Best Car Insurance For Bad Credit In 2023

Best Car Insurance For Bad Credit

Compare the best car insurance for bad credit for 2023 by understanding what to look for when shopping for auto insurance quotes. Get rates for the best cheap car insurance with a bad credit score between 300 and 579 by state and learn how to improve it for excellent credit, how it affects your auto insurance policies, and more.

Do you know that credit scores can have a striking effect on what you pay for your car insurance? Insurance agencies pose higher insurance rates for drivers with poor credit. On average, a bad credit score between 300 and 579 can make you pay $105 insurance premiums more than a driver having a good credit score between 740 and 799 or excellent credit.

Best Car Insurance For Bad Credit

Let’s get you to save this extra buck with a deal of insurance from the best and cheapest car insurance companies, comparing various car insurance premiums against different states and credit scores.

3 Best Car Insurance For Bad Credit In 2023

Identifying the best auto insurance company’s rates customized according to your needs may take time and effort. Look for the following car insurance companies centered around drivers with poor credit scores while also providing good customer service:

  1. Geico
  2. Nationwide
  3. USAA
Cheap Car Insurance For Bad Credit
Cheap Car Insurance For Bad Credit


GEICO is the second-largest insurer in the country and is listed as one of the best car insurance companies. It offers the lowest rates to drivers with bad credit scores between 300 and 579 with a full-coverage premium of $1,087 for 6 months or $181 monthly. This is less than the average full-coverage yearly premium of $1,858 for 2023.

Geico Company
Geico Company

Along with low premiums for high-risk drivers, GEICO offers a satisfying customer experience and various policy discounts. GEICO’s unique car insurance discounts to its policyholders are Membership, employee discounts, emergency deployment, and military discounts.

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Nationwide is an excellent option if you are looking for auto insurance with cheaper rates and a satisfactory customer experience. Nationwide is the 10th largest property and casualty insurer in the U.S. based on market share.

Nationwide Company
Nationwide Company

Its 6-month insurance is $992, or $165 monthly, which is less than the annual average cost of car insurance. Nationwide offers many discounts for its customers to save those extra dollars. Some of the discounts are SmartTide, SmartMiles, and Defensive Driving Discount.

Also, you may receive some additional perks while availing of auto insurance from Nationwide, such as banking services, Umbrella insurance, and Personal watercraft insurance.

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USAA is another excellent alternative to consider for drivers with bad credit scores between 300 and 579. This auto insurance company provides you with affordable insurance, outstanding financial strength services, and a great customer experience.

USAA Insurance
USAA Insurance

USAA is the cheapest option for you, with a premium of $1,196, but only if you are from a military background. Despite providing a low annual premium, USAA offers its customers various discounts like Vehicle storage, Military Installation discounts, and SafePilot. However, these discounts may vary according to your location.

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Data approach for dynamic auto insurance

Methodology: The auto insurance costs shown above and across this page are dynamic. The data will update as soon as the most recent data becomes available. Rates are based on an illustrative driver profile, which includes a 30-year-old male driver who is unmarried, drives a Honda Accord, and has full coverage. Age, coverage level, driving history, and other criteria that big auto insurance providers frequently utilize to determine prices were considered when adjusting this profile.

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3 Cheap Car Insurance With Bad Credit For 2023

Recent data shows that a driver with a very poor credit score between 300 to 579 pays an average of $209 per month for auto insurance, which is $2,500 more than a good credit score between 740 and 799.

Here are the 3 cheap car insurance with bad credit in 2023:

  1. Geico
  2. Nationwide
  3. USAA
Auto Insurance With Bad Credit
Auto Insurance With Bad Credit


GEICO tops the list of cheapest car insurance companies offering a full coverage insurance policy starting at $181 per month, which is the cheapest rate for a driver with poor credit. It also provides auto insurance services for bad credit drivers at $544 for a half-year insurance coverage. It is the most affordable rate for a driver with a score of 579 or less.

2. Nationwide

Nationwide is an excellent option for cheap car insurance for bad credit, charging $165 per month for a driver with a poor credit score of 579 or less.

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USAA offers auto insurance services at a rate of $199 per month, which is just a little higher than Nationwide. USAA roadside assistance can be a huge help in case you get stuck on road while driving.

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Compare Auto Insurance Companies Rates For Bad Credit By State [2023]

Auto insurance rates are not only affected by the credit history of a driver but also by location. Except for California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, or Michigan, your credit score can significantly affect your insurance premiums cost so much that you may end up paying twice the amount paid by a driver with a good credit score. Lower credit scores always lead to higher insurance, and drivers with bad credit have to suffer.

Auto Insurance Companies Rates For Bad Credit
Auto Insurance Companies Rates For Bad Credit
StateAvg. Annual Premium
New Hampshire$2,390
New Jersey$3,806
New Mexico$2,524
New York$5,216
North Carolina$1,467
North Dakota$2,762
Rhode Island$3,959
South Carolina$3,779
South Dakota$3,202
Washington, D.C.$3,749
West Virginia$3,052

*As already mentioned, these states don’t consider credit score as one of the factors for deciding auto insurance costs, so you may not suffer a higher charge for the same insurance coverage in these states.

