Compare Hyundai Accent Insurance For 2023: Buy/Renew

Hyundai Accent Insurance

Looking for Hyundai Accent insurance cost? Get the best deals on Hyundai Accent insurance starting at $117/m. We’ll help you find cheap Hyundai Accent insurance rates and guide you on which options are available.

We compared several car insurance quotes to let you decide the best way to ensure you are getting your best deals on Hyundai Accent insurance. Learn what factors affect your spending decision while paying for Hyundai car insurance, look at Accent car prices, locations affecting its cost, discounts, credit score required, safety ratings, etc. Check different insurance rates for US agencies auto insurance, banks auto loans, joint auto loans, and how can you save money on car insurance.

Mount Shine’s comparison of Hyundai Accent insurance cost will help you save money on your next accent auto insurance policy and in the best financial decision making.

What Is the Cost of Hyundai Accent Insurance and Which Option Is Best?

The average Hyundai Accent insurance cost is $1,406 per year, or $117 per month depending on the trim level for the full coverage policy. While conducting our research, we found that the cheapest Hyundai Accent insurance is for the SE trim level at an estimated $1,372 per year and the most expensive is the Limited at $1,442 annually.

Hyundai Accent Car insurance
Hyundai Accent Car insurance

There are at least 6 factors on which Accent insurance agency determines the cost to insure your Hyundai car i.e. insurance location geography, personal factors (marital status, employment, age), type of engine, type of coverage, security system installed, customized car insurance plans.

Buying a car whether used Hyundai or a new 2023 Hyundai model is a big decision to make, we all want to make sure we get the best deals. That is why we have to consider each and every factor that results in the best financial decision making. Let us compare all these factors one by one and see which Hyundai car is the best option for you in detail.

How Much Does a Hyundai Accent Cost To Insure?

The average Hyundai Accent insurance cost is $1,406 a year or $703 for 6 months for a full-coverage policy. The monthly insurance cost can range from $114 to $120 depending on the features of the car. When compared to the average rate for all compact cars, drivers can expect to spend roughly $62 less per year on insurance for a Hyundai Accent, and $100 less per year than the national average of $1,506.

From the table below, compare the average car insurance cost on a 2022 Hyundai Accent using a range of policy scenarios.

Hyundai Accent Insurance Cost Summary

Driver Risk ProfileAnnual RateMonthly Rate
High Risk Driver Age 30$3,156$263
Safe Driver Age 20$2,770$231
At-fault Accidents Age 40$1,998$167
Low Deductibles Age 40$1,734$145
Safe Driver Age 30$1,458$122
Safe Driver Age 40$1,406$117
Safe Driver Age 50$1,284$107
Safe Driver Age 60$1,258$105
High Deductibles Age 40$1,234$103
Discount Rate Age 40$1,170$98

If we take the scenario of teenagers they pay a lot more for Hyundai car insurance compared to other drivers. The average Hyundai Accent insurance cost for a 16-year-old male driver with a clean driving record would pay around $5,264 for a full coverage policy. For a 16-year-old female, the insurance cost is about $4,648. At age 17, males would pay around $4,830 and females $4,340.

How Much Does a Used Hyundai Accent Insurance Cost?

Compare the average Hyundai Accent Insurance cost for the 2013 to 2022 models. Analyze whether the used Hyundai accent cost is more favorable to your requirements or the all-new Hyundai Accent.

2018 Hyundai Accent Insurance
2018 Hyundai Accent Insurance

Hyundai Accent Insurance Cost for 2013-2022 Models

Model Year and VehicleAnnual Rate6-month RateMonthly Rate
2022 Hyundai Accent$1,406$703$117
2021 Hyundai Accent$1,362$681$114
2020 Hyundai Accent$1,344$672$112
2019 Hyundai Accent$1,218$609$102
2018 Hyundai Accent$1,194$597$100
2017 Hyundai Accent$1,150$575$96
2016 Hyundai Accent$1,130$565$94
2015 Hyundai Accent$1,012$506$84
2014 Hyundai Accent$988$494$82
2013 Hyundai Accent$952$476$79

The average cost for the 2022 Hyundai Accent auto insurance price is $1,406 for an annual policy that is $44 more than the 2021 Accent price insurance that is $1,362 per year. If you want to save more money on the insurance policy, then choosing a 2015 Hyundai Accent Old car or below model is a good option as the insurance rate is $1,012 per year.

Make sure you check the trim levels of the car before buying a used Hyundai Accent as the insurance cost depends on it too.

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What Is The Cheapest Hyundai Accent To Insure?

