Is Facebook Marketplace Safe To Buy Car Battery? [2023]

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Facebook Marketplace has become a go-to source for all kinds of deals in the current digital era, including those who want to buy car battery.

However, while there have been many profitable deals, there have also been a few bad apples. According to our research, it has been found that around 62% of people get scammed on Facebook while making purchases.

Facebook Marketplace Statistics 2023

Facebook Marketplace Statistics
Facebook Marketplace Statistics
  • Facebook and Facebook Marketplace attract over 2.91 billion monthly users. That’s around 35% of the entire world’s population.
  • The social media giant’s online marketplace began with “buy and sell groups” launched in February 2015, in which users could list products of theirs for sale or post listings looking for specific items to buy.
  • 6 fake Facebook Marketplace ads are posted every minute.
  • In 2021, Facebook Marketplace revenue was $26 billion, a 48 percent increase from the previous year.
  • 14% of people had made a purchase using Marketplace, as opposed to 6% for Craigslist.
  • 7% of all US Facebook users have purchased something via Facebook Marketplace.
  • 9% of people who had used Facebook Marketplace had been contacted by a fake profile.
  • 17% of people were scammed on Facebook Marketplace.

But don’t worry, pals, as we’ve got your back with vital safety advice to help you navigate this busy marketplace. We will help you to know everything so that you can make a safe purchase while being conscious.

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What Is Facebook Marketplace?

A great way to buy and sell used products, interact with your community, and decrease waste while making some additional money is through Facebook Marketplace. Many people have personally profited from using the platform to decorate their houses economically and even locate a tenant for their old apartment.

What Is Facebook Marketplace
What Is Facebook Marketplace

But you cannot forget that the Scammers are active there, so it’s crucial to be on guard. Despite Facebook’s safety precautions, vigilance is necessary when conducting business on the network due to the enormous amount of listings. To ensure that your online experiences are positive and secure, exercise caution, verification, and safety first.

To understand it better, Let us assume you want to buy a car battery. This is how you get one:

  • Sign In: Log into Facebook and touch the “Marketplace” icon to access the marketplace. It’s like shopping from the comfort of your couch.
  • Search: Type “car battery” or other details like brand or size into the search field. To find merchants close by, you may also filter by location.
  • Browse Listings: Look through the listings for automobile batteries. Each one reveals information about the battery’s characteristics, state, cost, location, and frequent images.
  • Examine the Seller: To learn more about the battery and the seller, click on a listing and view it.

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Pros And Cons

With every spark comes some errors as well; let us have some clarity on Facebook Marketplace by knowing its pros and cons:

  • Convenient Buying and Selling: Facebook Marketplace provides a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to buy and sell used goods while facilitating relationships with nearby consumers or sellers.
  • Community Engagement: By bringing people together in their locality, it promotes neighborhood relationships, community interaction, and increased trust in business dealings.
  • Eco-friendly and economical: The site encourages eco-awareness by prolonging the lifespan of used objects, and customers can save money by finding reasonably priced used goods.
  • Scam Risks: Facebook Marketplace is a haven for scammers. Therefore, users must be vigilant to avoid falling for false listings or dishonest vendors.
  • Privacy Issues: Communicating with vendors or purchasers may require disclosing personal information, which could cause privacy and security issues if improperly handled.

Is Facebook Marketplace Safe To Buy Car Battery?

The Facebook Marketplace is a convenient place to buy car batteries, but caution and knowledge are essential for your safety. These pointers can help you shop on Facebook Marketplace safely and steer clear of any rip-offs.

Is Facebook Marketplace Safe To Buy Car Battery
Is Facebook Marketplace Safe To Buy Car Battery
  • For verification, go to the seller’s profile.
  • To inspect the batteries, prefer in-person encounters, especially in well-lit public areas.
  • For in-person transactions, use safe payment options like cash. 
  • Inquire about the battery’s specifications from the vendor, and follow your gut if something doesn’t feel right. 
  • Inform Facebook of any suspicious activities. 
  • To find good deals, do some research on the battery you need beforehand.

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Scams On Facebook Marketplace

It can be handy to buy car battery on Facebook Marketplace or another marketplace, but you must be alert to avoid scammers. The following pointers may indicate the red flag when purchasing an automobile battery from Facebook Marketplace:

facebook marketplace scams
facebook marketplace scams
Scams On Facebook Marketplace
Zelle Scam
Dealer Is Someone Else
Asking For Money Before Seeing In Actual
Using Emotions To Sell

1. Zelle Scam

The number one here is the Zella Scam. It’s important to use caution while utilizing Zelle for payments when looking to buy car battery. Even though Zelle is generally safe, fraud can still happen. Observe the following advice:

  • Beware of phishing emails and bogus Zelle websites.
  • Use Zelle only with vendors you can believe in.
  • Refunding excess funds before confirming the original is prohibited.
  • Always do a thorough review of rental postings before sending money.
  • Verify unanticipated demands for payment from pals.
  • Sharing Zelle information for job offers should be done with care.

