Best Rexing V360 Dash Cam For Cars Review [2023]

Best Rexing 360 Dash Cam For Cars

See our guide to 360 dash cam for cars, with reviews of the best Rexing 360 dash cam for cars having panoramic views, parking monitor, and collision detection.

360 degree dash cams are the new in-thing in the security business. One dashboard camera can replace the need for so many other cameras, which makes it a very useful and astounding piece of technology. Rexing has developed a 360-degree dash cam which appears to be a very promising gadget for high-tech cars as it will improve your security and provide you with the best footage possible.

What Is A 360 Dash Cam?

A 360 dash cam has a single 360 degrees lens that clearly captures everything in front of, around, and even inside the vehicle. The recording range of the full dash camera is 360 degrees, with viewing angles of 360 degrees horizontally and 360 degrees vertically all combined in one camera.

What Is 360 Dash Cam
What Is 360 Dash Cam?

There is no dead angle, and the entire front cabin and rear simultaneously of the vehicle are visible with the Rexing V360 dash cam, which has a 360-degree panoramic vision.

The dash cams come with a touch screen, an auto back up camera, a four-recording mode, and a real-time reversing image captured by the rear camera. The design of the dash cam adds to its discreteness and is equipped with smart features like loop recording, accident auto-detection, and recording in high definition.

What To Look While Buying The Best 360 Dash Cam For Cars? [2023]

Best 360 Dash Cam For Cars
Best 360 Dash Cam For Cars
  • Important features like audio recording, driver monitoring, auto-start, built-in gravity sensor, and loop recording are a must.
  • Image quality: The resolution of the camera should be high to create balanced images, and the field of view should be wide. It should be able to capture footage up to 2560 x 1440 resolution and can go up to 4K. Although 30 fps is enough, a dash cam with 60 fps is more useful as it can allow you to watch the footage of a high-speed accident in slow motion.
  • Battery: The dash cam must come with a charging cable to power your camera. The charger must be connected to the cigarette lighter or 12V DC power inverter cable, followed by inserting the mini-USB end of the charger into the mini-USB port on the camera.
  • Storage space: 256 GB of storage space, which translates to up to 7 hours of continuous recordings, is ideal.
  • GPS functionality: The item must be equipped with a GPS that will record your speed and location data for your dash cam while you are driving. This is a crucial tool for insurance claims in case of an incident, as your footage will be your evidence.
  • Wireless connectivity: A good dash cam will pair with your smartphone through wifi so that you can watch the footage according to your convenience.
  • The dash cam you are buying should be cost-effective, easy to mount on the windshield, have a wide dynamic range, and also have a built-in display that can give you access to the menu directly and view videos quickly.

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Why Choose Rexing V360 Dash Cam For Cars In 2023?

The Rexing 360 dash cam is equipped with cutting-edge technology. The camera can be safely mounted on the windshield, has adjustable lenses, and a loop recording system that won’t override locked video data. It has a G-sensor that detects vibration in areas surrounding the vehicle, including the rear environment. Its auto back up camera saves the current video to ensure that important footage is protected from accidental deletion.

Rexing 360 Dash Cam For Cars
Rexing 360 Dash Cam For Cars

The Rexing 360 dash cam captures video with a resolution of 1440 x 1440 at a rate of 30 frames per second, the dual design that enables both front and rear recording.

A 12-foot automobile cable, a car power connector, a USB computer cable, a 3M adhesive mount, and a user manual are all included with the Rexing 360 dash cam. It also has a 20-foot cable that connects the channel dash cam to the car charger and a full HD rear camera.

The Rexing V360 dash cam supports UHS-I/Class 10 or higher MicroSD cards, which have a storage capacity of up to 256GB.

The features of the dual channel dash cam camera also include a 3” IPS touch screen, an automatic backup camera, and a real time reversing image. The design of the rexing 360 dash cam adds to its discreteness as it can record inside passenger simultaneously. More smart features like loop recording mode, accident auto detection, and recording in high definition make it a smart purchase.

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Rexing 360 Dash Cam Buying Guide [2023]

Before buying the best Rexing 360 dash cams online, we recommend checking our buying guide which will help in making the best decision.

