Progressive Roadside Assistance Vs AAA: Which Is Better?

Progressive Roadside Assistance Vs AAA

Thinking about Progressive Roadside Assistance and AAA is often usual for drivers since one of many nightmares of driving is random roadside events like car breakdown in the middle of nowhere. These are the scenarios when one is often left with little to no options or pathways to help. In such a scenario, roadside assistance can be the one thing that is a huge help.

Progressive Roadside Assistance vs AAA vs State Farm
Progressive Roadside Assistance vs AAA vs State Farm

Compare the benefits of Progressive Roadside Assistance vs AAA, which gives the best roadside assistance, and decide which one will satisfy your requirements.

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Progressive Roadside Assistance: Overview [2023]

Progressive roadside assistance
Progressive roadside assistance

Progressive roadside assistance provides emergency assistance when your car runs down in the middle of a journey. Progressive offers reasonably priced basic roadside assistance coverage, including services ranging from towing to mechanical first aid. Moreover, compared to AAA, their prices are lower. Besides, roadside assistance also offers coverage if the vehicle is a boat or a motorcycle.

What Progressive Roadside Assistance Covers? [2023]

Progressive’s roadside assistance will be a good option for you in the USA or Canada. Once you are signed up with them, you get to avail of the following assistance services:

Progressive roadside assistance Coverage
Progressive roadside assistance Coverage

1. Emergency Fuel Delivery

You only have to call the roadside assistance program if you need fuel delivery on the road. For fuel delivery, you will have to pay for the fuel only. There are no delivery charges.

2. Flat Tire Service

There will be no charges for the service if you have a spare tire for the replacement.

3. Towing Services

Under the roadside coverage, they will tow the vehicle anywhere you want within 15 miles or to the nearest qualified repair shop.

4. Mechanical First Aid

A service technician will arrive to fix the issue. They will try to repair the car on the spot for up to one hour. If the issue is not solved in the period up to one hour, they will take your car to the nearest qualified repair shop if it is impossible to fix it on the spot.

5. Car Battery Service

They will take the vehicle to the nearest charging station.

6. Locksmith Services

Under locksmith services, a professional locksmith will arrive in case of such an issue. You will have to only for the replacement.

7. Winching Service

They will take your car out of mud, snow, or any such situation if it is within 100 feet of the road. Moreover, they can take the vehicle to the nearest repair shop for other services.

When you join Progressive’s roadside assistance plan, you get access to various services that can help you in a situation of dire need.

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Compare Progressive Roadside Assistance vs AAA [2023]

Compared to many auto insurance providers, Progressive has substantially standard services. Some of Progressive’s competitors in terms of roadside assistance coverage are AAA,, and Traveler’s Insurance. If you compare Progressive roadside assistance with AAA, Progressive Roadside Assistance cost is less expensive than AAA. However, Progressive also typically offers fewer services appropriate for the specific cost bracket than AAA.

Compare Progressive Roadside Assistance vs AAA
Compare Progressive Roadside Assistance vs AAA

Roadside assistance covers instances when you are in the driver’s seat in your or someone else’s car. It can also help if you are a passenger in a vehicle. However, when it comes to comparing Progressive Roadside Assistance and AAA, Progressive Roadside Assistance can only help you are driving your car. On the other hand, with AAA, you can get assistance from the auto insurance company, even if you are driving someone else’s car or not driving the vehicle at all. Also, while Progressive Roadside Assistance coverage of $30 equals the basic plan of AAA, the converge by AAA is far more intricate and helpful than the former.

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Is Progressive Roadside Assistance Worth Buying? [2023]

Several factors determine the effectiveness of a certain kind of auto insurance policy. With Progressive roadside assistance, you must consider the cost factor and the coverage they offer. Progressive roadside assistance typically makes a pocket pinch of $20 or less for a six-month term. The amount is negligible when you compare it to the number of advantages it offers.

Progressive Roadside Assistance contact
Progressive Roadside Assistance contact

Progressive’s roadside assistance makes help accessible to you with just one phone call, and in a scenario where you are stuck with a broken-down vehicle, this can be a huge relief.

So yes, Progressive roadside assistance is undoubtedly a good investment for drivers and vehicle owners. However, as mentioned already, there can be more extensive coverage with a higher car insurance rate that you can look for if you are willing to spend some more money.

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How Does Progressive Roadside Assistance Work? [2023]

Progressive has a reasonably straightforward functionality system in place. Once you sign up to be covered by their auto insurance, you enjoy the opportunity of multiple roadside assistance calls on their helpline, 1-800-776-4737, in case you run into any trouble on the road. After conversing with you and taking stock of the nature of your predicament, Progressive sends help. They partner with Agero to have a network of service technicians dotting their field of operation.

Progressive roadside assistance vs State farm
Progressive roadside assistance vs State farm

Also, the nature of the damage or breakdown of your vehicle can be too severe for the service technician to fix your vehicle’s issues on the spot. In that case, Progressive will tow your car to the closest service facility for more hands-on action to resolve your issue.

Pros & Cons Of Roadside Assistance Progressive vs AAA [2023]

Here are the pros of Roadside Assistance Progressive:

  • Roadside Assistance Progressive is very pocket friendly. Depending on your requirements, it can cost you between $30 and $60 annually.
  • It is available 24*7.
  • Their roadside coverage includes many common issues you might face during a drive.
Roadside Assistance Progressive vs AAA
Roadside Assistance Progressive vs AAA

Here are some of the cons of Roadside Assistance Progressive as compared to AAA:

  • Progressive’s roadside assistance service can only be accessed if you already use their car insurance.
  • It extends to vehicles already covered by Progressive. So, Progressive’s roadside assistance does not apply to rental cars or friends’ cars if Progressive doesn’t cover them.
  • Besides, you also have to bear the necessary parts or fluids for maintenance expenses, and you can only make a certain number of calls for help.
  • In terms of coverage, Roadside Assistance Progressive has more limits to its service than AAA.

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How To Get Progressive Roadside Assistance In 2023?

travelers insurance roadside assistance
travelers insurance roadside assistance

You can sign up for Progressive’s roadside assistance anytime, even if your last term is not expired. You can comfortably switch to Progressive online via their mobile app or official website. You can also contact your car insurance agent and request them to help you change over to or freshly purchase Progressive roadside assistance coverage. Your agent can further assist you in finding the applicable discounts and the best deals.

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To summarise, Progressive roadside assistance is an excellent alternative for AAA if you already have Progressive insurance. The cost factor and the effectiveness of the former make it a wonderfully worthwhile investment. It can be the one thing that saves you a lot of hassle and trouble when your vehicle runs around while on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take For The Roadside Technician To Arrive?

According to third-party estimates, on average, roadside assistance from Progressive insurance policy arrives within an hour of reaching out to them for help. Of course, response time varies according to your precise location.

What is the state farm roadside assistance phone number? Is their roadside assistance better?

State Farm roadside assistance phone number is 877-627-5757. Their coverage is perfect for those who need roadside assistance plans for small-scale problems on the road.

Is travelers insurance roadside assistance the same as Progressive Car Insurance Roadside Assistance?

While Traveler’s Insurance and Progressive are both very popular for their roadside assistance coverage plans, Progressive insurance policy comes out on top of customers’ accounts. Regarding customer satisfaction, Traveler’s Insurance needs to catch up to Progressive.

Progressive Roadside Assistance Vs AAA: Which Is Better?
Progressive Roadside Assistance Vs AAA: Which Is Better?

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