Compare Acura TL Insurance Rates For 2023: [Buy+Renew]

Acura TL Insurance

Do you know how much Acura TL insurance rates for 2023 are? Is the Acura TL expensive? How to get cheap car insurance? Get all the information that you need to know to get the most beneficial and effective Acura TL insurance for 2023. Compare car insurance policies for Acura TL from different insurance agents or companies to get the best deals. Save money on your next policy when you buy or renew.

If you have an Acura TL or are planning to buy one, you will have to consider the insurance costs primarily. The Acura TL costs depend on a lot of factors, including the age of the driver and the model. Mount Shine’s research and comparison of Acura TL insurance rates will help you choose the insurance policy that will maximize the benefits.

Acura TL Insurance Rates: Overview

The Acura TL insurance rates, on average, are about $1,216 annually or $101 each month (for full coverage). This is just an average value, while your insurance company determines the actual value through many factors like your age, your driving experience, the base price of your car, and the rest that may also be variable according to the companies’ policies.

The kind of coverage you choose also makes a remarkable difference to the premium you pay. Though car insurance is mandatory in all states, the No-fault states require you to carry personal injury protection. This coverage is used to pay for the medical bills and the lost income of the party in the accident, irrespective of who was responsible for the accident.

There may be other states that mandate uninsured motorist coverage. This will cover your costs if you ever get in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver.

How Much Does Acura TL Insurance Cost In 2023?

Whereas the highest insurance rates would be $1,262 per year for the Acura TL 3.7 SH-AWD, the cheapest Acura insurance would be on average $1,198 per year for the 3.5 SE Sedan TL trim level.

2014 Acura Car Insurance
2014 Acura Car Insurance

A prime factor in determining your car’s insurance premium is its base price or MSRP. The MSRP of Acura to 2021 is $37,700. If you go for any other models or customize Acura TL to your liking, the base price will change, hence impacting the insurance.

A simple rule of thumb is that the more expensive your car is, the greater the insurance cost you have to bear. This is simply because a more expensive car will require a higher amount to cover the damage.

From the table below, compare the Acura TL insurance cost by Driver Age and Deductibles.

Driver AgeDeductibleAnnual CostMonthly Cost

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What Is The Used Acura TL Insurance Cost?

As a vehicle gets older, its value depreciates, and so does the price of its features. This depreciating value of cars also makes the insurance cost of a car lesser as the model gets older. Cars generally lose around 60% of their value in the first five years, and so will a used Acura TL – leading to a lower insurance premium.

2012 Acura TL SH-AWD Car Insurance
2012 Acura TL SH-AWD Car Insurance

This is why the cost of the Acura TL car insurance premium cost will be lower for an older car. The 2009 Acura TL’s safety ratings are excellent, making it extremely safe, and since its value has fairly depreciated in 2022, the insurance cost of the 2009 used model would be far less than the present one.

From the table below, compare used Acura TL insurance rates and analyze all the Acura models in 2022. By comparing you get to know where you can save money and how much insurance premium will be paid on the car you have selected.

Model Year and VehicleAnnual Rate6-month RateMonthly Rate
2014 Acura TL$1,216$608$101
2013 Acura TL$1,110$555$93
2012 Acura TL$1,088$544$91
2011 Acura TL$1,066$533$89
2010 Acura TL$1,045$522$87
2009 Acura TL$1,024$512$85
2008 Acura TL$1,003$502$84
2007 Acura TL$983$492$82
2006 Acura TL$964$482$80
2005 Acura TL$944$472$79

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Which is the cheapest Acura TL Car To Insure?

From the table below, compare the cheapest Acura TL insurance rates according to trim level.

Acura TL Car Insurance 2012 Model
Acura TL Car Insurance 2012 Model
Acura TL Trim LevelAnnual Policy6-month PolicyPer Month
3.5 SE Sedan$1,198$599$100
3.5 Sedan$1,198$599$100
3.5 w/Tech Package Sedan$1,198$599$100
3.7 SH AWD Sedan$1,198$599$100
3.5 w/Advance Package Sedan$1,230$615$103
3.7 SH AWD w/Tech Package Sedan$1,230$615$103
3.7 SH-AWD w/Advance Package Sedan$1,262$631$105

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How to Get Cheap Acura TL Insurance Rates?

One of car owners’ main concerns is finding a cheap insurance plan that can cover all their needs at a decent price. While getting a brand-new Acura TL car fully covered may take a toll on your pocket, there are some tips to get a cheaper car insurance deal. For this, you must be aware of insurance companies’ general policy trends in 2022.

2011 Acura TL Insurance
2011 Acura TL Insurance

The first thing that insurance companies consider is whether you are at a higher risk for an accident. For example, a 20-year-old male’s chances of accidents will likely be higher than a woman of the same age.

The total cost of your Acura TL car insurance policy will also depend on your driving history, credit score, age, gender, and the model and year of your car. The more expensive your vehicle is, the higher the cost of coverage and, therefore, the higher the insurance premium for Acura TL.