In the event of a scam, get in touch with your bank right away, report the situation to the police, and alert the FTC. Being watchful is essential to keeping yourself safe.

2. Dealer Is Someone Else

Another way to protect yourself from the scam is to be cautious while purchasing a car battery on Facebook Marketplace. Use in-app messaging, meet in-person if possible, ask questions, keep an eye out for inflated costs, and prefer traditional payment methods.

scams on facebook marketplace while buying car battery
scams on facebook marketplace while buying car battery

Verify the veracity of the seller’s profile. Verify seller reviews, avoid making advance payments, follow your gut, and notify Facebook of any suspicious activity. To avoid potential scams, put safety first and confirm the seller’s identity and the product’s state.

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3. Asking For Money Before Seeing In Actual

When you want to buy car battery online, such as on Facebook Marketplace, avoid prepayments, always see the seller in person, and always inspect the product. Check the batteries, get documentation, and pay with secure means.

Look into the seller’s background and avoid unreasonably low pricing. To keep people safe, report unusual behavior. In online transactions, your safety and financial security should come first. To avoid fraud, it is very important to be watchful.

4. Using Emotions To Sell

If you are an emotional person, then read this one carefully. Be wary if a salesperson tries to influence your choice by using pressure tactics or emotional storytelling. To hasten the transaction, scammers or dishonest sellers may instill a sense of urgency, make an emotional appeal, or play to your pity. Keep your attention on the specifics of the item and the reasoning for your purchase.

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How To Avoid Scammers On Facebook Marketplace?

The following pointers will help you stay secure when purchasing an automobile battery from Facebook Marketplace:

facebook marketplace scam
facebook marketplace scam
  • Verify the Seller’s Profile: Verify the seller’s profile first and foremost. Search for indications of validity, such as an active account with friends and images. Proceed with caution if the seller’s profile looks new or dubious.
  • Check the Listing: Carefully study the listing’s details and description for the automobile battery. Make sure the details are accurate and logically coherent. Inconsistencies or hazy information could be a warning sign.
  • Check the price: Be wary if the car battery’s price seems unusually low or too good to be true. To draw attention, con artists frequently use artificially cheap pricing to entice buyers. To gain a feel of the market value, compare the price with listings that are similar to it.
  • Communication: To get in touch with the vendor, use Facebook Messenger. If the seller insists on communicating by email or another platform, be on the lookout for such scams. Facebook Messenger shouldn’t provide any issues for trustworthy dealers.
  • Meet in Person: If at all possible, make plans to see the vendor in person to examine the car battery in question before parting with your money. For safety, a gathering in a public area throughout the day is advised. Avoid dealing with merchants who refuse to meet in person or give justifications for doing so.
  • Payment Methods: Be wary if the merchant seeks payment through unorthodox channels, including gift cards or wire transfers. Genuine sellers typically favor cash or safe internet payment procedures.
  • Follow Your Instincts: If something about the purchase seems strange or if the seller’s actions make you wonder, follow your intuition and think about canceling the transaction. Being careful is preferable to falling into a scam.
  • Read Seller Reviews and Ratings: Some sellers may have customer or buyer ratings posted on their profiles. If they are available, spend some time reading them because they can reveal information about the seller’s credibility and reputation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: whether you should buy car battery on the Facebook marketplace, whether it is safe, and how to prevent getting scammed on it.

Is it cheaper to buy a car battery online?

Well, yes, thanks to savings and a larger selection, buying a car battery online is frequently less expensive. For a cost-effective purchase, just make sure it fits the specifications of your car.

Is facebook marketplace safe?

When you take precautions, using Facebook Marketplace can be safe. Verify sellers, meet in open spaces, and believe in your gut. Put safety first for a secure shopping experience.

How to get car battery items for sale on Facebook marketplace near me?

To find a nearby Facebook Marketplace to buy a car battery you need to open the Facebook app, type “car battery” into the search field, and set the location filter to “near me” to locate products related to car batteries for sale nearby.


Although Facebook Marketplace can be a convenient way to purchase car batteries and other things, it’s important to put your safety first and exercise caution when working with unidentified vendors. It’s best to consider other options or look for reliable vendors if a deal seems too good to be true or the seller’s actions raise questions.

By reporting any questionable activity on the platform and constantly confirming facts before completing a transaction, you can protect yourself and others.

I want you to shop for the best deals on car batteries and be safe. Protect yourselves from the Facebook marketplace vehicles or car battery scams, and try purchasing local only. You can complain to the police too in case anything bad happens or return the item purchased. Your safety is essential.

Let me know your experience of purchasing car batteries on Facebook or anything related to the Facebook marketplace scam in the comment section below. Tag us on social media, and notify us about your experience. We’ll try to include your story in our blog post so that others can be aware of it.

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Is Facebook Marketplace Safe To Buy Car Battery? [2023]
Is Facebook Marketplace Safe To Buy Car Battery? [2023]

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