How To Get Car Insurance For First Timers [2023]

Car Insurance For First Timers

Check out the best ways how to get car insurance for first timers in 2023 and things to consider while buying first time car insurance. Getting your car insured has to be the first thing you need to do after you buy it. However, it can be overwhelming to understand what kind of insurance coverage you need as a first-time buyer. Getting your first-time car insurance can be quite simple if you keep some basic things in mind.

Compare cheap auto insurance options from multiple companies and their insurance coverage policies before you make any decision. Factors such as age and credit score can play a big role in determining your premium for young drivers, first time drivers, or even if you are a pro drivers.

Learn various tips to get car insurance for first-time buyers and how to choose the best car insurance coverage from multiple car insurance companies according to your circumstances in 2023.

How To Get Car Insurance For First Timers: Overview

Purchasing a car gives you the added responsibility of getting the car insured. If you are buying a car for the first time, you might need to gain experience with getting an auto insurance policy. In that case, compare car insurance rates online from multiple insurance companies to decide what is best for you and how to save money.

Being privy to the market’s current quote rate, getting your documents in order, and knowing the coverage options can help you pick the right car insurance. Several factors go into car insurance for first-timers. Whereas an 18-year-old driver has to pay $3,454 annually for minimum coverage, for a 30-year-old, it can cost as low as $1,118. The right guidance and being on top of the financial factors can make the entire process simpler and less overwhelming. Even if you are thinking of purchasing exotic car insurance, the process is simple.

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When To Buy Car Insurance For The First Time (2023)?

Getting your own car insurance ideally goes along with whenever you start driving your car. However, if you live with your parents, their car insurance might include insurance for their dependents. If you are a teenager with a driver’s license, you will initially need to be added to the family’s existing car insurance policy.

Car Insurance For The First Time
Car Insurance For The First Time

There is no legally required age to separate from your parents’ car insurance as long as you continue to live with them. However, getting your own car and moving out is just the right time for you to get your own car insurance. As a young driver, you might be able to access student discounts and the like on your insurance purchase, too!

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Things To Keep In Mind While Buying First-Time Auto Insurance [2023]

Making mistakes while buying first-time car insurance is common, but don’t worry; we got your back. We always guide people about what you should keep in mind, requirements, eligibility, and essential tips to choose the best cheap car insurance for first timers.

  1. Is The Insurance Giving You The Coverage You Need?
  2. Are You Reaching For Reasonably Priced Insurance?
  3. Do You Have A Clear Idea About Your Car And What It Needs?
  4. Do You Have A Good Credit Score?
  5. Did You Look Through All The Possible Options?
Buying First Time Car Insurance
Buying First Time Car Insurance

1. Is The Insurance Giving You The Coverage You Need?

If your vehicle is new, opting for full-coverage insurance might be a good idea. You make sure that it covers the minimum liability required for the state you live.

2. Are You Reaching For Reasonably Priced Insurance?

The premiums and deductibles you will be charged are important considerations. After all, you want to avoid being trapped in a cycle of paying for insurance that is way beyond your financial limits. So look into the financials and transactional details of your car insurance thoroughly.

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3. Do You Have A Clear Idea About Your Car And What It Needs?

The kind of car you drive, its purchased or rented status, and the model, are all relevant pieces of information that help you decide on the insurance policy. While buying car insurance for first-timers, ensure your car is not underinsured.

4. Do You Have A Good Credit Score?

Your credit history can play a major role in determining the price of your insurance. Car insurance for first-timers costs more than veteran insurance handlers. Maintaining good credit can vouch for your credibility as an insurance buyer and help you circumvent any additional costs.

5. Did You Look Through All The Possible Options?

The internet has made it really simple to compare car insurance quotes online. With or without an insurance agent, you can compare car insurance quotes and comprehensive and collision coverage among the available ones by simply looking through the internet.

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6 Tips To Get Car Insurance For First-Time Buyers (2023)

Finding cheap car insurance can be difficult, but it becomes a piece of cake if you do proper research. Car insurance costs vary from company to company, as every driver is unique; they have their own driving history, so the rates may vary.

