Editorial Guidelines

At Mount Shine, our top priority is you. We have editorial guidelines to ensure integrity, so you can confidently use our guidance and tools.

At Mount Shine, we care for you, that is why our top priority is to ensure the best quality is given to you in every possible way we can. We have editorial guidelines to ensure our commitment to integrity, you can trust our guidance and tools with complete confidence.

Our Goal

Help people solve their automobile problems related to their daily lives through up-to-date information, guides, and instructional videos.

Content Purpose:

    1. Provide clear, step-by-step instructions on how to diagnose and fix common automobile issues, such as fixing a car battery or a flat tire, checking and adding oil, replacing brake pads, etc.
    2. Guiding about roadside assistance,
    3. Explain how different car systems work and how to maintain them properly over time. This includes topics like engine maintenance, transmission care, battery/electrical system basics, etc.
    4. Offer buying guides and reviews of automotive products like car jacks, jumper cables, code readers, brake pad brands, etc. to help readers make informed purchases.
    5. Create seasonal content calendars with reminders of maintenance tasks people should complete at certain times of the year.
    6. Helping you make intelligent financial decisions with ease.

Content Voice/Style:

    1. Use simple, everyday language that is easy to understand. Avoid complex mechanic jargon and acronyms.
    2. Explain topics as you would to a friend who doesn’t know much about cars. Don’t assume prior knowledge.
    3. Use a friendly, conversational tone. The content should feel trustworthy and approachable.
    4. Employ “show don’t tell” principles when possible – use images, charts, videos, etc. to demonstrate procedures visually.

Sourcing Guidelines:


    1. Avoid referencing obscure or questionable sources.
    2. Our writers use primary and authoritative sources, including interviews, government and industry websites, data, and documents, to ensure clear and complete content.
    3. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. All content is created originally by Mount Shine or licensed for use.

Key Principles

We are dedicated to creating content that is precise, diverse, and useful, with the aim of motivating and benefiting all readers. Our editorial principles and practices guide how we source, report, write, and edit stories. We follow a rigorous fact-checking process, correcting errors promptly.

Our editorial team strives to embody the diversity of our audience and their unique financial circumstances. Through the exchange of varied perspectives, we aim to foster trust and establish a deep connection with our readers, empowering them with answers to their questions.

Our talented team of editors, writers, and freelancers take full responsibility for all the editorial content. Our passion for delivering top-notch content is unmatched, and we strive to ensure that our readers are always informed, engaged, and entertained. Trust us to deliver the best possible content every time, and join our community of satisfied readers today.

We strive for accuracy and integrity in our articles. If an error does occur, we want to make it right and encourage readers to reach out to us at editors@mountshine.com. We appreciate feedback and are committed to providing the best possible content.

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