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Good Credit vs Bad Credit Car Insurance Costs by State [2023]

According to the study, drivers with poor credit scores pay up to 147% more in some states. Various states decide the rates for their auto insurance products and how they can use credit scores to determine the rates. Poor credit is costing the driver much more in some states. Florida car insurance is considered the most expensive state, whereas you can find cheaper insurance in Idaho. Each state will have different rates, so doing research is a must if you are shopping for car insurance.

Insurance Rates By Credit Score
Insurance Rates By Credit Score

Compare Insurance Rates By Credit Score [2023]

A driver with average or low credit scores pays $850 for average six-month insurance premiums, whereas a driver holding a fair credit score pays $931, which is more by $81. It reveals a significant difference in the cost of the same auto insurance for different credit scores.

Compare Auto Insurance Rates By Credit Score
Compare Auto Insurance Rates By Credit Score

In our research, we compared the cost of average 6-month insurance premiums for a driver with a good credit score between 740 and 799 to a low credit score; it came out to be $910 less than the driver with low credit scores. This statistical data unfolds the power of credit score in determining your car insurance rates.

However, a credit score is only one of the factors for the auto insurance companies to decide the quote of insurance premiums. Auto insurance companies also consider a driver with a bad credit report equivalent to filing more claims than a driver with a good or excellent credit score. Hence they are charged less for the same insurance coverage. Therefore it is smart to calculate and decide whether the claims you are filing for the damage are worth increasing your car insurance rates.

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Why Does Your Fico Score Impact Your Car Insurance Rates? [2023]

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and FICO, lending institutions use credit scores, often known as FICO scores, to assess your likelihood of making timely loan repayments based on information from your credit record. Interest rates and eligibility for loans are determined by credit ratings.

FICO Score Insurance Claims
FICO Score Insurance Claims

The possibility that you’ll make timely loan payments needs to be taken into account by credit-based insurance scores, though. The Insurance Information Institute (III) asserts that no additional personal information, like your employment status, past financial history, or gender, is taken into account when calculating credit-based insurance scores. The III claims that in determining your insurance risk level, they consider details, including your payment history and the length of your credit history.

To evaluate your eligibility for payment plans and assist in setting car insurance premiums, most U.S. insurance firms employ credit-based insurance scores along with information on your driving record, claims history, credit report, and many other criteria. (Again, with the exception of Massachusetts, California, and Hawaii)

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How Does Bad Credit Car Insurance Affect Rates? [2023]

Drivers who don’t have enough bad credit scores are usually forced to purchase a larger amount of automobile insurance. Because of poor credit, you are usually placed in a nonstandard coverage group when it comes to insurance for people with poor credit. Those factors can limit your car insurance coverage and increase your premiums.

Bad Credit Car Insurance
Bad Credit Car Insurance

The worse the credit score, the higher it is worth. That will continue assuming you have good car insurance. Some insurance companies may not give you a better deal because you have no good credit score, but you can still get quotes on auto insurance.

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Finding Car Insurance Coverage With Poor Credit [2023]

Finding a cheaper car insurance policy isn’t impossible. There are countless companies out there providing good automobile insurance for poor credit. You want to be sure you aren’t just getting insurance from an insurance company. This should be done to ensure that you compare different companies in an effort to choose the most suitable one for you. Consider these factors to compare the cheapest car insurance with poor credit.

Car Insurance Coverage With Poor Credit
Car Insurance Coverage With Poor Credit

Bad Credit. Car Insurance For Drivers

In nearly every state, drivers must have a liability insurance policy which is available for anyone without good credit. Those choices are certainly costly. If a person with poor credit history has an average of less than 133 percent, the rate could increase. The average age of 74 is about 34 a year, and you are able to afford a car insurance premium of about $750 annually. A good credit rating puts the number at $2100 compared to $2123. This is almost twice as much for poor credit drivers.

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How Can I Improve My Credit Score? [2023]

It doesn’t have to stay this way for long. It can be helpful to improve one’s bad debt to help pay the higher premiums for your automobile. Here is a list of 6 easy ways of improving your bad debts:

Improve Credit Score
Improve Credit Score
  1. Pay Insurance On Time.
  2. Keep Track On Your Credit report.
  3. File claims which are required; avoid minor ones.
  4. Credit Utilization should not be used fully. Try to maintain a 70: 30 ratio.
  5. High risk drivers should search for car insurance policies that match their needs, like opting for pay-per-mile insurance and checking for comprehensive insurance with low EMI.
  6. Avoid taking too much debt.

