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10 Best Dead Car Battery Tricks That Work [Problem Solved]

Dead car battery tricks

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If you have big weekend plans coming up or are eager to sparkle your way to go for a long ride, but you find out your car battery is dead. You can try these 10 best dead car battery tricks to recover now. Best of all, these dead car battery tricks will cost you less than $10.

According to Precedence Research, in 2022, the estimated size of the global vehicle roadside assistance market was USD 23.61 billion. By 2025, it is projected to reach over USD 39.65 billion—a predicted growth at a CAGR of 5.3% from 2023 to 2032.

Roadside assistance may help with everything from flat tires, car accidents, stuck-in mud, motorized problems, and more. Below are the statistics from Battery University, where cars may break down, and the number 1 reason is “Battery” with 52%.

The breakdowns on 1.95 million vehicles six years or less are as follows:
1. 52% battery
2. 15% flat tire
3. 8% engine
4. 7% wheels
5. 7% fuel injection
6. 6% heating & cooling
7. 6% fuel system

These dead car battery tricks suggested by us will help you fix your dead car battery within 10 minutes. Some of these you are already doing, some might be opposite of what you are doing, or some might be you never thought about it before.

Here’s all you need to know about dead car battery tricks:

When To Use Dead Car Battery Tricks?

Usually, you’ll get problems with a car battery if a car has not been driven for a long time or is getting old.

Flat car battery tricks
Flat car battery tricks

According to our research, the battery undergoes a powerful chemical reaction that completely abolishes any tendency for positive and negative charges to separate. The reaction results in a dead car battery, and you are not able to:

  1. Start the engine.
  2. The car makes sounds during ignition.
  3. The starter motor cranks, but the engine won’t start.
  4. The check engine light turns on.
  5. The car battery smells like rotten eggs.
  6. The engine starts but then dies immediately.
  7. Battery performance is deprived.
  8. The electronics of the car stop working.
  9. You have to push start often.
  10. Corroded battery terminals.

There are more causes, and they can also potentially ruin your car battery. But fear not! With a few simple yet effective techniques, you can restore your dead car battery and use the tricks to hit the road.

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Things To Consider While Using Dead Car Battery Tricks

A car battery contains acid, so you should be aware of what to do when handling such situations and consider taking necessary steps like:

Dead car battery tricks automatic
Dead car battery tricks automatic
  1. Make sure there are no children nearby you when working with the battery.
  2. Avoid distractions, as you need to focus on solving the problem.
  3. Wear protective equipment like gloves, eyeglasses, apron used by mechanics. Gloves and eye protection should be worn to guard against battery acid, and a hard hat is necessary during lifting to prevent injury from falling batteries.
  4. It is important to exercise caution when handling batteries. One must avoid any contact between metals and batteries, which includes items such as metal tools and hoist chains, as well as personal accessories like jewelry, watches, and belts. 
  5. Metal is an excellent conductor of electricity, and anyone who comes in contact with a metal object that is in contact with the battery runs the risk of electrocution.
  6. You are still unaware of the cause that made the car battery die or chances are still there is a charge present in it. Never allow both terminals to make contact with an item simultaneously. When both terminals are connected, any object that comes in contact with them will conduct an electric current.

We care for your protection and don’t want anyone to get hurt. Sometimes, an experienced person can get hurt with little distraction. So, consider these 6 things while using dead car battery tricks before proceeding.

I’m sure you will follow the instructions properly. I know because you are not one of those who rush everything and don’t take any precautions while working.

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Best Dead Car Battery Tricks That Actually Work

Here’s all you need to know about Dead car battery tricks that you can use:

1. Use Coke

Use Coke as an unexpected dead car battery trick! Its acidity can assist in eliminating rust and cleaning terminals, improving battery performance.

Use Coke
Use Coke

Pour a tiny amount onto the troubled regions, allow it to fizz for a moment, and then wipe away the residue. It’s a useful short-term cure for crises, but keep in mind that it’s not a permanent fix.

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2. Smear on Vaseline

Vaseline applied to the battery terminals can improve communication and prevent corrosion, increasing the likelihood that your car will start.

Smear on Vaseline
Smear on Vaseline

Smear on Vaseline is easy-to-use yet efficient trick keeps your battery in peak condition by serving as a barrier against oxidation and moisture. Accept Vaseline for dependable, long-lasting battery performance.

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3. Relay Swaps

Relay Swaps for car battery
Relay Swaps for car battery

Use safe dead car battery tricks like relay swaps to revive your car properly. Work in a well-ventilated area, abide by the vehicle’s owner’s manual and take all necessary safety precautions. Verify compatibility with your car model and, if in doubt, seek professional assistance.

4. Tapping Battery Terminals

A last-ditch dead car battery trick is to tap the battery terminals. In an emergency, softly touch a solid object against the terminals to establish a temporary connection and perhaps start the vehicle.

Tapping Battery Terminals
Tapping Battery Terminals

Due to potential harm and the fact that it is not a long-term fix, use this procedure cautiously. Then, seek expert assistance.