Rexing 360 Dash Cam Buying Guide
Rexing 360 Dash Cam Buying Guide


Meet the Rexing V360 dash cam with advanced safety features, collision detector, parking monitor, and high performance. Get to know the full specifications of the best Rexing V360 Dash cam for cars.

The Lens

The Rexing v360 dash cam offers a panoramic view of 360 degrees. The lens can be adjusted to face up, right, or left. The wide-angle fisheye lenses can capture the road ahead as well as inside the cabin in one shot.


A dash cam of this size is quite large. It has adjustable lenses and a 3-inch touch display. The design of the dashboard camera is discreet, which makes it a well-hidden witness that captures everything once it turns on. The Rexing 360 dash cam has a waterproof backup camera that can record through the front and rear cameras simultaneously.


The quality and coverage of the 360-degree camera are very good. It captures surroundings and interiors during the day, which is very useful.

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Video Recording

The dual channel record captures the road in the front, inside passenger simultaneously. The high-definition recording will automatically overwrite the older ones once the storage limit is reached. With the reverse gear engaged and the trigger guide line, a person can do safe parking. With the help of a waterproof backup camera, the Rexing 360 dash cam can record front cabin and rear simultaneously.

While the camera is in video recording mode, to lock the video, tap the lock icon to save a 30-second clip to the memory card. This will ensure that the video, now permanently saved on the memory card, is not deleted when the storage limit is reached. This can only be removed from the memory card manually.

Dimensions and Weight

The dimensions of a Rexing 360 dash cam are 7.25 x 5.25 x 3.5 inches, and it weighs 1.12 lbs. The sophisticated and compact design of the vehicle makes it a well-hidden witness to the whole car environment, including the front cabin and rear environment.

G-Sensor Memory Lock

The built in gravity sensor of a Rexing 360 dash cam detects a collision and locks the current video to keep the footage safe from accidental deletion.

Heat Resistance

Since the battery is made of lithium ion, it is extremely heat resistant.

Wide Dynamic Range

This feature of Rexing 360 dash cam allows the camera to perform optimally in any lighting situation by adjusting the exposure to create balanced images and footage. The main purpose of wide dynamic range is to click the best possible image according to the lighting situation of a place, whether it is at night or during the day.

Setting It Up

Start by mounting the Rexing v360 dash cam in an appropriate location, then attach the Rexing v360 dash cam to the mount after at least 20 minutes. After turning off the dash camera, insert the memory card and leave when you hear a clicking sound. Before installing a new memory card, format the card first. The supercapacitor is for emergency file backup, so keep the dash cam plugged in while making any changes to the format function.

System Setup

The mini USB end of the car charger cable is used to power the device. For the rear camera to work, plug the rear camera into the AV port. To connect your Rexing 360 dash cam to the vehicle, use the car charging cable to turn it on. The battery will charge while you drive. Connect the charger and the cigarette lighter, and insert the other end of the mini usb computer cable into the USB port of the camera.

To enable recording, keep the Rexing 360 dash cam connected to a power source. Connecting it in the wrong way can seriously damage the device. It is normal for the device to heat up while charging. The screen may not function properly if the power supply is unstable.

Connect the camera directly to a power source while filming, and if the battery is completely depleted, give it a minimum of 5 minutes of charge before you begin using it. It is very important to carry out the format function properly for the camera to perform optimally, as well as format the camera directly.

Video Setup

When using the auto start loop recording feature, the camera will begin loop recording almost as soon as it is turned on and pause recording when it is not receiving power. The record audio feature of Rexing 360 dash cam lets you choose whether to record audio with photos, and the mirror setting flips the footage from the rear camera so you can see it from the mirrored perspective.

As soon as the dashboard camera recorder is connected to a power source, recording from the dashboard camera recorder will begin. To see if the dashboard camera recorder is recording, look for a blinking red dot in the upper left corner of the dashboard camera recorder screen. Any file with a locked video can only be deleted either manually or when the card is supposed to be formatted.

Still Pictures

You can take still photos by clicking on the photo icon on the IPS touch screen. The photos can be viewed in the library of Rexing 360 dash cam.


