State Farm Classic Car Insurance Review [2023]

State Farm Classic Car Insurance Review

State Farm Classic Car Insurance, founded in 1922, defines an antique or classic car as more than 25 years old and a classic between 10 and 24 years old. The United States is the world’s biggest market for antique cars, with revenue expected to grow to 18.77 billion U.S. dollars by 2024.

Maintenance, restoration, and preservation can be a herculean task for a classic car enthusiast. Many factors depend on the car’s value, and conventional auto insurance companies are typically insufficient for an antique car. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a good insurance company to preserve its value and integrity.

State Farm Classic Car Insurance
State Farm Classic Car Insurance

Let us help you get to know the leading provider of insurance for collector cars’ price guides, coverage options, baseline price, and more. Get to know the difference in new car vs vintage vehicles or classic vehicles’ prices in 2023.

Classic Cars Insurance: Overview [2023]

Classic car insurance offers quite a few types of coverage. It pays for damage caused to others and for legal defense in case someone tries to sue you after an accident for which you were responsible. It includes collision and comprehensive insurance and pays for the medical bills of an uninsured person in the event of a crash.

Classic Cars Insurance
Classic Cars Insurance

Here are a few ways to customize classic insurance that can customize according to your needs:

  • It provides coverage for spare parts and personal tools used for maintenance on the vehicle.
  • If a car is restored, they provide periodic increases to coverage to keep pace with the restoration work.
  • Roadside assistance is also provided by classic cars. If a vehicle breaks down, services such as towing, fuel delivery, lodging, and transportation cost are covered.
  • Automobile coverage is provided. This includes vintage license plates, ornaments, and gas pumps.

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The 6 Best Classic Car Insurance Companies [2023]

Having a reliable car insurance company for your vintage cars is a must. Here are 6 companies that provide the best coverage deals, and they are:

  1. Grundy Insurance
  2. Hagerty Insurance (Progressive*)
  3. State Farm Insurance
  4. American Collectors Insurance (USAA*)
  5. Heacock Auto Insurance
  6. American Modern Insurance (Geico*)
Best Classic Car Insurance Companies
Best Classic Car Insurance Companies

1. Grundy Insurance

Grundy insures vehicles over 25 years old and has been protecting cars since 1947. They insure modified vehicles with high-performing engines, proper suspension, and modified bodies. The car comes with unrestricted miles for leisure driving, and experienced staff members help estimate the car’s value. It is essential to fulfilling the requirements to be eligible for coverage options.

2. Hagerty Insurance (Progressive*)

Hagerty was established in 1984. Hagerty specializes in acquiring spare parts, replacing original equipment, new old stock (NOS), or like kind quality (LKQ). With Progressive, Hagerty offers coverage for classic cars.

3. State Farm Insurance

State Farm, founded in 1922, provides $500 in spare parts coverage and coverage for your collectibles up to the agreed-upon value to guard against depreciation.

4. American Collectors Insurance (USAA*)

American Collectors, founded in 1976, offers highly regarded insurance for various antiques and collector’s items, including agreed-value insurance for vintage cars, antique trucks, antique tractors, and motorbikes.

5. Heacock Auto Insurance

Established in 1922, Heacock provides a policy to protect your collector car completely, with customized deductible options, nationwide roadside assistance, and full coverage during as well as after the restoration of the vehicle.

6. American Modern Insurance (Geico*)

Established in 1965, American Modern offers great coverage and options for what you drive. They offer freedom mileage plans, deductible options from $0 to $10,000, flexible payment methods, and allow you to drive your classic auto in shows, parades, exhibitions, and drives.

Choosing classic vehicle insurance that provides coverage options like medical payments, collision insurance, or collision coverage, has good policy provisions, and gives good value in case of an accident, is not hard to find. You have to research, compare and then decide which company to choose that will become your one stop insurance hub.

According to our research, for vintage vehicles, a state farm is the best option to go for, and you can easily contact any state farm agent to get your auto insurance. A State farm agent will check your driving history, get to know your vehicle historical interest, help you get new title matches, inform you about the factors that vary depending on costs for motorsport vehicles, and help you get discounts.

CoverageEst.Highest mileage planRising valueRoadside AssistanceSpare Parts
1. Grundy Insurance1947UnlimitedUp to 150% of agreed valueYes$500
2. Hagerty Insurance (Progressive*)1984UnlimitedNot specifiedYes$750
3. State Farm Insurance1922Not specifiedNot specifiedYes$500
4. American Collectors Insurance (USAA*)19767,500Up to 6% moreYes$500
5. Heacock Auto Insurance19226,000Revaluations availableYes$2,000
6. American Modern Insurance (Geico*)1965UnlimitedNot specifiedYes$2,000

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Why Is State Farm Classic Car Insurance Best In 2023?

