Compare Honda Insurance Cost For 2022: Buy/Renew

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Looking for Honda Insurance cost? Get the best deals on Honda insurance for all their models starting from Honda CR-V to Honda Ridgeline. We’ll help you find cheap Honda insurance rates and guide you on which options are available.

We compared several car insurance quotes to let you decide the best way to insure you are getting your best deals on Honda insurance. Learn what factors affect your spending decision while paying for car insurance, look at Honda car prices, locations affecting its cost, discounts, credit score required, safety ratings, etc. Check different insurance rates for US agencies auto insurance, banks auto loans, joint auto loans, and how can you save money on car insurance.

Mount Shine’s comparison of all Honda insurance model costs will help you save money on your next auto insurance policy and in the best financial decision making.

What Is the Cost of Honda Insurance and Which Option Is Best?

It’s been decades Honda has been making cars that stand out from its competitors. Honda understands what consumers want and builds its car according to their needs. From a teenager to the old generation, everyone knows Honda cars are reliable, affordable vehicles that will stay on the road for a long time. Their build quality is one of the best in the industry and got very good crash test ratings from IIHS. Honda car models give the best trim levels in the automobile industry and are also known to have the cheapest insurance rates without any compromises.

When we talk about the car insurance policy, the trim levels of the car and the safety of the driver are considered the most important factors for what a consumer pays for it. Safe cars tend to have low insurance or cheap insurance rates because the risk is reduced of getting the driver or passengers injured.

Honda cars are known to have safe cars and the best insurance policy with cheap rates. With a car insurance policy, you can get your vehicle insured from the damages that can be natural or human-induced hazards( theft, physical damage, accidental, or any kind of suspicious activity, etc.) Opting for a Honda car is a smart decision because of its safety features, affordable insurance, easy replacement of auto parts, etc.

Now let us see which Honda model is the best option for you.

How Much Does a Honda Costs To Insure?

The average Honda car insurance cost ranges from $1,210 a year for a 2022 Honda CR-V to $1,624 per year for the Honda clarity. The Civic, Accord, Pilot, and Ridgeline are among the Honda cars that are priced below average. With the exception of Clarity, the typical all-vehicle average for car insurance is $1,506 per year, therefore all Honda vehicles have lower insurance costs than the average.

From the table given below, compare the average insurance cost for each Honda model starting from 2021 to 2013. Analyze the Honda Insurance rates on an annual or 6-months basis.

Average Insurance Cost for Honda Vehicles

ModelAnnual CostMonthly Cost
Honda Accord$1,486$124
Honda Civic$1,330$111
Honda Clarity$1,624$135
Honda CR-V$1,210$101
Honda CR-Z (2016 and prior)$1,184$99
Honda Fit (2020 and prior)$1,168$97
Honda HR-V$1,316$110
Honda Insight$1,410$118
Honda Odyssey$1,582$132
Honda Passport$1,352$113
Honda Pilot$1,402$117
Honda Ridgeline$1,462$122

Is Honda Car Expensive To Insure?

The average honda insurance for all models costs $1,390 per year that comes at affordable rates when compared to other manufacturers. Honda Insurance costs $63 less when compared to its rival competitor Toyota who’s insurance cost is $1,453 for an annual policy. Also, Honda cars are $134 cheaper than the insurance rates for Nissan or Hyundai, and $77 for Kia. We all want to take the best financial decision into our interests and Honda is that car that makes it happen. It is that brand that we can trust and rely on.

What Is The Cheapest Honda Vehicle To Insure?

Honda CR-V at $1,176 per year is the cheapest Honda to insure and Honda Passport at $1,258 per year is the second cheapest model to insure. The insurance rates can be compared from the table given above and you can analyze all the Honda models.

Honda Car

Payment Options For Honda Insurance

There are various payment options available for honda civic car insurance which you can avail. A Few options are:

  • Online
  • Credit Card
  • Insurance Company Apps – One Stop Solution
  • Wire Transfer
  • Few insurance company offers Wallet options too and give bonus points to redeem

Compare Honda Insurance For All Models

Compare Honda insurance for all models and see how much does honda civic insurance cost, honda accord insurance cost, or Honda pilot insurance costs. In-depth details are given for each honda model along with the age of the driver, deductibles, Honda depreciation, crash test results, safety features, etc.

Honda Accord

Honda Civic

Honda Clarity

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-Z

Honda Fit

Honda HR-V

Honda Insight

Honda Odyssey

Honda Passport

Honda Pilot

Honda Ridgeline

How To Apply For Honda Insurance in 2022?

The rates may vary from different states, companies, and manufacturing years of the Honda car. The best way to insure the cheapest or the most reliable option is to research well before buying auto car insurance for a Honda car. Let Mount Shine help you, we have a wide network of best insurance companies across 50 states of the United States that guide you to the best offers, payment options, auto insurance deals, etc. Check yourself for Honda Insurance costs and then buy or renew.

Get free Honda Insurance quotes, buy/renew, save money on car insurance by contacting us. Our service is free, fast, and simple, so get started today!

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