Best Tesla Model Y Insurance Cost For 2023: [Compare + Buy]

Tesla Model Y Insurance

Compare Tesla Model Y insurance and get the best deals, where rates start from $150 per month. Get auto insurance online, learn tips & tricks to save money on your policy, how to get car insurance for the first time, what factors affect the cost of Tesla electric vehicles, and much more.

The Tesla Model Y MSRP of $52,000 plus is the least expensive Tesla model. In contrast, it is not the cheapest compared to other midsize SUVs in the automotive market. The insurance cost of the Tesla Model Y is $260 more per year on average compared to other midsize SUVs.

Let us find out how much average car insurance for Tesla Model Y Costs, how to get discounts, and the best insurance for Tesla Model Y. compare it with different states, zip codes, models, ages, trim levels, and driving records.

Mount Shine will help you provide every information about the Tesla car insurance that leads to lower policy rates, monthly installments, or duration.

How Much Does A Tesla Model Y Insurance Costs In 2023?

The average Tesla Model Y insurance cost is $1,804 per year, or $150 per month depending on the trim levels.

Tesla Model Y Insurance Cost
Tesla Model Y Blue

Here is the breakdown of Tesla Model Y car insurance costs to see how much is the individual coverages, comprehensive coverage, liability coverage, and collision coverage:

  • Individual Coverage, comprehensive coverage for Tesla Model S Insurance – $438 a year
  • Liability/medical for Tesla Model S Insurance – $510
  • Collision coverage for Tesla Model S Insurance – $856

Compare the average 2022 Tesla Model Y insurance cost using an assortment of different driver ages and risk profiles from the table below:

Driver Risk ProfileAnnual RateMonthly Rate
High Risk Driver Age 30$4,114$343
Safe Driver Age 20$3,602$300
At-fault Accidents Age 40$2,544$212
Low Deductibles Age 40$2,378$198
Safe Driver Age 30$1,912$159
Safe Driver Age 40$1,804$150
Safe Driver Age 50$1,644$137
Safe Driver Age 60$1,614$135
High Deductibles Age 40$1,510$126
Discount Rate Age 40$1,498$125

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What Is The Cheapest Tesla Model S Insurance Cost In 2023?

The cost of Tesla insurance changes by model and trim level also impact auto insurance rates, so drivers should consider this when choosing their vehicle. In the United States, auto insurance companies consider trim while finalizing the premium for your Tesla car.

2016 Tesla Model Y
2016 Tesla Model Y

For example, 2022 Tesla car insurance rates vary between the Performance and Long Range Model Y trim levels. The rates may be lower for 75D trim than for the same car with P100D trim. Tesla Model Y trim levels are available in 75D, 100D, and P100D.

Compare the 2022 Tesla Model Y car insurance policy according to the trim level from the table below:

Tesla Model Y Trim LevelAnnual Policy6-month PolicyPer Month
Long Range AWD$1,766$883$147
Performance AWD$1,842$921$154

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Compare Tesla Model Y Insurance Cost By Location [2023]

According to our research, the Tesla Model Y insurance cost varies by location too. For a new Tesla model for a driver in California, the insurance cost can be different than Illinois, IL, or Texas.

Tesla Model Y Red
Tesla Model Y Red

A driver can get lower rates in Columbus, OH where it can cost $1,048 per year to $3,486 in Miami, FL, which is on the more expensive side. Tesla model y insurance estimate for Virginia Beach, VA, can be $1,212 and in Detroit, it can surprisingly cost $7,066 a year.

In some other cities Tesla car insurance for Model Y like in San Diego, CA, can cost $2,028, Milwaukee, WI, at $1,824, and Louisville, KY, averaging $2,868, Minneapolis, MN, at an estimated $1,824.

Compare the 2022 Tesla Model Y insurance cost by location from the table below:

City/StateAnnual RateMonthly Rate
New York, NY$3,408$284
Philadelphia, PA$3,006$251
Los Angeles, CA$2,992$249
San Francisco, CA$2,572$214
Jacksonville, FL$2,558$213
San Jose, CA$2,130$178
Phoenix, AZ$2,074$173
San Diego, CA$2,028$169
Chicago, IL$1,962$164
Dallas, TX$1,928$161
Houston, TX$1,916$160
Indianapolis, IN$1,816$151
San Antonio, TX$1,726$144
Austin, TX$1,642$137
Columbus, OH$1,358$113

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Compare Tesla Model Y Insurance Cost By State [2023]

While buying the Tesla Model Y car make sure you check out which state offers the cheapest insurance for a Tesla. In our comparison, we found states like Ohio, Virginia and Lowa offers the cheapest insurance for Tesla Model Y car costing $1,048, $1,164, and $1,304 respectively.

The most expensive insurance is in Michigan ($2,876) and Florida ($2,636). The cost for Tesla insurance in Massachusetts is $1,478, New York is $1,920, Kansas is $1,816, Maryland is $1,628, and South Carolina is $1,662 per year respectively.

Compare the 2022 Tesla Model Y insurance cost by state and find Find cheap auto insurance quotes in your area from the table below:

U.S. StateAnnual Cost6-month CostMonthly Cost
New Hampshire$1,192$596$99
New Jersey$1,864$932$155
New Mexico$1,582$791$132
New York$2,100$1,050$175
North Carolina$1,254$627$105
North Dakota$1,640$820$137
Rhode Island$2,326$1,163$194
South Carolina$1,818$909$152
South Dakota$1,786$893$149
West Virginia$1,774$887$148

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How To Get Discounts On Tesla Model Y insurance Cost In 2023?

Tesla car insurance can be expensive but you can get lower monthly insurance premiums by finding a discount. Here is your guide to car insurance discounts where Mount Shine looked at the Top 10 ways in the nation to see how you can qualify:

1. Multi-policy discount

2. Good driver discount

3. Persistency/loyalty discount

4. Anti-theft device discount

5. Mature driver improvement course discount

6. Airbag discount

7. Group rate

8. Better credit scores

9. Your occupation

10. Choosing a low deductible

How To Apply Car Insurance For Tesla Model Y in 2023?

Let Mount Shine help you, we have a wide network of the best insurance companies across 50 states of the United States that guide you to the best offers, payment options, auto insurance deals, etc. Check yourself for Tesla Model Y insurance costs and then buy or renew.

Get free Tesla Model Y Insurance quotes, buy/renew, and save money on car insurance by contacting us. Hurry EMI starts as low as $150 per month in 2022! Our service is free, fast, and simple, so get started today!

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Best Tesla Model Y Insurance Cost For 2023: [Compare + Buy]
Best Tesla Model Y Insurance Cost For 2023: [Compare + Buy]
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