Compare Acura MDX Insurance Cost For 2022: Buy/Renew

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Get Acura MDX Insurance from Mount Shine starting at just $1,566 per year or $131 per month Apply online. Apply online, get a car insurance quote, compare auto insurance quotes side by side from multiple providers and then buy or renew your Acura MDX insurance in 2022.

How much does Acura MDX insurance cost in 2022? What are the various ways to get cheap car insurance? Will my credit score affect the Acura MDX insurance cost? Is Acura expensive to insure? Are there any hidden charges that car insurance companies take? It’s better to go for a new 2022 Acura MDX car or used models like 2021 to 2013? Is Acura MDX worth the money?

We know that these questions arrive when we plan to buy a car, that is why at Mount Shine, our research team make their best efforts to provide you with the correct information and advice you on the best car insurance deals at low premium rates. If you live in Boston, MA or Raleigh, NC, or any other region of the United States, we’ll guide you on how to get lower car insurance through a step-by-step process. You can compare quotes, break down full coverage insurance policy, learn why zip codes or location affect the cost, and much more.

Mount Shine’s comparison of Acura MDX insurance cost will help you save money on your next auto insurance policy and in the best financial decision making.

Everything You Need To Know About Acura MDX Insurance Cost

Investing some time to do the research before buying car insurance can give you the best price on your policy. This helps you to find out what you are currently paying compared to what other auto insurance companies are charging. Also, you get in-depth details about car insurance rates. There was a survey done where drivers who compared car insurance rates before buying saved $865 a year compared to those who don’t. So, we will suggest you read the full article and learn how to compare car insurance quotes, get full details on Acura MDX insurance cost.

2022 Acura MDX
2022 Acura MDX

Now talking about the insurance cost for Acura MDX depending on the trim level can be around $1,566 per year, $783 for a 6-month, or $131 per month for full coverage insurance. According to our study, MDX ranks number 4 out of 36 midsize luxury SUV vehicles for insurance. If you are planning to buy an old Acura MDX, you can save $466 per year minimum on its insurance policy.

There are other factors too that can vary the Acura MDX insurance cost so let’s discuss them one by one.

How Much Does Acura MDX Insurance Cost: Age & Deductibles?

The average Acura MDX insurance rate is $1,566 a year or $131 per month depending on the features of the car. If we compare it to other similar vehicles in the market, it costs $263 less to insure Acura MDX and just $15 more per year than the $1,551 national average auto insurance rate for all vehicles.

2022 Acura MDX Red
2022 Acura MDX Red

From the table below, compare the average 2022 Acura MDX car insurance cost with changes in driver age and policy deductibles.

Driver AgeDeductibleAnnual CostMonthly Cost

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What Is The Cheapest Acura MDX Insurance Cost?

The cheapest Acura MDX insurance is the base 2WD model costing around $1,458 per year and the second cheapest is the Acura MDX base AWD at $1,488 per year. The most expensive Acura MDX model to insure is the Type S Advance trim levels at an estimated $1,698 per year, respectively.

Acura MDX Insurance Cost
Acura MDX Insurance Cost

From the table below, compare the average 2022 Acura MDX insurance rates depending on the trim level.

Acura MDX Trim LevelAnnual Policy6-month PolicyPer Month
Technology 2WD$1,522$761$127
Technology AWD$1,546$773$129
A-Spec AWD$1,554$777$130
Advance AWD$1,606$803$134
Type S$1,660$830$138
Type S Advance$1,698$849$142

Compare Acura MDX Insurance vs. All Midsize Luxury SUVs

Our study shows the Acura MDX when compared to other midsize luxury SUV vehicles, ranks number 4 out of 36. There is a difference of $263 in the insurance cost of Acura MDX when compared to the median average cost. Acura MDX car insurance is $1,566 whereas the median average cost is $1,829 per year. The difference can be seen where Acura MCX insurance rates are as follows: Acura MDX costs $8 more per year than the Lexus RX 350, $356 less than the BMW X5, and $188 less than the Lexus GX 460.

From the chart below, compare the average MDX car insurance rates vs. midsize luxury SUVs in 2022.

