Compare Acura RDX Insurance Cost In 2023 [Buy+Renew]

Compare Acura RDX insurance cost In 2023 and its difference with other luxury car insurances in terms of various types of coverage they provide. Get a car insurance quote for free and best deals on Acura RDX insurance cost. Switch from your current insurance companies to buy or renew and let Mount Shine help you in sending you new quotes every time your policy comes up for renewal.

We’ll help you decide the best way to ensure you are getting your best deals on Acura RDX insurance cost and provide you in-depth details on its auto insurance.

How Much Does Acura RDX Insurance Cost in 2023?

The Acura RDX Car Insurance costs an average of $1,298 a year, or about $108 per month. The Acura RDX would save roughly $403 per year on insurance, compared to the typical compact luxury SUV insurance, which costs $1,701 per year.

2021 Acura RDX Insurance Cost
2022 Acura RDX Insurance Cost

When compared to other cars, the average Acura RDX insurance rates ensure that the premium is $253 lower than the national average auto insurance rate of $1,551. Moreover, younger drivers have less experience and hence pay higher insurance premiums. Because of the higher frequency of accidents among elderly drivers, rates tend to begin creeping back up after the age of 60.

If you make a claim, lower physical damage deductibles will cost you less, but you will have to pay more each month. Raising deductibles from $500 to $1,000 might result in a $214 savings per year. Increased deductibles are one of the easiest methods to cut your insurance premiums, provided you have the resources to cover the higher deductible in the case of a claim.

Lowering bodily damage deductibles from $500 to $100, on the other hand, can raise the cost of insurance by about $410 per year. When you have a claim, lower deductibles are excellent since it means less out-of-pocket spending, but you have to pay more every month for that convenience.

A typical automobile insurance policy includes comprehensive, collision (or non-collision), and liability coverages. Annual premiums for these coverages are estimated to be $350, $588, and $360, respectively.

From the table given below, compare Acura RDX insurance rates by drivers age and deductibles.

Driver AgeDeductibleAnnual CostMonthly Cost

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Compare Acura RDX Vs Other Small Luxury SUVs’ Insurance Costs

The Acura RDX is one of the least expensive small luxury SUVs to insure, coming in first place out of 34 total comparison vehicles. When compared to other vehicles, the average Acura RDX insurance cost is $253 less than the national average of $1,551.

2020 Acura RDX Insurance
2020 Acura RDX Insurance

Insurance for the Acura RDX costs $556 cheaper than that of the BMW X3, $328 less than that of the Volvo XC60, $306 less than that of the Mercedes-Benz GLC300, and $458 less than that of the Audi Q5 and costs $403 less per year on average than similar cars in the small luxury SUV class, which costs $1,701 per year. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Acura RDX vehicles have much better than average insurance loss trend records for the reporting years 2016-2018.

From the table below, you can compare Acura RDX Vs. Other Small Luxury SUVs’ Insurance Costs

RankMake/ModelInsurance CostDifference
1Acura RDX$1,298--
2Cadillac XT4$1,330$32
3Volvo XC40$1,456$158
4Lexus NX 250$1,504$206
5BMW X1$1,506$208
6Lexus NX 350h$1,514$216
7Lexus UX 250h$1,516$218
8Lexus NX 350$1,542$244
9Lexus UX 200$1,548$250
10Lexus NX 450h$1,584$286
11Mercedes-Benz GLB 250$1,590$292
12Land Rover Evoque$1,600$302
13Lincoln Corsair$1,602$304
14Mercedes-Benz GLC300$1,604$306
15Volvo C40$1,618$320
16Mercedes-Benz GLA250$1,620$322
17Volvo XC60$1,626$328
18BMW X2$1,678$380
19Audi Q3$1,700$402
20Mercedes-Benz GLA35 AMG$1,704$406
21Infiniti QX55$1,714$416
22Genesis GV70$1,734$436
23Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG$1,754$456
24Audi Q5$1,756$458
25Audi Q4$1,776$478
26Land Rover Defender$1,786$488
27Land Rover Range Rover Velar$1,792$494
28Alfa Romeo Stelvio$1,828$530
29BMW X3$1,854$556
30Porsche Macan$1,918$620
31Jaguar I-Pace$1,958$660
32Jaguar F-Pace$2,012$714
33BMW X4$2,066$768
34Aston Martin DBX$2,750$1,452

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How Much Does Used Acura RDX insurance Cost?

If all other circumstances remain constant, insuring a model a few years old Acura RDX will save money over insuring a new 2022 RDX fresh off the dealer lot. Because newer models have a higher replacement cost, the insurance company will have to pay more to replace the vehicle if it is totaled. Therefore, physical damage insurance costs more when the replacement cost is higher.