What Is No-Credit-Check Auto Insurance? [2023]

Most insurers are using credit check to estimate the rates for drivers. Some automakers offer no credit check auto insurance. The insurance policy does not utilize credit scores when calculating your automobile insurance premiums. When you look for a non-credit auto insurance provider, a company can help you compare their premiums. The more expensive plan is designed to create protection against financial risks. Some customers pay more via credit-cards and some pay lower fees.

No Credit Check Auto Insurance
No Credit Check Auto Insurance

You can also check your auto insurance score, which will help you in many cases. Contact the companies and see what your auto insurance score is.

Car Insurance for Bad Credit and How to Save Money [2023]

If you have high car insurance, you don’t need to do anything to get better insurance. There are several ways that you can get better insurance, even if you don’t have good credits. Below you will find common methods of finding low cost auto insurance policies and saving money:

Best Cheap Car Insurance
Best Cheap Car Insurance
  1. Compare Insurance company
  2. Opt for insurance coverage that fits your need
  3. Follow Traffic rules and avoid accidents
  4. Check discounts offered by the car insurance company
  5. According to our examination of auto insurance deductibles, going from a $500 to a $1,500 deductible can result in a $278 annual savings.

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How To Apply For Car insurance With Bad Credit? [2023]

Before purchasing cheap car insurance with bad credit history, the best method to insure the cheapest or most dependable option is to do extensive research for car insurance companies. Let Mount Shine help you make the smart decision by choosing the best car insurance for bad credit where the monthly premium is less in the United States. Our experts are there to guide you on how to apply for car insurance with bad credit in a few simple steps.

Get A Quote Claim, find a location, and contact us to know more about Bad Credit Auto Insurance.

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Bad Credit Auto Insurance: Conclusion

Those with poor credit can always get car insurance. Bad credit automobile coverage is available from numerous companies. It is typical to pay higher for insurance, but no one has to settle for what they have offered. Please compare options in an attempt to find the best car insurance policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which car insurance companies don’t use credit score as a rating factor?

Very few insurance companies provide a policy without a credit check. Here are 5 insurance companies’ programs that may not require a credit check:

Progressive Snapshot
State Farm Drive Safe and Save
Farmers Signal
Geico DriveEasy
Allstate Drivewise

How to save on car insurance for bad credit and poor driving record?

There are many ways to save on car insurance if you have bad credit. Companies offer discounts to their customers, and you can take advantage of that. Also, keeping track of your auto insurance score range can help reduce insurance costs. If you think it will take time to credit check and build good credit, you can choose pay-per-mile insurance to save money. Compare auto insurance companies and their price offers on bad credit insurance discounts and options available on car insurance coverage. Talk to insurance commissioners and then decide.

How to choose a car insurance company by comparing rates side-by-side for bad credit?

Consider these 5 factors while choosing a car insurance company by comparing rates side-by-side for bad credit:

1. Determine your need
2. Finalize the insurance company that meets your requirements. (minimum 3 and maximum 5)
3. Check ratings given by customers, and ask from the community on Reddit or any auto insurance forums about the community.
4. Consider the experience, talk to their representatives and clear all your doubts, as you will be dealing with them for a long time, so the experience matters a lot.
5. Compare quotes and then decide.

What are some cheap car insurance companies for bad credit drivers?

Nationwide, Geico, USAA, Farmers, Allstate, and Progressive are 5 cheap car insurance companies for bad credit drivers that they can rely on to file claims, get discounts on comprehensive insurance, and save a few dollars. Talk to their insurance agent, get to know the insurance claims process, and consult them about credit utilization and how credit score plays an important role.

Does bad credit increase car insurance?

Bad credit report increases rates by 72% in comparison to good credit. Poor credit could increase your insurance premium cost, which can result in considerable savings. Insurance companies offer good driver discounts, and insurance premium is also low. Driver’s credit score does affect car insurance rate, and most auto insurance companies do take credit rating into consideration. Affordable coverage with bad credit premium is possible if you do proper research on the insurance industry and how it works. You will definitely find cheap auto insurance companies that work with drivers with bad credit and provides low annual premium cost.

What insurance company does not require a down payment?

In fact, there are no down payment auto insurers. In many instances, some auto insurance companies describe it as having a low down payment, which generally implies only a monthly premium. A valid policyholder must first pay the cost of the auto insurance policy before making any policy payments.

Does your credit score matter when getting car insurance?

Does credit affect car insurance rates for consumers? Most Insurance companies like Nationwide insurers use credit score/credit rating and driving history to determine car insurance coverage and the amount of insurance premiums. Using these statistics can help to estimate insurance losses. 92% of insurance companies consider credit for car insurance policies cost.

What is a good credit score for insurance?

If the rating for insurance is high, the insurer is more willing to assess it. Progressive said insurance scoring ranges from 200 to 997, with everything under 500 considered low credit score, but everything above 976 considered good scores.

Best Car Insurance For Bad Credit In 2023
Best Car Insurance For Bad Credit In 2023

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