Here are 6 tips to get car insurance for first-time buyers to follow in 2023, even if you own a new car or a used car:

  1. You Don’t Always Have To Buy Insurance To Get Insurance
  2. Safe Driving Goes A Long Way
  3. Discounts Can Be A Big Help
  4. Higher Deductibles Are Often Convenient
  5. Less Coverage Can Prove Helpful
  6. Get Auto Policy From An Independent Insurance Agent
Car Insurance For First-Time Buyers
Car Insurance For First-Time Buyers

1. You Don’t Always Have To Buy Insurance To Get Insurance

If you are a young driver, your parents’ insurance might not always turn out to be the most suitable insurance coverage option for you. Chances are young drivers’ insurance can increase the premium by 140%. However, joining an existing insurance plan can be an inexpensive option.

2. Safe Driving Goes A Long Way

Violations of the law and at-fault accidents on the road can hurt the chances of getting cheap car insurance for first-timers. So, ensure you drive safely and maintain a clean driving record and driving history.

3. Discounts Can Be A Big Help

Make sure you dig around for any available discounts. Whether it’s an offer or a student discount, try to grab any opportunity to save money.

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4. Higher Deductibles Are Often Convenient

A higher deductible guarantees lower premiums. You pay deductibles whenever you file some claims. So choosing an affordable yet higher deductible can be a convenient option to save on your insurance premiums.

5. Less Coverage Can Prove Helpful

If you find yourself in a position where the price of full car insurance coverage becomes too much to handle, taking a step back is the smart way out. You can opt for the best car insurance with the minimum coverage required by your state.

6. Get Auto Policy From An Independent Insurance Agent

An insurance agent can help you buy car insurance and find cheap car insurance that also covers health insurance and medical bills from top insurance companies. As they have done tie-ups with multiple companies, they can assist you to save money and select the best car insurance companies.

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How To Get Car Insurance For The First Time (2023)

Getting the best car insurance for the first time means you are dealing with a procedure with which you probably have little to no experience in. We have gathered all the necessary information of buying car insurance so that you know how to your first car insurance policy without any issues in 2023:

  • Your personal documents are necessary to get your first-time car insurance. You will need identity proof, vehicle identification number (VIN), age proof, proof of residence, personal and vehicle information, et cetera. 
  • Information about your car is essential to get your first-time car insurance. So you might want to pull out all the car-related documents you have like driver’s license date, you driver new car or old car, have you met with car accident before or not, and much more. It will also help you understand what kind of coverage you need where you don’t have to pay higher insurance premiums.
  • Finding yourself an adequate insurance agent is a primary step toward finding the right car insurance for you. They can help you find quotes, guide about liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, your coverage limits and all the necessary advice.
  • Finding information about car insurance quotes and comparing them will help you stay ahead in the game. Choosing the most suitable auto insurance policy and coverage becomes easy if you have several options to choose from.

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5 Best Cheap Car Insurance Company For First Timers (2023)

Car insurance companies play a crucial role, so to choose the best cheap car insurance for first timers, you should know about them. Comparing multiple insurance companies is the best way to analyze each company’s offers, the pros and cons, and why one company is better than the other.

  1. State Farm
  2. Travellers
  3. Grange
  4. Mercury
  5. Progressive
Best Cheap Car Insurance For First Timers
Best Cheap Car Insurance For First Timers

1. State Farm

As one of the USA’s largest car and home insurance providers, State Farm has carved a niche for itself with its affordable rates and convenient coverage plans. Their annual average auto insurance rates for first-time is $1,895. State Farm ensures that your car remains protected under a variety of situations.

Other than the basic coverage options, State Farm also offers policies for sports and classic cars as well.

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2. Travelers

Travelers features among the top 10 insurance providers in the insurance industry. They offer a number of coverage options for all types of insurance policies with good car insurance discounts. Providing personal and business insurance with multiple coverage options, they have some 13,500 independent agents internationally. Their first-time car insurance premium is available from an average quote of $1,313.

3. Grange

With an average annual quote of $1,584 for first-time auto insurance buyers, Grange leads the crowd with their reasonable premiums. Grange is an Ohio-based insurance company with various full coverage car insurance coverage options. Grange Insurance currently has about 700,0000 clients across thirteen states.

