How Does Being Married Affect Auto Insurance? [2023]

Does Being Married Affect Auto Insurance

Does being married affect auto insurance? In some cases, it can significantly affect the cost of your auto insurance. Your marital status can provide substantial financial benefits regarding auto insurance and help you save money. The answer to the question is car insurance cheaper when married is a resounding yes. Here is everything you need to know about car insurance after marriage.

Get to know what factors impact your car insurance marriage discounts and whether it will be a good idea to combine your auto insurance with your spouse. Learn about the best and cheapest options available for car insurance after marriage.

How Does Being Married Affect Auto Insurance Rates In 2023?

Marriage is one of the easiest routes to lowering auto insurance rates. Most insurance providers will be able to provide car insurance marriage discounts to married couples looking for combined car insurance, even if the married individuals are below the age of 25 years.

So, if you are asking yourself, “does being married lower car insurance,” it certainly does in most cases! A single driver annually has to pay an average $1,760 premium on car insurance, whereas a married driver will be paying a $1,611 average annual premium. Hence, car insurance after marriage indeed includes lower premiums.

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Why Does Marriage Affect Auto Insurance Cost In 2023?

The idea behind getting your insurance approved is calculated risk-taking. Your insurer will ensure that you are a client who does not pose a high-risk liability to the insurers. The higher the potential of your risky tendencies, the higher your premium rates.

Does Marriage Affect Auto Insurance Cost
Does Marriage Affect Auto Insurance Cost

In the case of married vs single car insurance, married people get lower insurance rates because they tend to entertain lower risk. It is often because married people are generally older than 25 years, which means they are older than teenagers who exhibit risky driving behavior. Married people, especially those planning to start a family, are also most likely to be interested in driving more secure cars like SUVs.

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Car Insurance Married vs. Single: Which Is Cheaper In 2023

Car insurance quotes vary across several factors, and the surest shot at receiving a lower quote is to communicate with your insurer. Your car insurance rates will vary based on the state of your residence and many other factors like credit score and insurance providers. But as a rule of thumb, car insurance for a married couple will be lower than that for a single person.

Married vs Single Car Insurance: Which Is Better In 2023?

Married couples are viewed as largely safe drivers. It is because, statistically speaking, married couples are in a more responsible age group, and family planners take a lot of care regarding their driving behavior. Naturally, insurers consider married couples to be low-risk clients.

Married vs Single Car Insurance
Married vs Single Car Insurance

By extension, insurance for married couples will always win the affordability battle in the car insurance, married vs single war!

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Top 5 Things To Know About Car Insurance After Marriage [2023]

Here’s a better and more efficient way of understanding the effect of car insurance after marriage:

Car Insurance After Marriage
Car Insurance After Marriage
  1. Only some people who get married will immediately see a drop in their insurance prices after combining their insurance with their spouse’s.
  2. Each spouse’s driving record heavily affects married car insurance rates.
  3. Adding a high-risk partner to your combined insurance plan can push up your married car insurance rates instead of lowering them.
  4. It is not just the state you live in but also the area of your residence that affects your insurance cost.
  5. Fronting as married simply to avail of lower auto insurance rates amounts to insurance fraud.

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How To Get Car Insurance Marriage Discount In 2023?

Car Insurance Marriage Discount
Car Insurance Marriage Discount

Most auto insurance providers do not have a separate category for married couples. However, married couples looking to bundle their insurance together automatically become eligible for multi-car or bundling discounts. It can give them a 10% to 15% overall discount on their auto insurance.

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5 Best Car Insurance For Married Couples In 2023

  1. Geico
  2. Progressive
  3. Liberty Mutual
  4. State Farm
  5. Allstate

Does Getting Divorced Affect Your Insurance Rates In 2023?

Just like getting married helps you by reducing your auto insurance premiums, getting divorced has the opposite effect. Statistical surveys prove that insurance companies consider divorcees high-risk clients.

Does Getting Divorced Affect Your Insurance Rates
Does Getting Divorced Affect Your Insurance Rates

For example, divorcees are more likely to file for more claims. Just like marriage affects auto insurance, so does divorce. Hence, the applicability of car insurance marriage discounts lowers insurance rates, while the opposite happens in the case of a divorce. The average annual premium for divorced drivers stands at $1,759, which is very close to that of single drivers, which is $1,760.

Single vs Divorced Car Insurance: Which Is Cheaper In 2023?

According to our research, divorced people tend to file more claims. This kind of statistical data reflects in the policy drafting by insurers. If you are weighing single vs divorced car insurance, most of the time, single people also can have lower premium rates than divorced people.

Single vs Divorced Car Insurance
Single vs Divorced Car Insurance

While married couples are the most likely to enjoy the lowest car insurance rates, divorced people in the USA typically pay around $148 more than married couples in the bracket of car insurance.

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Who Pays For Car Insurance In A Divorce? [2023]

The primary insured in a couple’s car insurance policy can continue with the insurance policy in the case of a divorce after the former spouse is removed from the insurance policy. For this, a majority of the insurance providers need the former spouse’s consent as well. After removing the former spouse’s name from the policy, the primary insured should review the existing policy for changes.

Can You Combine Car Insurance If Not Married In 2023?

Sometimes, you might live with your partner without saying, “I do!” yet. In that case, what matters to some insurers is your residence. If you have been living with your partner in the same residence place for a considerable time, your insurers will give you the status of a married couple. In that case, can you combine car insurance if you are not married? Absolutely yes! But if you already have separate insurance and any dents in your driving history, let it be simple.

5 Best Car Insurance For Widowed Drivers In 2023?

Compare the best car insurance for widowed drivers in 2023 from the table below:

CompanyAvg. 6 Mo. PremiumAvg. Monthly Premium
American Family$908$151
State Farm$652$109

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If you have tied the knot already, signing up for married car insurance can be an excellent way to save on auto insurance premiums. After all, married couples who bundle their insurance policies tend to be some of the safest clients for insurers. The average car insurance for married couples stands at $134 per month for their SUV, which makes it a low $805 overall for a typical 6-month insurance period. Make sure you explore your married couples’ options for your car insurance once you get married!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Car Insurance Cheaper When Married?

Yes, most situations prove that insurance providers identify married clients as low-risk clients. It means married couples can avail of auto insurance for cheaper.

Do Married Or Single Pay More For Car Insurance?

Exceptional circumstances notwithstanding, single young people pay more for car insurance than married couples.

When Does Auto Insurance Go Down?

Auto insurance prices go down when applied to married couples compared to single, widowed, or divorced individuals.

How Does Being Married Affect Auto Insurance? [2023]
How Does Being Married Affect Auto Insurance? [2023]

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