How To Check Auto Insurance Score In 2023? 5 Easy Steps

How To Check Auto Insurance Score

What is an auto insurance score? Why do you need to know your auto insurance score? How to check auto insurance score? Get answers to all these questions and the importance of auto insurance score in 2023.

To reap the majority of the benefits, Keeping a good auto insurance score is critical. As it will benefit you in the long run, we recommend keeping track of your score to improve it if necessary. We will show you how to check auto insurance scores in simple stages with the help of Mount Shine specialists.

Key Takeaways

  • Auto Insurance Score is a measure used by insurers to predict the likelihood of future claims filings and determine if an applicant should be granted an insurance policy and at what rate.
  • Auto Insurance depends on the credit history of a person. The better the credit history, the lower will be the premium amount.
  • A good auto insurance score is more than 700, and poor if it goes below 200. It may vary according to the company offering the policy.
  • It can be improved by maintaining your credit history properly and staying up-to-date with paying EMIs and debts.

What Is Car Insurance Score? [2023]

Also referred to as Credit-based insurance scores, it is a rating system that estimates the insuree’s risk of filing a claim. Insurance firms use this score to determine premiums according to a client’s financial record.

Car Insurance Score
Car Insurance Score

Car insurance rates also depend on the model of the vehicle, geographical location, engine capacity, usage, NCB, and additional equipment installed in the car.

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How To Check Auto Insurance Score Range In 2023?

It is based on your payment history, the amount owing on your accounts, the length of your credit history, new credit lines, and the forms of credit you have, including, among others, credit cards, mortgages, and other loans.

Check Auto Insurance Range
Check Auto Insurance Range

FICO calculates the score by considering payment history, which accounts for 40% of the score, and outstanding debt, which accounts for 30% of the score. Duration of credit history accounts for 15%, the pursuit of new credit accounts for 10%, and an overall credit experience accounts for the rest of 5%.

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Why Does Auto Insurance Score Ranger Matters To You In 2023?

A good auto insurance score will ensure you are charged low premium rates. A low score reflects higher risks; therefore, maintaining a higher auto insurance score will allow you to purchase the premiums at low rates.

A good score will enable you to get comprehensive auto insurance at an economical rate quickly.

Difference Between Insurance Scores vs Credit scores [2023]?

Most consumers need clarification on insurance scores and credit scores, so it is important to clear these doubts. To understand better, below are the differences between insurance score vs credit score:

Insurance Scores vs Credit Scores
Insurance Scores vs Credit Scores
  • Financial institutions use your credit score to assess your eligibility for loans and interest rates, but insurance firms record insurance scores to set premiums.
  • Credit scores are based on loan repayment history, credit usage, length, and other factors. The financial account is subtracted from personal data like address, occupation, and so forth to determine the insurance score.
  • Credit scores keep track of financial history to assess the possibility of insurance claims. Insurance ratings are also impacted by the likelihood of taking out loans or paying credit card bills.

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What’s A Good Auto Insurance Score In 2023?

As per Progressive, the range of auto insurance scores is 200-997. If the score is less than 500, it falls under the poor category. However, anything above 700 comes under the excellent credit score category.

Compare Common Auto Insurance Scores

Compare Auto Insurance Scores
Compare Auto Insurance Scores

Auto Insurance Scores vary according to companies. For FICO, anything above 700 is good, but anything below 500 is poor. The range set by LexisNexis is 300-950, wherein a score crossing 776 is good, but a score ranging from 200 to 500 falls under the poor category. TransUnion also considers anything above 776 good, but the poor range varies from 150 to 500.

Compare Common Auto Insurance Scores
ProviderAuto Insurance ScoreScore RangeCredit Report UsedCost
Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO)FICO Credit-Based Insurance Score250-900TransUnionNot available to consumers
LexisNexisLexisNexis Attract Auto Insurance Score200-997EquifaxAvailable to consumers by calling LexisNexis
TransUnionTransUnion True Risk Score150-950TransUnionNot specified (contact bureau for more information)

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5 Best Techniques To Improve Auto Insurance Score Range [2023]?

The five best techniques to improve auto insurance score range are:

  1. Maintain good credit history: Timely repayment of loans is a must.
  2. Judicious credit card usage: It is vital to have a credit card, but the spending must be minimum.
  3. Keep your claim history clean: Applying for claims repeatedly can increase the premium amount when it has to be renewed.
  4. Drive properly: Avoid rash driving to minimize chances of car damage and not make unnecessary claims.
  5. Low credit utilization: The credit card utilization ratio, i.e., CUR, must be maintained within 30%.


Credit history is directly proportional to your auto insurance score. Compared to drivers with outstanding credit ratings, those with poor insurance scores may pay more than $1600 annually for insurance. You must keep a strong credit history to guarantee that you receive vehicle insurance reductions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Check My Auto Insurance Score Regularly?

Most insurers will only let you check your report for free if you have been referred to them. However, you can get the gist by studying your credit score.

How Much Time Does It Take To Improve Auto Insurance Score?

As soon as you fix your credit history and destructive driving behaviors, your auto insurance score will rise, protecting you from potential penalties.

What Is A Good Credit Score For Auto Insurance?

A good credit score lies between 670-850. Therefore, the higher your credit score, the better auto insurance deal you will get.

What Makes Your Auto Insurance Score Decrease?

Poor credit affects the auto insurance score, along with negligent driving practices like overspeeding, getting involved in an accident, or getting a DUI.

Do All States Use Car Insurance Range?

No. It is banned in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Michigan. Otherwise, this practice is followed in all the other states in the country.

How To Check Auto Insurance Score In 2023? 5 Easy Steps
How To Check Auto Insurance Score In 2023? 5 Easy Steps

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