Since your Acura TL insurance depends upon your driving history, keeping a good driving record will save you money and get cheaper insurance rates. If in case a driver has few violations, the cost of a policy can be increased by at least $320 per year. Major violations could raise rates by an additional $1,120 or more.

It is also a fact that many insurance providers offer good discounts for careful drivers, so maintaining a clean record is the best way to get cheaper insurance rates for your Acura TL car.

The place where you live is also a key factor in determining the cost of your insurance if you live in larger cities, with higher traffic, a higher risk associated with driving, and higher repair costs than in rural areas. A 16-year-old teenager driver living in new york might get full coverage cost at $4,532 per year, whereas a 17-year-old teenager living in Florida can get the insurance at $4,176 per year. Similarly, a 19-year-old driver living in Boston, Massachusetts could get Acura TL car insurance by $3,470 per year. So the age and where the driver resides can have a significant impact on car insurance rates in 2022.

Because an insurance premium for your car is something that you need to pay mandatorily, you must take some time out to compare insurance plans online and consider different kinds of policies that may be beneficial for you. If you do not have a lot of time or knowledge to find the best policy for yourself, you can also consider taking an insurance agency that may have a better idea of the market and different policies.

Compare Acura TL Insurance Cost Vs Midsize Luxury Cars

The Acura TL car insurance costs $1,216 annually, on average, for full coverage. The cost of insuring an average midsize luxury car is about $1,551. This means that it costs about $381 less per year for Acura TL insurance compared to the average rate for all midsize luxury cars. In our comparison, we found Acura TL cost $100 less per year than the Lexus ES 350, $280 less than the Infiniti Q50, and $42 more than the Lincoln MKZ.

From the table below, compare Acura TL Insurance Costs vs. Midsize Luxury Cars and see the difference between the premiums on policy rates.

RankMake/ModelInsurance CostDifference
1Acura TSX$1,136-$80
2Acura ILX$1,170-$46
3Lincoln MKZ$1,174-$42
4Acura TL$1,216--
5Lexus ES 350$1,316$100
6Mercedes-Benz CLA250$1,354$138
7Audi A6$1,378$162
8Audi S5$1,380$164
9Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG$1,388$172
10Mercedes-Benz C350$1,446$230
11Lexus ES 300H$1,460$244
12BMW 428xi$1,476$260
13BMW 435i$1,476$260
14Mercedes-Benz E250$1,478$262
15Mercedes-Benz E350$1,490$274
16Infiniti Q50$1,496$280
17BMW 528xi$1,498$282
18Lexus GS 350$1,498$282
19Mercedes-Benz E400$1,498$282
20BMW 428i$1,508$292
21BMW 535i$1,510$294
22Audi RS 5$1,512$296
23Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG$1,520$304
24Hyundai Genesis$1,528$312
25Volvo S80$1,532$316
26BMW 435xi$1,534$318
27BMW 535xi$1,536$320
28BMW Activehybrid 5$1,562$346
29Mercedes-Benz E550$1,564$348
30Jaguar XF$1,566$350
31Audi S6$1,584$368
32Cadillac ELR$1,588$372
33BMW 528i$1,588$372
34Jaguar XK$1,588$372
35BMW 535d$1,596$380
36BMW 550i$1,600$384
37Audi S4$1,600$384
38BMW 550xi$1,632$416
39BMW 640i$1,676$460
40Audi A7$1,678$462
41BMW 640xi$1,702$486
42Mercedes-Benz SL550$1,722$506
43Audi S7$1,766$550
44BMW 650xi$1,826$610
45BMW M5$1,828$612
46Jaguar XKR$1,880$664
47BMW M6$1,906$690
48Tesla Model S$1,920$704
49Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG$1,978$762
50Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG$2,180$964
51Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG$2,446$1,230
52Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG$2,580$1,364

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How To Apply For Acura TL Insurance in 2023?

The process of gaining Acura TL insurance may vary from company to company, but the basic steps remain the same:

  1. Select Type of Policy: Different policies offer different benefits, and you should choose one which benefits you the most.
  2. Select a Reputed Company: Though you may come across some shady companies that offer you insurance at an exceedingly low rate, you want to refrain from falling into the trap. It is always wiser to select a reputed insurance company.
  3. Check Policy Documents: Make sure you read the terms and conditions to ensure that the policy delivers what it promises.
  4. Provide Basic Information: Submit your application providing crucial information about your credit score, driving history, etc.

If all this seems too much of a task and hassle, leave it to us! Mount Shine is here to help you find the best insurance company and the best insurance policy according to your needs.

We have a wide network of best insurance companies across 50 states of the United States that guide you to the best offers, payment options, auto insurance deals, etc. Check yourself for Acura TL insurance costs and then buy or renew. We will go through every single line of documentation to ensure you get what you need at the best Acura TL insurance cost. Get a car insurance quote for free on an Acura TL car, buy/renew, and save money on car insurance by contacting us. Our service is free, fast, and simple, so get started today!

Compare Acura TL Insurance Rates For 2023: [Buy+Renew]
Compare Acura TL Insurance Rates For 2023: [Buy+Renew]

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