On average Hyundai Accent auto insurance ranges from $1,372 to $1,442 per year. If you know any Accent brokers insurance or any other insurance company that deals in Hyundai accent insurance, they might help you get cheaper rates. Now talking about the cheapest Hyundai Accent, the most affordable to insure is Hyundai Accent SE that costs $1,372 per year. The second cheapest trim level to insure is the SEL at $1,406 per year.

2021 Hyundai Accent Car insurance
2021 Hyundai Accent Car insurance

Let us compare the 2022 Hyundai Accent insurance by different models to see the price range from cheapest to expensive.

2022 Hyundai Accent Insurance Cost by Trim Level

Hyundai Accent Trim LevelAnnual Policy6-month PolicyPer Month

How To Save Money On Hyundai Accent Insurance Cost?

One of the best ways to save money on Hyundai Accent insurance costs is to avail of discounts from an insurance broker or insurance agency. They can help you in decreasing the cost of insurance policy and give you cheap rates in their own way.

2021 Hyundai Accent Car
2021 Hyundai Accent Car

But in order to do that they have certain criteria, you have to fulfill i.e.:

1. Reduce Or No At-Fault Damage

2. Maintain Good Credit Score

3. Avoiding Tickets

4. Raising Physical Damage Deductibles

5. Shop Around

1. Reduce Or No At-Fault Damage

At-fault damage means the driver is responsible for any undesirable situation, physical/ non-physical damage to himself or any other person/surroundings. The chances are less to have no At-fault damage because sometimes you are driving your vehicle safely but others are not or vise-versa.

Reducing the chances will help you save more money on your car insurance as auto insurance companies take At-Fault damage into consideration very seriously. Frequent at-fault accidents raise insurance rates by an additional $1,952 per year for a 20-year-old driver and even as much as $592 per year for a 40-year-old driver.

2. Maintain Good Credit Score

Credit scores always play an important role everywhere whether you apply for a mortgage, bank loan, credit card, or auto insurance policy. You should maintain a good credit score history to avail its benefits. If you do this and have a high credit score rating of 800, you can get up to $221 or more annually compared to a low credit score of 580-740 on your Honda Accent Insurance.

3. Avoiding Tickets

Obeying traffic rules can lower your insurance cost for Hyundai Accent insurance. Those who don’t obey traffic rules properly could possibly pay $372 per year more than the usual rates on Accent insurance.

4. Raising Physical Damage Deductibles

Increasing your deductibles from $500 to $1,000 could save a 40-year-old driver $172 per year and a 20-year-old driver $328 per year.

5. Shop Around

Don’t get fixed to your current insurance Hyundai Accent auto insurance company because they will feel bad if you leave them. Look around for those auto insurance companies that give you maximum benefits, better customer service, keep you updated on accent prices and plans. While you buy/renew, they help you save money on your next Hyundai Accent auto insurance policy and in the best financial decision making.

How Does My Hyundai Accent Insurance Differ Depending On Where I Live?

As a general rule, insurance rates vary greatly by region. Based on your location, the actuary is attempting to determine the following:

2021 Hyundai Accent insurance
2021 Hyundai Accent insurance
  1. Is there a higher risk of an accident in your area? (typically denser areas have more accidents per mile).
  2. Is the cost of repairs higher where you drive or live? Body-shop labor rates in Canton, Ohio differ significantly from those in Orlando, FL.
  3. How does your mileage and time-in-car differ according to your locations?

Hyundai Accent Crash Test Ratings

Check the Hyundai Accent crash test ratings as insurance cost depends on safety features of the car and trim levels too. The more the safety features the less it will cost to insure.

2021 Hyundai Accent Crash Test Ratings

Small overlap front: driver-sideGood
Small overlap front: passenger-sideAverage
Moderate overlap frontGood
Side: original testGood
Roof strengthGood
Head restraints & seatsGood

How To Apply For Hyundai Accent Insurance?

The rates may vary from different states, companies, and manufacturing years of Hyundai Accent. The best way to insure the cheapest or the most reliable option is to research well before buying auto car insurance for Hyundai Accent.

Let Mount Shine help you, if you are a 17-year-old, 30-year-old, or of any age, we have a wide network of the United States best insurance companies, their offers, payment options, costs, etc. Check yourself for Hyundai Accent price and then buy/renew.

Get free quotes, buy/renew, save money on Hyundai Accent Insurance by contacting us. Our service is free, fast, and simple, so get started today!

Compare Hyundai Accent Insurance For 2023: Buy/Renew
Compare Hyundai Accent Insurance For 2023: Buy/Renew
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