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5. Apply Baking Soda

When dealing with flat car battery tricks, use baking soda. Here is how to use it:

Apply Baking Soda
Apply Baking Soda

Combine baking soda (2 tablespoons) with water to make a paste, then use a toothbrush to clean the corroded terminals. This could revive the car battery by neutralizing acid and improving electrical conductivity. Use caution and safety equipment when working with corrosive materials.

Watch the video to learn how to clean battery terminals.

6. Use Aspirin Tablets

Utilize aspirin tablets as a trick for a dead car battery. I know this is an odd trick to do, but in my research, I found out it works. Even the trick is mentioned by Howcast (dot)com.

Use Aspirin Tablets
Use Aspirin Tablets

Pour two pills dissolved in warm water over the battery’s terminals. Aspirin contains a weak acid that can help jump-start your car.

7. Epsom Salt Trick

A simple and quick DIY trick for flat car batteries! The best part is that it costs less than $9, or you already have it in your home.

Epsom Salt Trick
Epsom Salt Trick

Dissolve Epsom salt in warm water to increase car battery life and apply a few drops to each cell. The mixed solution breaks down the sulfate build-up, and you’ll be crank your car.

8. Distilled Water

Distilled battery water is recommended when the battery’s electrolyte levels are low. It works most of the time, but there are some cases where the problem is something else. While it can momentarily raise fluid levels, the fundamental problem is unresolved.

Instead, figure out what’s causing the car battery to run down and consider getting a new one or consulting professional assistance.

Distilled Water
Distilled Water

You can replace the acid in a battery with a new mixture of acid and distilled water. Remember, relying entirely on distilled water can result in additional damage and affect the performance of your car.

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9. Push Start

Master Dead Car Battery Tricks‘ Push Start technique! This time, you will need the help of someone else, too. As pushing a car alone can be tough, or you need to go downhill to do it.

If your battery dies, switch to a manual transmission, turn the key, de-press the clutch, and ask the other person to push the vehicle for you. Release the clutch, and presto! Your car reactivates, saving the day.

Push Start
Push Start

A dead car battery tricks automatic users, ensure sufficient power to ignite the engine. Put the car in neutral mode, gradually release the brakes, and switch it to auto mode once it reaches a speed of 6 to 13 mph. Your car will start, and you will be able to move. If you are unsuccessful, try the same steps again. If it still does not work, call a technician for assistance.

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10. The Starter Motor Tap

Get the starter motor in gear! Reviewers say it is one of the best dead car battery tricks to follow.

The Starter Motor Tap
The Starter Motor Tap

To get the starter motor moving, give it a little tap with a mallet. This approach can provide a worn-out beginning with a brief reprieve. However, for a long-term solution, speak with a qualified mechanic.


Frequently Asked Questions about the best dead car battery tricks.

Can we apply dead car battery Tricks on Automatic vehicles?

Yes, automatic vehicles can also use dead car battery tricks. However, proceed with caution and refer to the owner’s manual of your car for detailed instructions. Verify compatibility with the model of your car, give safety the top priority, and if in doubt, think about getting professional assistance. You can effectively jump-start an automatic car if you take the necessary precautions.

How do you move an automatic with a dead battery?

Use the “push-start” or “bump-start” technique to move an automatic vehicle with a dead battery. Get a friend to push the car for you to get moving. Put the car in neutral mode, gradually release the brakes, and switch it to auto mode once it reaches a speed of 6 to 13 mph. Your car will start, and you will be able to move.

Can I use an aspirin tablet or paracetamol on a dead battery?

Yes, aspirin is one of the dead car battery tricks you can use. Mix aspirin with warm watter and pour it on battery terminals. Aspirin can jumpstart a car with a discharged battery, but it reduces the battery’s lifespan. The aspirin reacts with sulfuric acid, forming acetic acid, which can harm internal components.

​​Can I jump my car if the battery is completely dead?

The answer is that you can jump-start your automobile even with a completely dead battery. Start the operating car by connecting jumper cables to the battery of a running vehicle, then to the dead battery. Before starting the dead vehicle, give it time to charge.

Final Thoughts

Try the 10 best dead car battery tricks to handle all the concerns efficiently. Become more assured in handling unforeseen circumstances and demonstrating resourcefulness.

If you have more tricks to share, please reach out to us, and we’ll make sure they get listed. You can also tag us in your posts on social media, community, or website so that we know there are more discoveries to be made.

Develop your capacity for problem-solving and resilience. Use these tricks to take command of your travel, appreciate the engineering genius of vehicles, and handle obstacles with assurance.

My top priority is to assist you in discovering the best products and maximizing the potential of the ones you currently own. Our team of experts is constantly testing new batteries, automotive equipment, and other items to help you complete more tasks, shop for top-notch products, and overcome any challenges that may arise.

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10 Best Dead Car Battery Tricks That Work [Problem Solved]
10 Best Dead Car Battery Tricks That Work [Problem Solved]

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