Compare Acura RLX Insurance Cost In 2023: Buy/Renew

Acura RLX Insurance

Compare Acura RLX insurance cost and learn how to get car insurance at cheaper rates. Find free expert insurance advice where we will help you with everything you need to know about Acura RLX pricing, insurance, and how other factors affect Acura RLX insurance costs.

The Acura RLX by Honda is given the 5th rank in the USA. Though the Acura RLX, launched in the year 2020, initially did not have any eye-capturing or hard-capturing features, the refreshed interior and exterior styling of the Acura RLX 2021 and Acura RLX 2022 is sparking a new interest in a lot of buyers.

Everything You Need To Know About Acura RLX Insurance Cost

The Acura RLX 2020 sedan has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $54,900 (which does not include the $1,025 destination fee). While the Acura RLX MSRP is $54,900, the other RLX pricing may differ. For example, the RLX Sport Hybrid MSRP is $61,900.

When you own a car, insurance is the first consideration that comes to your mind. Although the cost of getting an Acura RLX, in short, depends upon a variety of factors, we will try to decide on some of them here for you. It may vary for the same coverage depending on your location, credit score, the place you live, driver record, and the type and model of Acura you drive.

Acura RLX Car Insurance 2022
Acura RLX Car Insurance 2022

A full-coverage Acura RLX insurance should cover liability for injuries or damages and provide comprehensive coverage that covers damage to your car caused by unforeseen or uncontrollable events.

The Acura RLX car insurance costs around $1,874 a year. This makes it $156 a month. But as stated above, the location, the age of the car, the age of the driver, risks, and many other factors are responsible for determining the exact cost of insurance for the car.

From the table below, compare Acura RLX insurance cost according to the driver’s age and risk profile.

Driver Risk ProfileAnnual RateMonthly Rate
High Risk Driver Age 30$4,292$358
Safe Driver Age 20$3,758$313
At-fault Accidents Age 40$2,646$221
Low Deductibles Age 40$2,480$207
Safe Driver Age 30$1,984$165
Safe Driver Age 40$1,874$156
Safe Driver Age 50$1,708$142
Safe Driver Age 60$1,676$140
High Deductibles Age 40$1,566$131
Discount Rate Age 40$1,554$130

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Factors Affecting Acura RLX Car Insurance Cost

  1. Drive safe, pay less
  2. Occupational rebates
  3. Gender and Age are great determinants
  4. More the credit score, the lesser the premium

1. Drive safe, pay less

If you are prone to accidents caused by your carelessness, the insurance rates increase. For a 60-year-old driver, at-fault accidents increase by $578 per year and for a 20-year-old this can go up to $2,656 per year.

2. Occupational rebates

Most car insurance companies offer insurance policy discounts for those professional occupations that earn a living. According to statistics, your job may help you save between $56 and $147 on your annual insurance bill.

3. Gender and Age are great determinants

Young males pay the highest insurance for a car. For Acura RLX 2020, a 20-year-old man pays around $3,758 per year, while a 20-year-old woman will pay $2,764. But the insurance paid by men goes down significantly as their age increases.

4. More the credit score, the lesser the premium

If you have a good credit score of 800, you could save $294 per year. A fair credit score can cost around $341 more per year. So, we advise you to maintain your credit score to get the maximum benefits.

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Compare Acura RLX vs Large Luxury Cars Insurance

The insurance of an average large luxury car costs around $2,216 a year. If we compare it to the Acura RLX, Acura RLX will let you save around $342 or more annually which sounds like a good deal!

Acura Car Insurance 2020
Acura Car Insurance 2020

If we elaborate upon it and compare it more specifically with the top-selling luxury competitor brands, here are the results:

  • Acura RLX insurance costs $252 more per year than the Audi A5,
  • Acura RLX insurance costs $496 less than the BMW 740i,
  • Acura RLX insurance costs $88 more than the Cadillac CT6, and
  • Acura RLX insurance costs $192 more than the Lincoln Continental.

From the table below, compare Acura RLX vs. Large Luxury Cars Insurance and analyze their rankings.

RankMake/ModelInsurance CostDifference
1Audi A5$1,622-$252
2Lincoln Continental$1,682-$192
3Volvo S90$1,730-$144
4Cadillac CT6$1,786-$88
5Acura RLX$1,874--
6Lexus LS 500H$1,950$76
7Kia K900$1,992$118
8Lexus LS 500$2,048$174
9Mercedes-Benz AMG E53$2,086$212
10Genesis G90$2,096$222
11Infiniti Q60$2,098$224
12Mercedes-Benz AMG CLS53$2,140$266
13BMW 840i$2,188$314
14Mercedes-Benz S450$2,280$406
15BMW M850i$2,294$420
16BMW 740i$2,370$496
17BMW 850i$2,388$514
18Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG$2,400$526
19Porsche Panamera$2,492$618
20Audi A8$2,536$662
21Mercedes-Benz S560$2,562$688
22BMW 750i$2,572$698
23BMW M760i$2,898$1,024
24Mercedes-Benz AMG S63$3,098$1,224

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Which Acura RLX Is The Cheapest To Insure?

