Compare Stash vs Acorns: Which Investment App Is Better?

Stash vs Acorns

Compare Investment Plans in 2023, Stash vs Acorns: Which investment app is better? What does Stash and Acorns offer? Which one is right for you? The pros and cons of each. Learn about which app will best suit your investment plans in the future if you invest now.

Acorns and Stash are the two most prominent finance apps available in the market. Most of the time robinhood vs acorns vs stash is also compared together. They offer different ways for customers to save and invest their money quickly and easily. If you’re wondering about Acorns vs Stash and which app is perfect for you, you should consider the features you require, the investment type, and how much you would be willing to pay besides other elements of each app.

Acorns vs Stash: Which Is Right For You In 2023?

Investment apps such as Stash, Acorns, Robinhood, and Betterment are very beginner-friendly because they have easy and automated ways through which you can invest a small amount of money in a taxable brokerage account. These apps make it simple for anyone to participate in the market, regardless of how little prior experience they have. When it comes to Acorns vs Stash, Acorns is your best bet if you want a simple and quick banking and investment experience. On the other hand, if you want to control your portfolio investments, Stash would be a better option for you.

Acorns vs Stash: Pros and Cons

The market is full of different investment apps, hence you can compare Stash Vs acorns vs. Robinhood in terms of their online brokerage services. Whereas Acorns functions more like an accumulation account, Stash allows you to invest in individual stocks and ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) as per your wish. Stash and Acorns both charge you a fee every month, but while Acorns handles all of your investments on its own, Stash gives you more say in how your money is allocated.

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Why Should You Choose Acorns?

One of the best ways to get all the answers while choosing the best investment app is by comparing it with others and getting to know its pros and cons. So let us compare Stash Vs Acorns’ pros and cons to see why should you choose one app over the other.

Stash invest vs acorns
Stash invest vs acorns: Why choose Acorns?


  • No minimums balance to open up an account
  • Start Investments with $5
  • Acorn Round-Ups invests your leftover change from purchases
  • Allows mobile check deposits
  • Diverse ETF portfolios with risk and financial objectives


  • Acorns don’t let you invest in specific businesses
  • It will manage your portfolio on your behalf
  • No human advisor

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Why Should You Choose Stash?

stash app vs acorns
stash app vs acorns: Why choose Stash?


  • Zero minimum balance is required to create an account
  • Begin investing with only $5
  • Free to choose your investments
  • Tools available for automatic investment
  • The Stock-Back card for using rewards for investments


  • The monthly fees for custodial investment accounts are high
  • Automatically managed Smart Portfolios are only available at high prices

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Compare Investment plans in 2023: Stash vs Acorns

Both Acorns and Stash provide various investment plans. Whereas Acorns has two levels of service, Stash offers three different tiers.

Compare Investment plans-Stash vs Acorns
Compare Investment plans: Stash vs Acorns

Acorns’ investment plans are:

  1. Personal: The monthly fee is $3. Here, you will be provided with a cash management account in addition to an individual investment account and an IRA
  2. Family: The monthly fee is $5. Along with personal-level features, you get to open an unlimited number of custodial accounts for your children. You will also be able to set up automatic investments and enjoy the benefits of  “round-ups”. In this, you get to invest any spare change from your regular purchases

Stash’s investment plans are:

  1. Stash Beginner: The monthly fee for this tier is $1. It gives you access to a cash management account. Here you can buy stocks and ETFs. Along with the “Stock Back” debit card, you lets you have $1,000 worth of life insurance
  2. Stash Growth: This account carries a monthly fee of $3. Along with the entry-level features, you get a retirement account, a managed portfolio, and a Smart Portfolio
  3. Stash+: This will cost you a monthly fee of $9. In addition to the benefits of the first two tiers, you get to enjoy double bonuses on the Stock Back debit card and $10,000 worth of life insurance

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Compare Investment Choices And Costs: Acorns vs Stash [2023]

Acorns give you five pre-selected portfolios that vary in their risk levels from conservative to aggressive. In addition, you can also choose from one of Acorns’ four sustainable portfolios, all of which contain ESG funds and provide full access to businesses that satisfy your requirements.