State Farm Classic Car Insurance merged with Hagerty in 2022. This has led to the creation of a new auto insurance branch for classic cars called State Farm Classic. It is considered the best because of the following 6 reasons:

  1. The coverage is available to any driver with a car aged 10-24 years old or over 25 years old.
  2. They provide drivers with up to $500 for spare parts.
  3. A hotline service has been introduced, enabling customers to clarify queries regarding them or your policy.
  4. They consider the year of manufacturing, the condition of the classic vehicle, and the type of vehicle while framing the policy.
  5. Having collaborated with Hagerty, It is now flexible with the type of antique vehicle they are willing to insure.
  6. Instead of just antique and classic cars, State Farm Classic Car Insurance will cover lifestyle, motorsport, and military-grade vehicles.

State Farm Classic Car Insurance Requirements [2023]

State Farm Classic car insurance requirements are:

State Farm Classic Car Insurance Requirements
State Farm Classic Car Insurance Requirements
  1. The vehicle must be placed in an enclosed area.
  2. The vehicle must be driven at most 2,500 miles or fewer miles in a year.
  3. The car should only be used when there is a show, exhibition, club activities, auto auctions, or parades.
  4. For routine work, drivers must have access to other vehicle.
  5. Drivers must be qualified based on age and driving record.

The availability of classic car insurance from State Farm depends on the state a customer resides in, along with many other factors. It is advisable to talk to your local State Farm agent if classic car insurance suits you for your policy.

Note: Fees and penalties can add up if you need to research previous ownership and apply for a new vehicles’ title. VIN: Make sure the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the title match the official VIN tag on the car. If they don’t match, it’s possible the vehicle may have been in a serious accident/rebuilt in garage, the title is counterfeit, or the vehicle was stolen. Make sure you test drive the car and check everything properly.

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How Much Is State Farm Classic Car Insurance Rates? [2023]

State Farm Classic Car Insurance Rates
State Farm Classic Car Insurance Rates

State Farm Classic Car’s entry-level coverage is $543 a year, or $45 per month. This average rate is 14% less expensive than the $635 annual national average. Michigan has the highest annual State Farm Classic Car cost estimate of $4,013, followed by Hawaii at $3,979. Idaho is the cheapest at $679.

State Farm Classic Car Insurance: Compare Quotes [2023]

For someone with a good credit score and a clean driving record, an estimate of the average annual cost by insurance provider USAA would be $1,054; Geico offers $1,308; the Progressive rate is $1,611; Allstate is $2,088; and State Farm is $1,481.

Types of Cars Covered By Classic Car Insurance [2023]

Classic car insurance provides coverage for certain types of cars, although it depends on the companies.

Types of Cars Covered By Classic Car Insurance
Types of Cars Covered By Classic Car Insurance

Like Antique cars, classic autos, military vehicles, classic tractors, exotic and their replicas, military-grade vehicles, modified vehicles like hot rods, tuners, and lowriders, motorcycles and scooters, classic and antique cars that are getting restored, retired commercial vehicles like fire trucks, and newer collector vehicles.

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Conclusion: Why Choose State Farm Classic Car Insurance?

As long as the car’s condition has been maintained and has not gotten worse because of carelessness or lack of maintenance, State Farm Classic Car Insurance will pay the agreed-upon value rather than the actual cash value of the vehicle insurance. Additionally, the insurance provides excellent neighbor service for prompt assistance and savings worth up to 24%. Therefore, it is a perfect option to opt for.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Is it worth buying state farm classic car insurance?

Answer: Yes. State Farm Classic Car Insurance has over 100 years of experience. Personalized services make it a reliable option to maintain your antique car.

FAQ 2: How is state farm customer service?

Answer: State Farm Classic Car Insurance provides customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 800-782-8332 is the customer support number to discuss grievances with the representative.

FAQ 3: How to renew State farm classic car insurance?

Answer: It gives a grace period of up to 10 days after the expiration of the auto insurance policy.

FAQ 4: How to cancel state farm insurance?

Answer: You can cancel your policy by phone, e-mail, or in person by visiting the nearest office. Provide your basic information to them, and your problem is solved.

State Farm Classic Car Insurance Review [2023]
State Farm Classic Car Insurance Review [2023]

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