Other than the basic coverage options, Grange also provides collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, lease coverage, bodily injury liability, rental reimbursement, and full glass repair.

4. Mercury

Mercury’s first-time car insurance quote stands at $1,684 on average. In terms of coverage and service, Mercury records considerable client satisfaction. This $4 billion insurance company offers a number of basic and extra coverage options as part of car insurance plans.

Other than that, it also provides coverage in case your vehicle is driven by a ride-sharing company.

5. Progressive

Progressive’s first-time car insurance option, on average, is $1,835. With a significant presence across all US states, Progressive offers several auto insurance policy discounts, including the good student discount, Snapshot, gap insurance, and teen driver discount. Progressive has a wide variety of basic and extra coverage options for its auto insurance plans.

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Car Insurance For First Time Driver By Age (2023)

Check out car insurance costs for first time drivers by age in 2023 and how much it costs for 18-year-old and 30-year-old drivers:

  1. For 18-year-Old Driver
  2. For 30-Year-Old Driver
Car Insurance For First Time Driver
Car Insurance For First Time Driver

For 18-Year-Old Driver

State Farm offers the cheapest car insurance quotes for 18-year-olds at an annual rate of $1,553 for minimum coverage. Even their full coverage option is affordable, being $3,243 annually on average.

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For 30-Year-Old Driver

For 30-year-olds, State Farm’s average car insurance quote remains $566 annually for minimum coverage.

The table below compares car insurance for first timers by age, and you can analyze and get to know the average rates in 2023:

State Farm$1,533$566

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How To Choose Cheap First-Time Car Insurance In 2023?

There are multiple ways to choose cheap car insurance for first timers, but we have the best ways you can follow in 2023:

  • Shop around and explore your options. 
  • Select the right, required, and affordable amount of coverage.
  • Keep a clean driving record and stay out of at-fault accidents or traffic violations.
  • Maintain a high credit score.

Car Insurance Is A Good Way To Show Financial Responsibility

Each state has its own form of financial responsibility laws, which require the driver to show they can pay for any accidents caused by the vehicle. Proof is needed if it is possible to pay for repairs or medical care. Most people comply with statutory obligations in obtaining car insurance. It’s typically the most inexpensive and easiest way for driving legally.

You can obtain collision or comprehensive insurance for damage caused by car collisions and other accident-related incidents. How do we meet the laws of financial responsibility in our state?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance cover is best for first time drivers?

What is insurance for teenagers? In the event of an accident, comprehensive insurance is the most cost-effective solution.

Which insurance is cheapest for new drivers?

The insurance cost for first time driver, GEICO, is the most expensive, while Allstate and State Farm are cheaper. Multiple car insurance companies have their own criteria for determining the cost, so you have to compare to get cheaper car insurance.

At what age is car insurance cheapest?

As drivers reach 25, they are less likely to have to spend more on car insurance. The costs generally decrease at the beginning and the end of the year. At age 60 driver’s rates are available. At age sixty, the cost of car insurance starts to increase and compares to the average driver of 40 years.

Is Car Insurance For First-Time Driver Expensive?

Car insurance for first-timers can be comparatively more expensive. However, making use of the available discounts and maintaining a clean record, driving car carefully can significantly reduce the premium rate.

How To Shop For Car Insurance For First Timers?

Make sure you explore as many options as possible from insurance company. Also, working with an insurance agent can prove very helpful. You could also go online to compare quotes, which company gives medical expenses, coverage limits, offers best motorist coverage, property damage liability, or don’t consider insurance history, collision insurance, etc.

What Happens If You Get Pulled Over Without Insurance?

Since it is illegal to drive uninsured vehicles in all states except for New Hampshire, getting pulled over when you don’t have car insurance can count as a punishable offense. You may have to pay fines or spend up to 3 months in prison. Car insurance protects you from fines, and it is for your safety, ignoring it is not a wise decision in any case. Own car insurance policy and drive stress free.

How To Get Car Insurance For First Timers [2023]
How To Get Car Insurance For First Timers [2023]

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