Can I Sell My Leased Car In 2023? [How To + Guide]

Buying and selling cars can often seem to be a confusing procedure, especially if you are considering “Can I sell my leased car?”. It is possible and easy, as long as you have your basics down! Compare your buyout options and make some money by selling your leased car that can quickly go into buying your next car.

Sell Your Lease Car: Key Takeaways [2023]

  • It is unnecessary to go to great lengths to sell your leased car.
  • There are several ways to get rid of your car’s lease and sell it to make a profit.
  • You can purchase the car at the end of the lease and then sell it for cash value or use it as a down payment in the purchase process of a new car.
  • Dealerships are also currently eager to take in previously leased vehicles.
  • However, being aware of your leased vehicle’s valuation will prove helpful.

Can I Sell My Leased Car? 5 Facts To Know In 2023

To your question, “can I sell my leased car?” you might have met a lot of confusing answers. However, you can easily sell a leased car. Nevertheless, it is going to be a huge help if you’re on top of the recent relevant market developments. Here are 5 facts to keep in mind.

Sell your leased car
Sell your leased car
  1. The simplest way to sell your leased car can be to buy your leased vehicle at the end of the lease and then sell it. You will be required to purchase the car according to the previously specified amount in the lease contract. But this process can often include extra taxes and penalties.
  2. You always have the option, but not the obligation, to buy your leased vehicle at the end of the lease period. The amount agreed upon is the predicted residual value.
  3. Trades of leased cars can often be more helpful than up-front cash buyouts.
  4. You will find that lots of dealerships are interested in buying out your leased car. This is because it gives the dealership a slightly used car for a much lower price than usual.
  5. Leases typically extend for 36 months. Due to the changes in the market due to the pandemic, this is not a sufficiently long period of time to cause severe depreciation. This makes selling leased cars incredibly profitable in the current market.

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Sell Your Leased Car: How It Works? [2023]

Selling a leased car in 2023 can prove more profitable than ever. Offering your car to an interested party in exchange for cash can be a quick way to sell your leased car. You can also use your car as a down payment or like:

How To Sell Leased Car
How To Sell Leased Car: Working
  • Selling your leased car in exchange for cash can happen through direct interaction with interested buyers. Either you need permission from the leasing company or buy the car from the leasing company and hand it over to a third party.
  • Apart from selling to a private buyer, you could also sell your leased car to a dealer to get its quality checked and eventually resold to interested customers.
  • Leased vehicles also work as very effective down payment options when purchasing a new car!

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When You Should Consider To Sell Your Leased Car? [2023]

When To Consider To Sell Your Leased Car
When To Consider To Sell Your Leased Car

The question of selling your leased car comes at the end of the lease period specified in the lease contract. Leases generally last for 36 months when it comes to cars. At the end of this period, a look at the car’s residual value will tell you whether it is a good idea to sell your leased vehicle. Also, thoroughly the market to get an idea about the demand for used cars.

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How To Determine The Value: Sell A Lease Car? [2023]

The valuations of your leased car will be present in your lease contract. You will find the residual value at the end of your lease. These figures will help you determine where your car stands in the market.

Value Of Your Leased Car
Value Of Your Leased Car

You might need some background research to find out the current market price. If the residual price for your car exceeds its pre-estimated market value, you should definitely consider selling your leased car at the end of the lease. Contact the leasing company to find out their buyout prices.

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How To Sell A Leased Car In 2023?

Carrying out a smooth leased car sale involves certain steps. Here is what you need to do to sell your leased car in 2023.

How To Sell A Leased Car
How To Sell A Leased Car
  • Find out what your leased car’s valuations are: The lease contract should be able to tell you the exact facts and figures about your leased car’s value. It would be best to look for the car’s original and residual values.
  • Figure out its possible buyout price: Once again, the lessee can find the buyout price estimate themselves. A few calls to the lease providers should do the trick. 
  • Get a rough idea of the state of the market: Find the market value of your second-hand leased car. A comparison between the market value and the residual value will give you the green signal. If the latter is more significant, then the sale of the car will prove profitable to you.
  • Decide on the nature of the transaction: Once you have decided to sell the leased car, purchase it at the end of the lease and sell it to your potential customer or dealership. Now, buy a new car with that cash.

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3 Best Ways Of Getting Rid of a Lease in 2023?

Sometimes, making a solid financial transaction is not always the best idea. In a scenario where selling your leased car looks a little difficult, you could always consider getting rid of your lease in other ways.

Getting Rid of a Lease
Getting Rid of a Lease
  • Getting a lease transfer means you can transfer the lease and lease payments to another willing individual.
  • Carrying out a lease trade will allow you to exchange the leased car for another car or purchase a new one. Your car dealership might even be willing to write off certain lease fees if you do the latter!
  • Returning the leased car to the original owners at the end of the contractual lease period is the safest and most viable way to get rid of a leased vehicle.

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Compare Lease Buyout Options In 2023

Lease Buyout Options
Lease Buyout Options

Comparing lease buyout options in 2023 is a relatively simple task. Of course, you can simply call your lease agency to ask for your particular leased car’s buyout price. If you wish to terminate a lease and find out its buyout price before the lease period ends, it is generally the amount of the lease payments left added to the residual value of the leased car.

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Conclusion: Can I Sell My Leased Car?

In the post-pandemic automobile market, selling your leased car can be the best idea you’ve ever had! The response is a resounding and encouraging yes for anyone wondering, “can I sell my leased car?”. The pandemic has affected depreciation costs, and second-hand and leased cars are selling for higher rates than in the pre-covid scenario. The idea to sell your leased car is an excellent option right now.

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