Best Hugo Insurance Review For 2023 [Compare Plans]

Getting insured is vital for you, your family, and any third parties. For many people, signing an auto insurance policy might be expensive, but it ensures financial stability in the long run. If you are not financially stable enough to pay the entire price up front, then Hugo Insurance is there for you. Hugo Insurance permits its clients to make payments whenever they decide to drive their vehicle, which makes insurance affordable.

They have come up with a revolutionary auto insurance policy that provides a critical financial cushion to help you survive the crises that life throws at you.

Hugo Insurance: Overview

Hugo Insurance, a Los Angeles-based insurance company, offers flexible payment options to its customers, making it an affordable and extremely cost-effective option for individuals who are on a tight budget.

Hugo Insurance Review
Hugo Insurance Review

It provides this opportunity to even millions of those who do not drive their cars on a regular basis and, therefore, do not need a yearly insurance plan. Hugo Insurance is financially empowering millions and making insurance affordable by offering the best insurance plans to individuals.

What Are Hugo Insurance Coverage Plans?

The company provides coverage plans according to the drivers’ budget and the frequency of driving. The three main categories are:

Hugo Insurance Coverage Plans
Hugo Insurance Coverage Plans
  • Flex plan: The Flex Plan is for those who rarely drive and need insurance on a daily basis. You can choose a plan for 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days by sending a text message to the company. You have the option to cancel it on the day or date you do not expect to drive by simply sending a text message. The plan will be effective on the day you drive your car and cancel it on the day you are not planning to drive.
  • Unlimited Basic: This Hugo Unlimited Basic Insurance plan is for those who drive most days but need an economical liability coverage insurance plan. The methods of payment are flexible, can be controlled from your phone and you get instant proof of insurance.

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Although this plan cannot be turned off instantly, it compensates customers for medical costs and offers accidental death coverage.

  • Unlimited Full: By signing this policy of Hugo Insurance, you will be provided coverage for co- passengers as well as coverage for your vehicle in case of an accident. Hugo Insurance provides same day claims, but you will not be allowed to turn it on or off instantly.

It covers medical costs, liability insurance provides accidental death coverage, and rental insurance on-demand coverage.

It allows flexible micropayments if you select any of the aforementioned plans, and there is no down payment required in these plans either. Additionally, you will also be able to sign up to earn cash rewards, provide overdraft protection, and extend your coverage.

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Hugo Insurance: Is It Right For You?

Yes. Hugo Insurance is ideal for those who cannot afford to pay for three days’ or a year’s worth of insurance all at once. Their client can cancel his insurance plan by clicking the “cancel” option on his phone if he signs a policy in the flex plan.

Hugo Insurance Pros and Cons
Hugo Insurance Pros and Cons

Hugo Insurance may also be the right choice for you if you do not drive your car on a regular basis.

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Pros & Cons Of Hugo Insurance


  • Economical Rate: It enables you to purchase insurance on the precise day that you will be driving and to pay for it at your convenience. 
  • Pay as you go model: The pay as you go model by Hugo Insurance is very viable to those who either are irregular drivers or have limited funds. 


  • Not available everywhere: Currently, Hugo Insurance is available only in a few states in America.
  • The option of paying as and when you need to drive your car is not available in every Hugo Insurance plan which makes it similar to other insurance companies.

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Compare Best Hugo Insurance Plans [2023]

Pay-as-you-go coverage is a feature of Hugo car Insurance policies, and the cost varies according to your driving history, your locality, your age, and so on. The company does not charge a premium amount like other insurance companies do.

Compare Hugo Insurance Plans
Compare Hugo Insurance Plans

While you will save money by deactivating your insurance on the day or date you are not driving your vehicle, company does not offer drivers any discounts in the traditional sense.

The rate might increase as you get older, if you are over 25, or if there is any violation of the rules. 

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Where Does Hugo Insurance Operate?

Hugo car Insurance offers services to California drivers and drivers in the US states of Ohio, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, and Georgia.

How To Pay With Hugo Insurance? [2023]

To pay for Hugo Insurance, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

How To Pay Hugo Insurance
How To Pay Hugo Auto Insurance
  • Once a driver creates an account on the official website, select a plan with flexible driving schedules and suitable payment methods according to his needs.
  • Once the step is completed, insurance proof and policy documents will be available.
  • With this, a Hugo account will be created which can be reloaded on your phone. This way you can add money to your account so that the amount is deducted as and when you purchase a policy.
  • Hugo accepts payments online. Credit cards, debit cards, and even prepaid options are all accepted forms of payment.

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Compare Hugo Insurance vs Other Competitors

Major car insurance companies like GEICO, Progressive, Root, and Metromile have a conventional approach to insurance. Unlike the above-mentioned competitors, they do not charge any down payments, allows flexible micropayments, provides drivers with the option to turn coverage on or off of the insurance plan whenever necessary, and charges a flat rate or daily fee, which makes insurance affordable and makes financial stability achievable.

Hugo Insurance vs Other Competitors
Hugo Insurance vs Other Competitors

In the auto insurance market, Hugo Insurance does not monitor your driving or impose large upfront fees, but other car insurance companies like Root and Metromile do take your driving habits into consideration. Car insurance agencies prefer to insure drivers with a clean driving record. All the companies provide immediate proof of insurance, but none of them provides the pay-as-you-go option.

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Hugo auto insurance enables you to pay only on the days that you are driving so that you stay within your budget. They have a tight team of the best insurance geeks and data junkies working for them as community builders and empowering millions of those who do not have access to the best insurance plans. The company is helpful in making financial stability achievable for these millions of people in America as it offers liability coverage at a very affordable rate, specifically on the days you are driving your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the founders of Hugo Insurance?

Hugo Insurance is a Los Angeles-based company founded by David Bergendahl.

Is Hugo Insurance Worth It?

Yes. Hugo Insurance is a good option that makes insurance affordable for you if you do not drive regularly and are looking for car insurance that offers a way to pay a daily rate; want an affordable option in terms of car insurance as it does not have large upfront fees or ask for any down payments; and are like millions of other drivers who want to be safe but have not achieved financial stability.

Does Hugo Insurance offer remote working?

Yes. Hugo Insurance offers full-time remote positions to people because they value different perspectives and it’s their mission to work as responsible community builders. Hugo Insurance is empowering millions of people by employing them to make financial stability achievable in their lives.

How To file a claim at Hugo Insurance?

Filing a claim is quite simple. Go to their official website and click “Help” at the bottom. An option to “file a claim” will be available, so click on that. Proceed to file your claim by entering your policy number. The company does not have an app, so you will have to go on the website to look into the matter.

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