The Acura RLX car insurance cost may vary from model to model. When it comes to insurance, the cheapest model of Acura RLX is the Technology Sedan. It costs around $1,852 per year. In contrast, the Sport Hybrid Advance Sedan is the most expensive Acura RLX model to insure at $1,896 per year. This is mainly because of the price difference between the two cars and the difference in the safety features of the two models.

Acura RLX Sports Hybrid Insurance
Acura RLX Sports Hybrid Insurance

From the table below, compare Acura RLX insurance according to trim level.

Acura RLX Trim LevelAnnual Policy6-month PolicyPer Month
Technology Sedan$1,852$926$154
Sport Hybrid Advance Sedan$1,896$948$158

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How Much Does Old Acura RLX Cost to Insure?

According to the NHTSA and the 2021 IIHS Top safety pick news, the 2014 Acura RLX has been given a fairly good safety score. It is also equipped with modern safety and driver assistance features that are an asset in insurance and lower your premium.

2018 Acura RLX Insurance Cost
2018 Acura RLX Insurance Cost

The above-mentioned average quotes are mainly based on recent models of Acura RLX that are new. Insurance prices decline, and coverage limits often change as the vehicle gets older.

Acura offers a certified warranty program for pre-owned cars for six years or less that have been driven less than 80,000 miles. Insurance eligibility is determined by the initial sale date of the vehicle.

Model YearDriver Age 20Age 30Age 40Age 50Age 60

Insurance is also affected similarly because cars depreciate over time. They generally lose around 60% of their value in the first five years. This is the main reason Acura RLX car insurance premium cost will be lower for an older car.

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Compare Acura RLX Car Insurance By Location

As mentioned before, the location impacts the Acura RLX Car insurance. Check out the list below to get an overall idea and compare Acura RLX car insurance rates by location:

2016 Acura RLX Car Insurance
2016 Acura RLX Car Insurance
City/StateAnnual RateMonthly Rate
New York, NY$3,564$297
Philadelphia, PA$3,144$262
Los Angeles, CA$3,128$261
San Francisco, CA$2,690$224
Jacksonville, FL$2,676$223
San Jose, CA$2,230$186
Phoenix, AZ$2,168$181
San Diego, CA$2,122$177
Chicago, IL$2,052$171
Dallas, TX$2,016$168
Houston, TX$2,006$167
Indianapolis, IN$1,898$158
San Antonio, TX$1,806$151
Austin, TX$1,718$143
Columbus, OH$1,418$118

Acura RLX Crash Test and Safety Ratings

As already mentioned, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Acura RLX has one of the extraordinarily great safety features, letting it have a five-star rating from the established authorities. Most importantly, this car has only a 9.7 % rating for risk of rollover, which makes it a very safe car.

Because of its adaptive cruise control, you can set up the desired speed limit between your car and the car in front of you, avoiding the chances of any crash. The smart Collision Mitigation Braking System warns the driver of any obstacle before any collision. The best thing is that the car even brakes automatically if the driver fails for whatever reason.

Small overlap front: driver-sideG
Moderate overlap frontG
Side: original testG
Roof strengthG
Head restraints & seatsG

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How To Apply For Acura RLX Insurance?

The rates may vary from different states, companies, and manufacturing years of the Acura RLX car. The best way to insure the cheapest or the most reliable option is to research well before buying auto car insurance for Acura RLX. Let Mount Shine help you, we have a wide network of best insurance companies across 50 states of the United States that guide you to the best offers, payment options, auto insurance deals, etc. Check yourself for Acura RLX insurance costs and then buy or renew.

Get a car insurance quote for free on an Acura RLX car, buy/renew, and save money on car insurance by contacting us. Hurry EMI starts as low as $156 per month in 2022! Our service is free, fast, and simple, so get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Acura RLX Insurance cost for 2021?

The Acura RLX car insurance cost for 2021 is around $1,874 a year. This makes it $156 a month. But as stated above, a variety of factors are responsible for determining the exact cost of insurance for the car.

What is the 2020 Acura RLX Review, Pricing, and Specs?

With Lows Aging infotainment system, NSX-derived hybrid system, and supremely comfortable interior, the 2020 Acura RLX starts at $55,925. This luxury sedan is loved by many for its powerful pair of engines that deliver 206 horsepower.

Is the Acura RLX worth it?

Yes, when it comes to a luxury car that gives a smooth ride, comfortable seats, strong hybrid system, the Acura RLX is surely worth it. Moreover, along with multiple benefits that a luxury sedan can provide, the car has great safety ratings.

Compare Acura RLX Insurance Cost In 2023: Buy/Renew
Compare Acura RLX Insurance Cost In 2023: Buy/Renew

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