What Are The Various American Express Payment Options? [2023]

Need assistance with American Express payments? Here’s a complete step-by-step guide to the various American Express payment options, as well as how to pay bills over the phone and in cash.

American Express has multiple payment options most of which you can access at any time using your Online Services Account. Starting from direct debit and internet banking to paying via phone, American Express has everything according to your convenience.

American Express Payment Options: Step By Step Guide [2023]

Get to know all the American Express payment options and learn how to pay an American Express bill online, how Amex e-payment works, what forms of payment American Express accepts, how to plan American Express payments, and Amex platinum minimum payment requirements in this step-by-step guide.

American express way to pay
American express way to pay
  1. Pay by Direct Debit
  2. Pay with Bank Transfer
  3. Use a debit card
  4. Use Internet Banking
  5. Pay via Phone
  6. Pay via Drop Boxes

1. Pay by Direct Debit

Paying with Direct Debit is an excellent way to ensure that your monthly payments are made on schedule. You can create a Direct Debit via your Online Services, the Amex App. Or else you can also do this by filling out a Direct Debit mandate form.

You have to submit your bank account/building society sort code and account number to set up Direct Debit. If you are not the only person authorized to make payments from the account, the bank will need a Direct Debit mandate form signed by all authorized parties. This is one of the easiest and fastest American express payment options available.

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2. Pay with Bank Transfer

In just a few simple steps, you can pay your bill via bank transfer using the American Express App. Your payment will be transferred through Faster Payments, and your Amex Account balance will be updated as soon as it is received.

3. Use a Debit Card

You can use the Online Services or the Amex App to pay your bills. Debit cards like Visa, Solo, Maestro, Switch, Mastercard, Delta, and Electron, are accepted. Also, you can use the Amex App to pay using a debit card.

4. Use Internet Banking

For internet banking, you have two options: personal card members and corporate card members. These two American express payment options are very reliable and customers can choose according to their requirements. Just ensure that you do not pay more than the amount listed on your balance. Otherwise, American Express will reject the payment transaction.

In case of faster payments for Corporate Accounts or Accounts that have a Flex Select balance, it will take 2-3 business days to reflect the transaction on your Account. On the other hand, BACS payments normally take 3-5 business days. Making a CHAPS payment to a Personal Card will be updated immediately.

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5. Pay via Phone

American express pay by phone
American express pay by phone

You can also pay an American Express bill via phone. However, in this process, you can’t use a debit or credit card. For your convenience, this option is available 24*7 hours.

6. Pay via Drop Boxes

By dropping a cheque or draft, you can also pay an American Express bill. However, keep in mind that the payment via cheque will not be credited until they get a confirmation of your funds from the bank.

How To Plan And Make American Express Payment? [2023]

Now that you know various American Express payment options available, let us get to know how to plan and make Amex payments in simple easy steps. Just follow our guide and learn how to make American express payments:

American Express Payment Options Guide
American Express Payment Options Guide

1. Paying by Direct Debit

When you get a Direct Debit, you can have the choice to pay in one of the following methods automatically:

For Charge Cards:

  • Pay the full amount

For Credit Cards:

  • Pay the minimum due
  • Pay the full amount
  • Pay a fixed percentage of the balance

For now, Document Center can only be availed by those who have personal Cards. Otherwise, you have the option to mail the filled-up form to the address that you will find on the front of the form.

Moreover, the time may differ in the case of Direct Debit. In that case, you can take a look at your statement to learn about your Direct Debit collection. If you have the Direct Debit online or the Amex App, you get notified when the money is received via your direct debit. If you can pay most of the debt or the entire balance off your credit card, you will have to pay less interest.

Using the online services to set up Direct Debit is a quick and simple process.

  • Log in with your existing Online Account information or create a new Online Account
  • Navigate to ‘Payments’ and select ‘Direct Debit’
  • Fill out your bank account/building society information
  • Confirm your payment arrangements via Direct Debit
  • Review and confirm your information

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2. Paying with Bank Transfer

  • Follow the on-screen steps after clicking “Make Payment.”
  • Then, click on “Pay With Bank Transfer.”

You will not have to provide any banking data or lengthy reference numbers because you will be routed to your bank account provider’s app or online banking service to securely make the payment.

3. Paying via a Debit Card

Follow the steps below to pay with a debit card using our Online Services.

  • Log in with your existing Online Account information or create a new Online Account
  • Navigate to ‘Payments’ and click ‘Make a Payment.’
  • Confirm the card you want to use to pay your monthly bill
  • Choose and confirm your payment method, then enter your card bank account/building society information
  • Review and confirm your information. Enter your card’s security information. You may be asked to do a card security check

You can also pay with Debit Card via the Amex App. Download the Amex App or sign in using your current Online Account information. Once logged in, go to your transactions page and click Make a Payment and follow the same steps mentioned above.

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4. Paying by Internet Banking

1. Personal Cardmembers

Please use the following bank details:

Account name: American Express Services Europe Limited

Sort code: 30-00-00

Account number: 00200476

Use your 15-digit American Express Card number as the reference. 

Your Faster Payment or BACS payment will update your balance as soon as it has been received.

2. Individually Billed / Paid Corporate Cardmembers / Personal Cardmember CHAPS

Please use the following bank details:

Account name: American Express Services Europe Limited

Sort code: 30-00-02

Account number: 00888082

Lloyds Bank PLC, City Office

Use your 15-digit American Express Card number as the reference.

Note: Please do confirm at the American Express website before making the payment. We have tried our best to get the details and will update the information on a timely basis but still, we would recommend confirming the bank details on the American Express website.

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5. Paying via Phone

Call Amex at (800) 472-9297

Enter your card number

Enter your account and routing numbers of the bank account you will use to pay

6. Paying by Payment Draft

Make a cheque or draft payable to “AEBC Card No. 37XX XXXXXX XXXXX” 

Locate the nearest dropbox and drop your cheque or draft there.

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