Cover Act Of God Insurance
Homeowners Policies Cover Act Of God Insurance

Also, it depends on the category of homeowners insurance policy you have selected for yourself. For example, while signing the Act Of God Insurance policy, the HO-3 policy will cover the structure of your home for all mishaps other than those specifically excluded. Whereas HO-1 or H0-2 will only compensate for the losses that are mentioned in your policy.

It is only after a proper inspection of the site that a standard homeowners insurance policies company will provide you with coverage for the losses. If it is discovered that another cause could have led to the same loss, the property insurance company may refuse to compensate you.

Therefore, it is a must to check your policy before signing it, because if you live in an earthquake- or flood-prone area, you can buy a separate national flood insurance program.

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What Does Act Of God Insurance Cover? [2023]

Automobile Insurance providers as well as Homeowners Insurance policies providers have a list of perils in their insurance policies like separate flood insurance. As you never know when the damages are caused because of hurricanes, floods, severe weather, natural events, lightning storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, windstorms, wars, etc.

What Does Act Of God Insurance Cover
What Does Act Of God Insurance Cover

However, if there is anything that could have been done by you to avert the damage, then it cannot be covered under the Act Of God Insurance policy. For instance, if your roof collapses because of the weight of snow, then your insurance policies company might deny your claim for compensation.

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What Is ‘NOT Covered’ In Act Of God Insurance? [2023]

There are multiple natural events that are not covered in the Act Of God Insurance policy. It is quite common for insurance agents to exclude fences, sheds, gates, railings, etc. Under certain circumstances, if your agent thinks that the damage could have been reduced with the help of proper maintenance, he can deny your right to claim damages.

What Is Not Covered In Act Of God Insurance
What Is Not Covered In Act Of God Insurance

Nevertheless, it does not mean that you will be left high and dry in case you face a disaster. If there is an Act Of God that has not been covered by your agent, you can ask for insurance riders like hurricane insurance or flood insurance.

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Difference Between Force Majeure vs Act of God Insurance [2023]

Force Majeure comprises natural catastrophes brought on due to human intervention as opposed to occurrences covered under Act Of God Insurance which happen spontaneously and are beyond human control. To file a claim under the Force Majeure, the event has to be unforeseen, external, and unavoidable.

Force Majeure vs Act of God Insurance
Force Majeure vs Act of God Insurance

Fire due to a short circuit, governmental or societal issues like strikes or civil unrest, infrastructure failures, etc., are examples of situations that fall under the category of Force Majeure. Terrorist attacks, war, and a pandemic, to name a few could invoke a Force Majeure clause in your insurance policy.

In terms of insurance, for example, an earthquake hits your area. If your house was built according to safety measures, you may be able to file an insurance claim under the Act Of God Insurance clause.

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How To Apply For Act Of God Insurance? [2023]

It is a must to sign a claim under Act Of God Insurance as soon as possible. You can follow the steps written below to file a claim in such a severe circumstance:

How To Apply For Act Of God Insurance
How To Apply For Act Of God Insurance?
  • First click photographs of the damage done and make clear videos of your property as proof while filing a claim. 
  • Second, start reducing the damage done to your property. For example, in case there is excess water in your house, start draining it out and start saving your belongings from getting damaged. 
  • Third, submit the photos with your agent and file your claim to begin the process.
  • Lately, inform your agent if you need accommodation while your property is getting repaired.


Any mishap can happen at any time to anyone. To ensure the safety of yourself and your family, it is essential to be insured against such disasters. Therefore, read your policy carefully and include insurance against all kinds of disasters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the act of god covered by car insurance?

Yes. Automobile insurance providers insure vehicles by providing coverage under the Acts Of God Insurance policy. Such mishaps are covered under comprehensive coverage.

Can you claim for an Act of God?

Yes. You can submit an Act Of God Insurance claim by gathering proof right away and informing your insurance agency about the damage done to your property.

What are the acts of God clauses in an insurance contract?

In an Act Of God Insurance policy, events over which humans have no control are included. Natural disasters that occur suddenly, like earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and so on, are described as Acts Of God.

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