The Rexing 360 dash cam is compatible with Android phones as well as iPhones. However, connecting the dash cam with unapproved chargers or cables can cause damage to the camera. The Rexing 360 dash cam is not compatible with SanDisk ultra cards.


The Rexing v360 dash cam is worth $169.99.

Installation Charges

Rexing may charge for installation. Contact them to know more.


The Rexing 360 dash cam can be returned after 30 days. A 12-month warranty is available, but it can be extended up to 18 months if you register the product.

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Rexing V360 Dual Channel Dashboard Camera Recorder Car Dash Cam with Rear Camera

A Rexing 360 dash cam can be useful in the following situations:

Best Rexing v360 Dash Cam
Best Rexing v360 Dash Cam
In the event of an accident, evidence is made more comprehensive because of the 360 degree panoramic view.The camera of Rexing v360 does not have Wi-Fi.
A single camera of Rexing v360 can capture a larger area both inside and outside than numerous additional cameras can.There is no GPS logger support.
The touch display of Rexing v360 makes it convenient for the user to use the camera.The camera lacks the modular capability.
The video quality is very good, there is a high-definition recording of the whole car environment, and you will be able to see well-balanced images.Since there is no infrared, therefore, the night interior video is of no use.
The Rexing v360 camera is not compatible with SanDisk Ultra cards.

  • You have to buy an Insurance policy: To lower your Insurance premiums, mounting a camera on your windshield is a good idea. Submit the footage to the auto insurance company to show them your driving habits and prove you are a good driver.
  • You have to capture first-hand evidence on the dash cam screen in the event of an accident. In case you meet with an accident, the 360 Rexing dash cam can help you in catching hit and run drivers.
  • If you are a parent, you can monitor your kids with the help of the GPS installed in the Rexing 360 dash cam that works well with Google Maps, giving you information about the whereabouts of the vehicle in real time.
  • The best Rexing 360 dash cams for cars are useful for safety purposes. You can show important footage captured on the dash cam screen to the police in case you meet with an accident.
  • The Rexing V360 dash cam can also be useful if you wish to document your journey by recording. You can view the footage once the trip is over.
Weight1.12 lbs
Dimensions7.25 × 5.25 × 3.5 in
Max Resolution1440 x 1440
Camera TypeFront + Rear
Rear Camera SupportYes
GPS Logger SupportNo
Battery1 Lithium Ion batteries
Battery TypeBattery
StorageUp to 256GB MicroSD Card
Modular CapabilityNo
Manufacturer‎ Rexing

Final Verdict

The v360 Rexing dash cam is very user-friendly. The functioning of the front camera depends on the size of the cabin; however, the rear camera, along with the front camera, performs optimally by capturing areas surrounding your vehicle better than many other dash cams available in the market. Although it cannot be recommended for nighttime use due to inferior infrared, the footage captured by the dashboard camera during the day is of premium quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 360 camera be used as a dashcam?

A 360 degree camera may undoubtedly be utilized as a dash cam because it will provide footage from all possible angles. The dual channel record feature will capture a full 360-degree spherical image, but two cameras are required to cover the front and the rear. In spite of this, it is a great option for capturing footage of the interior of the car.

Is It worth buying Rexing 360 Dash Cam for cars?

Yes. The Rexing 360 dash cam is worth investing in. With the help of the touch screen, which shows the rear parking when the reverse gear is engaged, it can trigger guide line for safe parking. It will help you in a traffic jam by showing footage of the car environment so that you can maneuver accordingly. Once the reverse gear is engaged, the camera will capture the footage and present it on the IPS touch screen by reversing image. If you own a sedan or an SUV that has a huge interior and wish to keep an eye on the inside passenger, then Rexing 360 dash cam is definitely worth buying.

Does the Rexing 360 dash cam come with a protection plan?

If you buy Rexing 360 dash cam from Amazon, you can select 3-year, 2-year, and Asurion Tech Unlimited protection plans ranging from $16 to $21.

Originally posted 2023-04-23 22:06:45.

Best Rexing V360 Dash Cam For Cars Review [2023]
Best Rexing V360 Dash Cam For Cars Review [2023]

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