How To Invest $20K: 5 Best Money Making Options [2023]

Learn how to invest $20k to maximise your profits, save for retirement, including 401(k), and build an investment portfolio with stocks, options, and crypto. If you are Looking for the best way to invest $20K for 5 years and don’t know where to start, let Mount Shine’s expert advisors help you. Understand various ways to invest your money, so you can make financial decisions and invest smartly.

How To Invest $20K: 5 Best Ways To Invest $20K in 2023

Investing your money can be arduous and includes risking your money. But still, knowledge of where to invest can be lucrative for you.

Best Ways To Invest $20K
Best Ways To Invest $20K

Following are the best ways to invest $20K in 2023 that will give maximum benefits in the future:

  1. Invest $20k In Stock Portfolio 
  2. Invest In Crypto 
  3. Invest In ETFs
  4. Invest $20k for Retirement Savings
  5. Let a Robo-Advisor invest on your behalf

Now, let us try to understand each of them in detail.

1. Invest $20k In Stock Portfolio

The smartest thing to do with $20k is to invest it in the stock market. Now, you must consider which stock to buy and how to invest $20K. Well, for that, you need to be well researched. You can do it by yourself, or you can take help from professionals if you know any. Or can even hire someone. Remember, as soon as you start investing in stocks, you learn more and earn profit.

Invest $20k In Stock
How To Invest $20K: Invest $20k In Stock

With a $20k Stock Portfolio, from passive earning to healthcare sectors, you choose from plenty of stocks like Google, Tesla, Rivian, The Boeing Company, dividend stocks, and many more.

Note: Do not invest your money in one stock rather than invest $20k in different profitable stocks. Learn how to invest $20K in other stocks by dividing the amount; with time, you will get the results.

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2. Invest In Crypto

Investing in crypto is trending and one of the best ways to invest $20k. People might say it’s risky, but the higher the risk, the better chances of profits are. For example: If you had invested $327 in 2015, it would have become $21,672 by August 2023. Not only Bitcoin, but there are other coins which would have given many profitable returns.

Invest In Crypto
How To Invest $20K: Invest In Crypto

There are some brokers you can choose from like; Robinhood, Stash, Public, Interactive, Brokers, Tastyworks, Acorns and many others. You can also invest in crypto outright by a crypto savings account, and by this, you can lend your crypto and earn interest.

The crypto market is open 24/7. So, it is essential to keep checking your coin values because it keeps changing. These apps will help you track your investments.

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3. Invest In ETFs

ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund) are also one of the best options when investing $20k and one of the best way to double $20k. Out of various options like bond ETFs, currency ETFs, index funds ETFs and more, you can plan which you want to opt for depending upon when you retire. ETFs, come with low risk with the minimum annual fee, which is less than 1%.

Invest In ETFs
How To Invest $20K: Invest In ETFs

To get started with ETFs, you need to open a brokerage account, but if you already have an existing account, you can continue with that only. And here you go, you can start exploring and choosing among the various ETFs.

For example, if you invest $20K now with a rate of return of 4% in 2031, it will give you $30,805.

ETF Investment Calculator
ETF Investment Calculator

4. Invest $20K For Retirement Savings: Divide Up The Investments

We have discussed plenty of ways to invest your money like that; investing $20k for retirement savings is one of them. You can start investing your $20,000 in a 401(k) retirement account by adding the amount to your monthly paycheck, especially if you are planning early retirement in your 30s or 40s.

Invest In Retirement Planning
How To Invest $20K: Invest In Retirement Planning

The annual contribution for 401(K) limits to $20,500 in 2023 and $27,000 for age 50 or above. The contribution for IRA is limited to $6,000 in 2023 and $7,000 for those aged 50 and above.

Well, it sounds great as you will have enough money in your accounts after you retire, and for those planning early retirement in their 30s or 40s, you can still invest your money.

Divide Up The Investments

Now let us talk about how you can divide your investments instead of putting the entire $20k at once. You can use dollar-cost averaging to break down the investment and maximize benefits by reducing risk.

Let us assume hypothetically to invest your $20k for five weeks ($4,000 for a week). Consider this as the best way to invest 20k short-term.

The results will give you the percentage and amount you’ll be investing in large capital, international market, middle capital, and small capital.

  • For Large Capital: 60% i.e $2400.
  • For International: 20% i.e $800.
  • For Middle Capital:10% i.e $100.
  • For Small Capital: 10% i.e $100.

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5. Let A Robo-Advisor Invest On Your Behalf

If you have enough money but don’t know how and where to invest, we suggest going for a Robo-Adviser. It makes investment easier for you through its computer algorithms which give you complete portfolio management. With Robo-Advisor for an IRA, you can contribute up to $6,000 a year.

How To Invest $20K: Robo-Advisor

Its annual management fees range from 0.25% to 0.50%. Like when you will invest $20,000 with Robo-Advisor, with a 0.25% fee, for that year, you will be paying $50 as a fee.

The Robo-Adviser algorithms will help you choose the investments, which are less expensive, which means they will be less risky. You can smartly decide where to invest money with plenty of other options.

How $20,000 Can Grow: Best Way To Double $20K (2023)

If you are thinking about how you can grow $20k or what are the best ways to double it. Let us look at the following table to see how your money can grow in the investment sectors, including savings accounts, bonds and stocks.

Best Way To Double $20K
Best Way To Double $20K
20,000 saved or investedSavings accountBondsStocks
1 year$20,200$21,200$22,000
5 years$21,020$26,765$32,210
10 years$22,092$35,817$51,875
15 years$23,219$47,931$83,545
20 years$24,404$64,143$134,550
25 years$25,649$85,837$216,694
30 years$26,957$114,870$348,988

The numbers can vary based on different kinds of bonds and stocks. Before investing your money, check for alternative investments and compare them. Also, do not forget to read all the terms and conditions carefully.

Also, we suggest distributing the money on different investments rather than putting all your money in one sector. You should invest your money wisely.

4 Things To Remember Before You Invest $20K [2023]

Before you invest $20k, there are four things to remember:

  1. Manage Your Finances
  2. To Have An Emergency Fund
  3. Clear Your Debts
  4. Set Your Goals
Smartest Things To Do With $20K
Things To Remember Before You Invest $20K

1. Manage Your Finances

Before putting your hands into the investment sector, check and manage your finances. Calculate your monthly expenditure, and then whatever money is left, learn how to invest in different sectors.

2. To Have An Emergency Fund

Life is short, and we never know what could happen next. So, it becomes necessary to have an emergency account as a backup if needed.

3. Clear Your Debts

Investment is profitable but includes risk as well. So, before investing your $20k, make sure first to clear your debts.

4. Set Your Goals

If you are in your late 30s or 40s and planning an early retirement, set your goals accordingly, considering a secure future.

Making The Decision: How To Invest $20K [2023]

Learning how to invest $20K is simple, no matter your age. It all depends on your goals and what you want in the end. There are multiple ways to generate active and passive income; you must do enough research before investing. Start exploring stocks, bonds, options, or anywhere else. You can take help from professionals or a piece of advice from your fellow ones who are already into investing. Keep in mind to choose wisely to avoid any loss in future.

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