Seaharbor Insurance Review: Is It Right For You? [2023]

Seaharbor Insurance

SeaHarbor Insurance Agency is a new gem in the insurance market. When we talk about insurance, it not only provides auto insurance but includes health and life insurance as well.

If we talk more about it, the customer can expect a lot from the company. Once you pay the premium and the insurance company pays for the losses, it protects you against financial loss in case you meet with an accident or your car gets stolen. It gives you additional assistance, and it also covers medical costs.

If, on future dates, you are planning to buy insurance, consider Seaharbor insurance with others. To clarify your doubts and provide more info related to Sea harbor insurance, we have reviewed Sea harbor insurance down below. By the end, you can decide whether Seaharbor insurance is right for you or not.

Seaharbor Insurance Overview [2023]

It was founded in 2017 in Dallas, Texas. This independent agency plans to grow by providing both health and medical insurance.

SeaHarbor Insurance agency offers multiple types of auto insurance coverage to its clients. Car insurance allows clients to view their policies, file their claims, and check their claims’ status through their website.

Seaharbor Insurance Agency LLC
Seaharbor Insurance Agency LLC

By promising personal support 24 hours a day and seven days a week, SeaHarbor offers the right coverage at the best price for you and allows customers to make the latest changes to their policies directly from the website.

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What Does Seaharbor Insurance Policy Cover? [2023]

Sea Harbor has an auto insurance form available online. Once you fill out the form, a quote is provided to you. However, insurance agencies usually offer a variety of insurance products when it comes to auto insurance. The following domains are covered:

What Does Seaharbor Insurance Policy Cover
What Does Sea harbor Insurance Policy Cover
  • Liability insurance coverages
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Payment of medical bills
  • Protection against personal injury
  • Comprehensive coverage

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Compare Seaharbor Insurance Quotes [2023]

According to our research, the maximum monthly rate for a cab would be $833, and for a car, it would be $273. The maximum bill for a delivery van is $516; for a limousine, it is $500; for a semi-truck, it is $1041.

Compare Seaharbor Insurance Quotes
Compare Sea harbor Insurance Quotes
Vehicle TypeMonthly Minimum Commercial Car Insurance RatesMonthly Maximum Commercial Car Insurance Rates
Delivery Van$275$516

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Compare Seaharbor Insurance Cost By State [2023]

Compare Seaharbor Insurance Cost By State
Compare Seaharbor Insurance Cost By State

The states with the highest liability auto insurance prices per year are Georgia ($2,280), Michigan ($2,472), and New Jersey ($2,016). On the other hand, Oklahoma has the lowest rate at $768. Seaharbor is currently providing coverage only to Texan drivers.

Annual Liability Car Insurance Rates by State
StateAnnual RateLiability Limits
(in thousands of dollars)
Uninsured Motorist Coverage Required?
New Hampshire$1,47625/50/25Yes
New Jersey$2,01615/30/5Yes
New Mexico$1,36825/50/10No
New York$1,23625/50/10Yes
North Carolina$1,46430/60/25Yes
North Dakota$1,56025/50/25Yes
Rhode Island$1,87225/50/25No
South Carolina$1,87225/50/25No
South Dakota$1,77625/50/25Yes
Washington D.C.$2,54425/50/10Yes
West Virginia$1,09220/40/10Yes

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Factors Determining Seaharbor Insurance Cost In 2023

SeaHarbor Insurance Agency LLC offers coverage based on many factors. The following factors are usually considered by insurance agencies while developing quotes:

Factors Determining Seaharbor Insurance Cost
Factors Determining Seaharbor Insurance Cost
  • Age of the client
  • Gender of the client
  • Year of manufacturing of the vehicle
  • Model of the vehicle
  • The credit score of the client
  • Driving history of the client
  • Marital status of the client
  • The coverage required by the client

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How To Save Money On Seaharbor Insurance In 2023?

If you want to save money on Seaharbor Insurance, well then the following are the basis on which insurance companies usually offer discounts:

How To Save Money On Seaharbor Insurance
How To Save Money On Seaharbor Insurance
  • Quality of driving: For car insurance, discounts can be earned by keeping a clean driving record.
  • Bundle policies: Seaharbor offers medical as well as life insurance. Going to the same car insurance agencies can make you eligible for getting policies at a better price.
  • Student status: By maintaining a GPA score of 3.0 or higher, you can avail of discounts if you are less than 25.
  • The number of cars: By adding more than one car to the same policy, coverage can be cheaper.
  • Anti-theft devices: Devices that offer extra safety can lower the coverage cost.
  • Education of the driver: A driving test to revise your skills can help you earn discounts.
  • Payment: Paying six months or a year in advance can help you earn discounts.

How To Apply For Seaharbor Insurance? [2023]

How To Apply For Seaharbor Insurance
How To Apply For Seaharbor Insurance

To contact SeaHarbor insurance, the best way is to fill out a form online on their official site and wait for a Seaharbor insurance agent to respond. You can even contact the SeaHarbor Insurance Agency LLC and speak with an agent regarding the policy you wish to buy. You don’t need to worry, as SeaHarbor promises every answer to a client’s request for a quote.

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There is lots of competition in the insurance market still you can count on SeaHarbor to provide sufficient coverage to satisfy lenders and meet the minimum state needs. As per Texas state law, a person must have $30,000 in bodily harm per person, $60,000 per accident, and $25,000 in property damage. If you don’t own the automobile outright, you must additionally get comprehensive collision coverage in addition to this.

However, it is always best to compare quotes online, shop around, check their reviews, and know the vehicles’ repair costs, the number of employees a firm has, and discounts offered before buying any policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Seaharbor Insurance Agency Located?

Seaharbor Agency is based in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Can you buy coverage on Seaharbor website?

Seaharbor Insurance Agency offers auto insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. For more information on Sea Harbour’s automobile insurance policies, visit their website, where you can ask a Seaharbor Insurance agent to give a free estimate.

How To Get Seaharbor Insurance Claim?

To get an insurance claim from SeaHarbor, fill out the form available on the website, or you can call an agent to get a claim.

Does Seaharbor have good ratings and reviews?

There are a few Seaharbor Insurance Agency LLC review pages available. Seaharbor has received zero ratings from all of the major rating companies. Customers review it very few and far between. Since its inception, the company has been an emerging company in insurance. If you want more information regarding Sea Harbor Insurance Agency LLC, you should contact them for direct contact with a representative. The firm’s Web site offers no detailed information regarding its goals, and its other insurance policies are difficult to understand because of the lack.

Seaharbor Insurance Review: Is It Right For You? [2023]
Seaharbor Insurance Review: Is It Right For You? [2023]

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