Investment choices and costs-Acorns vs Stash
Compare Investment choices and costs: Acorns vs Stash

Acorns provide you access to 22 cost-effective exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The expense ratio of these funds varies between 0.03% and 0.25%, which translates to an annual cost of $3 to $25 per investment of $10,000. Of course, if you choose to invest in more risky portfolios, such as those with a greater emphasis on stocks, the total cost of your portfolio will be lower.

Additionally, Acorns enables you to use 5% of the taxable portfolio in the funding of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. On the other hand, in that case, the fund’s expense ratio is relatively high at 0.95 per cent.

In the case of Stash, you get to make your purchases of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and individual stocks. Or else, you can also use their Smart Portfolios for automatic management. Stash provides you with access to more than 3,800 individual stocks and more than 90 ETFs. In addition, Stash gives you a proper idea about the expense ratio of each fund, allowing you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the fees associated with investing without requiring you to navigate multiple pages repeatedly.

For the portfolios managed by Stash, you will have three that range from conservative to aggressive in terms of investment strategy. Whereas the traditional portfolio will have a more significant proportion of its assets invested in bonds, the aggressive portfolio will have a more substantial proportion of its assets invested in stocks. Additionally, Stash incorporates Bitcoin into its managed portfolios by exchanging a portion of the bond allocation for Bitcoin investments.

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Compare Cash Management Accounts: Stash Vs Acorns [2023]

Both Acorns and Stash provide users with cash management accounts capable of performing various functions.

Cash management accounts-Stash vs Acorns
Compare Cash management accounts: Stash vs Acorns

The following benefits are available to users of the cash management account offered by Acorns:

  • Direct deposit, with a grace period of up to two days
  • Depositing checks and writing checks via mobile devices
  • fee-free ATMs throughout the United States and the world
  • Up to $250,000 is insured by the FDIC

The following benefits are available on the cash management account offered by Stash:

  • No fees are associated with overdrafts or account maintenance.
  • Fee-free ATM service across the USA
  • Transfers in a flash between different Stash accounts
  • Direct deposit, with a grace period of up to two days
  • Check deposits and write checks via the mobile app
  • Up to $250,000 is protected by the FDIC

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Compare Services and Features: Stash vs Acorns [2023]

Services and features-Stash vs Acorns
Services and features: Stash vs Acorns

Acorns’ Unique Features

In Acorns, users can put in as much or as little money as they want without ever having to worry about the intricacies of the stock market. Some of the unique features are:

  • Automatic recurring investment
  • You can get your hands on essential planning tools
  • Roundup on purchases for micro-investments

Stash Unique Features

Stash gives you guidance while building your portfolio. However, it also lets you make decisions. Some of the key features of Stash are as follows:

  • Access to the Stock-Back card debit card 
  • Advice to make informed investing decisions
  • Automatic investment option via manage portfolios

Stash vs Acorns: Which Is Better? [2023]

Therefore, Stash and Acorns are pretty close, but if you want better investment content, Stash is your go-to option. At the same time, in Stash, you have to pay $75 as the transfer fee, while Acorns charges $50 per transaction to move your account to another broker.

Stash may be the superior choice to reduce your charges for online banking and investments. Even though Stash isn’t as automated as Acorns, you can take advantage of its banking products for just $1 per month. If you want to use Acorns for investing or online banking, you’ll need to pay a minimum monthly fee of $3.


Therefore, what micro-investment app works best for you depends on your experience in investing. You can compare stash vs acorns vs robinhood, Acorns would be better for investors who favour automated investment management. However, for more freedom in trading and automated investing, Stash might be the better choice, although it too has options for managed investment portfolios.

Compare Stash vs Acorns: Which Investment App Is Better?
Compare Stash vs Acorns: Which Investment App Is Better?

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