2013 Acura RDX
2013 Acura RDX

However, not all rating variables are the same for every car model year. Newer versions may incorporate extra safety measures that lower the risk of occupants filing medical claims. Crash avoidance elements that minimize total liability insurance costs for a certain model year may also be provided.

These model year changes can have a significant impact as average rates dropped from the year 2013 to 2015 before showing an increased rate that is directly proportional to the year.

Model YearDriver Age 20Age 30Age 40Age 50Age 60

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Compare Acura RDX Insurance Cost By Trim Level

When compared to average losses in six insurance categories, the RDX 4-door AWD trim level, for example, has the following loss percentages:

Acura RDX 2019 RED
Acura RDX 2019 RED
  • Improved collision losses are reduced by 30%
  • Property damage losses are reduced by 22%.
  • Better comprehensive losses are reduced by 34%
  • Personal injury losses are reduced by 24%.
  • Medical payment losses are reduced by 37%.
  • Losses from bodily harm are reduced by 48%.

Although not all RDX trim levels have identical loss histories, this data supports the notion that reduced loss payment amounts and claim frequency have a favorable influence on Acura RDX insurance costs. Moreover, vehicle safety technologies such as collision warning and automated braking frequently result in decreased collision and liability rates.

Acura RDX Trim LevelAnnual Policy6-month PolicyPer Month
Technology 2WD$1,266$633$106
Technology AWD$1,292$646$108
A-Spec 2WD$1,302$651$109
A-Spec AWD$1,326$663$111
Advance AWD$1,344$672$112
A-Spec Advance AWD$1,362$681$114

Acura RDX Insurance Cost Near Me [Rates + Comparison]

Depending on where you reside, the cost of insuring your RDX cost may range from roughly $800 in Raleigh, NC to more than $2,300 each year in cities. In Los Angeles and Philadelphia, the price is around $2,600, while in New York it is closer to $2,600.

2019 Acura RDX
2019 Acura RDX

Fortunately, most places are not as expensive as the high-priced cities indicated. In reality, in several areas, including Iowa, Maine, and Virginia, the cost of RDX insurance is closer to $75 per month or less than $900 per year.

Not everyone lives in a big metropolis, and rates might be relatively low in more rural sections of the country. In order to help you to calculate the Acura RDX Insurance Cost and compare car insurance rates by zip code or other locations, a list has been provided below.

City/StateAnnual RateMonthly Rate
New York, NY$2,464$205
Philadelphia, PA$2,178$182
Los Angeles, CA$2,164$180
San Francisco, CA$1,860$155
Jacksonville, FL$1,850$154
San Jose, CA$1,544$129
Phoenix, AZ$1,500$125
San Diego, CA$1,470$123
Chicago, IL$1,420$118
Dallas, TX$1,396$116
Houston, TX$1,388$116
Indianapolis, IN$1,314$110
San Antonio, TX$1,250$104
Austin, TX$1,190$99
Columbus, OH$982$82

How Much Does Acura RDX Insurance Cost by U.S. State?

The Acura RDX comes with a long list of standard amenities, including a spacious interior, a well-balanced ride, and agile handling. The great safety features and excellent insurance loss figures help to keep insurance costs low.

Used Acura RDX Insurance Cost
Used Acura RDX Insurance Cost

Despite being categorised as a luxury car, the RDX insurance rates should not be a consideration when purchasing a new or used model. The fact that the cost of insurance is less than the national average for all vehicles should be regarded as a positive benefit.

U.S. StateAnnual Cost6-month CostMonthly Cost
New Hampshire$788$394$66
New Jersey$1,234$617$103
New Mexico$1,046$523$87
New York$1,388$694$116
North Carolina$830$415$69
North Dakota$1,084$542$90
Rhode Island$1,538$769$128
South Carolina$1,202$601$100
South Dakota$1,182$591$99
West Virginia$1,174$587$98

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How To Apply For Acura RDX Insurance in 2023?

Learn more about the Acura RDX car insurance cost and the various factors that impact Acura RDX cost. Compare insurance costs of Acura RDX cars so that you can get customized insurance proposals and cheaper rates. Let Mount Shine assist you to get auto insurance online, we have a large network of top insurance companies in all 50 states that can help you find the finest offers, payment methods, and vehicle insurance prices. Check yourself for Acura RDX insurance rates and then buy or renew.

Get free Acura RDX Insurance quotes, buy/renew, and save money on car insurance policy by contacting us. Our service is free, fast, and simple, so get started today!

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