Compare Rivian Insurance Cost For 2022: Buy/Renew

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Compare Rivian Insurance costs for 2022 and get auto insurance online. Find out Rivian electric truck price, compare rivian vs. Tesla car insurance quotes side by side. Our study shows the breakdown of average rates for R1S and R1T plus, how does its insurance work? How to apply for a Rivian insurance policy, What will be its monthly cost? Get all the Revian updates, its availability, reviews, crash test results, etc.

When the news came out that EV manufacturer rivian delivers its first all-electric pick-up, everyone’s eyes were on it. People’s curiosity grew and had all sorts of questions in mind for this Amazon backed electric car company. it has been compared with Tesla and everyone wants to know:

Rivian Vs Tesla Which is Better? Or Rivian R1T vs Tesla Cybertruck: Which electric truck is the best pick?

Rivian R1S

Rivian long way up was the real deal where this electric vehicle was tested to its limit and proven to be every worth spending and taking the decision to buy rivian. With ​​the Rivian MSRP of $72,500 Explore Dual-Motor model, and going up to the $90,000 Adventure Quad-Motor model, we’ll see who rules the EV automotive market.

So let us break down all the details related to Rivian, its models, insurance costs and see how much you’ll be spending if you plan to buy revian. We’ll also see how long does it take to get car insurance and how to get car insurance for the first time?

Mount Shine’s comparison of Rivian car insurance costs will help you save money on your next auto insurance policy and in the best financial decision making.

How Much Does Rivian Insurance Cost?

The average Rivian insurance cost ranges from $1,888 per year for R1S SUV and $1,926 per year for an R1T model. The insurance cost is based on the trim level and the higher the trim level, the higher will be auto insurance rates for this electric vehicle. Like For Rivian R1S insurance cost is $1,804 per year with an MSRP of $72,500 Explore Dual-Motor model and $1,968 per year for the $90,000 Adventure Quad-Motor model. The Rivian R1T truck, car insurance costs around $1,780 per year for the $67,500 Explore Dual-Motor model and $2,022 per year for the $95,000 Adventure Quad-Motor Max model.

Rivian Electric Car

From the table below, compare the average Rivian Insurance cost for both models.

ModelAnnual CostMonthly Cost
Rivian R1S$1,888$157
Rivian R1T$1,926$161

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How To Apply For Tesla Car Insurance in 2022?

Let Mount Shine help you, we have a wide network of best insurance companies across 50 states of the United States that guide you to the best offers, payment options, auto insurance deals, etc. Check yourself for Rivian insurance costs and then buy or renew.

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Compare Rivian Insurance Cost For All Models

Compare car insurance quotes online for Rivian and how to get cheaper car insurance rates. Get full details of all rivian models which states have the most expensive or cheap insurance, how your location, age, coverage, driver risk profile affect the rates, trim levels, etc.

Rivian R1S

Rivian R1T


Do rivian employees get a discount?

Rivian is reportedly willing to pay employees $1,000 per month to drive the R1T electric truck or R1S three-row SUV, rather than an usual employee discount, which is typically only a reduction off MSRP.

Who underwrites rivian insurance?

Rivian Insurance is currently available in 48 states where it is underwritten by Nationwide and Cincinnati insurance.

Is Rivian Insurance Experience?

The average Rivian insurance cost ranges from $1,888 per year for R1S SUV and $1,926 per year for an R1T model.

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