All You Need To Know About Assessed Value Vs. Market Value

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In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about Assessed Value Vs. Market Value to help you make informed financial decisions.

For many, getting a new home for yourself is a dream come true. However, throughout this hectic process, you may encounter various terms that will seem like random words jumbled up to sound smart. For instance, you may find terms like Assessed value and Market value difficult to understand. But they are essential coordinates for anybody who plans to invest in a property. Now, what are they? Why are they important? Keep reading to know more about Assessed value Vs. Market value and how they affect your financial status

What Is The Assessed Value?

As we know, each country has its own rules and regulation regarding marketing taxes from real estate. In that case, the kind of tax that is derived for owning a property is called the property tax. The assessed value is nothing but a matter of calculating these taxes.

Assessed Value

The calculation process of assessed value changes, although the primary method remains the same from country to country. Most importantly, because of the tax purposes, a property’s assessed value increases as the value of the property rises.

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How To Calculate Assessed Value In 2022?

Now that we know what an assessed value is all about, let us dig into how a property’s assessed value is calculated? A tax assessor is responsible for calculating the assessed value of a property. They assess the market situation and estimate your property’s assessed value based on the same.

How To Calculate Assessed Value
How To Calculate Assessed Value

The assessed value of a property is calculated every year. Firstly, the assessor will understand the home value and subtract tax exemptions. Then, that value is multiplied by the fixed assessment ratio. Finally, the property’s assessed value decides the property taxes of the property. Also, the assessed value can go up depending on the fact whether you earn from the house by renting or other similar means.

How Is Property Tax Calculated?

We know that property taxes are a significant source of income for the governments. The property tax of a property is calculated based on the property’s assessed value. For example, if your home is worth $140,000 and the assessed ratio percentage is 60%, then the assessed value is $84,000. Further, the assessed value is used to calculate the property tax.

How Is Property Tax Calculated
How Is Property Tax Calculated

For example, if the rate for calculating property tax is 4% and your home is worth $140,000, then the property tax will be 140,000*4% which is $5,600.

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What Is Market Value?

In simple words, the market value of a property is its fair market value. The lenders, buyers, or sellers then use the market value of your home to know the approximate selling price of the property in the market based on the current market position.

Market Value
Market Value

The following factors determine a market value of a property:

  • Condition of the house
  • The appeal of the property
  • Size
  • Amenities 
  • Comparable properties
  • State of supply and demand

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How To Calculate Market Value In 2022

How to Calculate Market Value
How to Calculate Market Value

To calculate the Market value of your property, you need to divide the average selling price by the average square footage. Then, the same amount is multiplied by the number of square feet in your home. Thus, you get the market value of your property or home. It goes without saying that the market value of a property affects the selling price of a home.

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How Assessed Value Vs. Market Value Affect You?

The assessed value and market value of your home will help you know about the real estate valuation of your home. Here the market value of a property allows you to see the value of your property when you intend to sell the same. On the other hand, the assessed value helps in calculating the taxes. So being aware of both the Assessed Value and Market value of your property will be highly helpful for you in terms of real estate businesses.

Overall, we can conclude that your home’s assessed value and market value are essential to know your home’s position in the real estate market. And when it comes to Assessed value vs Market value, both are equally necessary terms in real estate that you should know in detail.


Is Assessed value the same as Market value?

No, they are not the same. The Assessed Value of your property is the value of the property used to calculate the property taxes. At the same time, the Market value is the price you can sell your home based on market conditions.

What is Tax assessment vs Sale prices?

The tax assessment is nothing but the assessed value of the property that is calculated to get to know the property’s taxes. Sales prices are the property’s market value at which you sell your home.

What is the difference between Property tax vs Assessed value?

The assessed value of your home is the property’s value based on which the government calculates the property taxes.

How close is a home’s assessed value to its market value?

The assessed value of your home helps you know your home’s tax amount. The market value of a home is the selling price of your home based on the market conditions. The similarity between these two depends on the assessment rate of a property based on the location. The more the assessment rate is near 100%, the more the market value comes near to the assessment value. In that case, Assessed Value = Market Value*Assessment Rate.

How do you find the assessed value of the property?

You can find the property’s assessed value by assessing the property value and subtracting the tax exemptions. The rate is further multiplied by the assessment ratio to get the assessed value of your property. The assessed value is then calculated to know the amount of property tax you have to pay.

How do you determine the market value of your home?

The Market value of your home can be determined by factors like the condition of your home, the appealing aspect of your home, size of your home, facilities of your home, and availability of other comparable properties.

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