RankMake/ModelInsurance CostDifference
1Cadillac XT5$1,488-$78
2Jaguar E-Pace$1,550-$16
3Lexus RX 350$1,558-$8
4Acura MDX$1,566--
5Lincoln Nautilus$1,580$14
6Lexus RX 450h$1,596$30
7Infiniti QX50$1,600$34
8Lexus RX 350L$1,614$48
9Cadillac XT6$1,626$60
10Volvo V60$1,636$70
11Land Rover Discovery$1,646$80
12Land Rover Discovery Sport$1,650$84
13Lexus RX 450hL$1,660$94
14Volvo V90$1,676$110
15Lincoln Aviator$1,706$140
16Mercedes-Benz GLE450$1,728$162
17Mercedes-Benz AMG GLB35$1,730$164
18Lexus GX 460$1,754$188
19Infiniti QX60$1,762$196
20Mercedes-Benz GLE350$1,772$206
21Genesis GV80$1,806$240
22Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC43$1,834$268
23Audi SQ5$1,858$292
24BMW X5$1,922$356
25Audi Q8$1,950$384
26Audi Q7$1,982$416
27Land Rover Range Rover Sport$2,004$438
28BMW iX$2,018$452
29Tesla Model X$2,048$482
30Audi SQ7$2,108$542
31Audi e-tron$2,128$562
32Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE53$2,136$570
33BMW X6$2,184$618
34Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE63$2,278$712
35Porsche Cayenne$2,298$732
36Audi RS 6$2,374$808

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How Much Does a Used Acura MDX Insurance Cost To Insure?

From an old Acura MDX, you can save $466 per year minimum on its insurance policy. Because newer models, such as the 2022 MDX Acura, have a higher replacement value and older MDXs are worthless owing to depreciation, the cost of insurance for newer models, such as the 2022 MDX Acura, is higher.

Used Acura MDX Model
Used Acura MDX Model

We would advise you to go with the old or used Acura car model if you plan to save money on car insurance.

From the table below, compare the used vs. new Acura MDX car model ranging from 2013 to 2022 where the driver is between 20-year-old to 60-year-old.

Model YearDriver Age 20Age 30Age 40Age 50Age 60

Tip: If you want to save money on Acura MDX insurance cost, consider dropping full coverage as you will save $650 a year depending on the comprehensive and collision deductibles.

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Compare Acura MDX Insurance Cost According To Location

When you even think of buying a car, you start looking for advice from friends and colleagues. They give their own opinion on which car you should buy it should be electric vehicles as this is the future or go with Tesla cars or luxurious cars as they are status symbols.

2020 Acura MDX Blue
2020 Acura MDX Blue

According to us, you should do your research first. As many times, we look at the interior, horsepower, mileage, design but what we don’t look at is the cost of insurance.

You’ll buy a car once but insurance will be paid every month till you own that car. So it is important to look at car insurance prices as it varies a lot and location is one of the main factors. Depending on where you live, auto insurance may increase or decrease.

The average auto insurance cost for an Acura MDX can start from as cheap as $974 a year in Raliegh, NC to very expensive $2,614 a year in Los Angeles, CA. If you live in Charlotte, NC, the cost can be $1,126 and $6,174 in Detroit, MI.

For those who live in Colorado Springs, CO, it costs $1,902 a year to insure an Acura MDX car, $1,684 per year in Dallas, TX. From the table below, you can compare the insurance policy cost depending on the location where you live in the United States including the 15 largest cities.

City/StateAnnual RateMonthly Rate
Detroit, MI$6,174$515
New Orleans, LA$3,690$308
Miami, FL$3,048$254
New York, NY$2,976$248
Philadelphia, PA$2,628$219
Las Vegas, NV$2,622$219
Los Angeles, CA$2,614$218
Louisville, KY$2,508$209
San Francisco, CA$2,246$187
Jacksonville, FL$2,236$186
Oakland, CA$2,232$186
Sacramento, CA$2,114$176
Baltimore, MD$2,066$172
Long Beach, CA$2,048$171
Tulsa, OK$2,002$167
Kansas City, MO$1,988$166
Oklahoma City, OK$1,988$166
Denver, CO$1,946$162
Memphis, TN$1,946$162
Atlanta, GA$1,920$160
Colorado Springs, CO$1,902$159
Fresno, CA$1,878$157
San Jose, CA$1,864$155
Phoenix, AZ$1,812$151
Portland, OR$1,786$149
San Diego, CA$1,776$148
Boston, MA$1,766$147
Wichita, KS$1,718$143
Chicago, IL$1,714$143
Dallas, TX$1,684$140
Houston, TX$1,676$140
Seattle, WA$1,670$139
Minneapolis, MN$1,658$138
Birmingham, AL$1,650$138
Nashville, TN$1,604$134
Milwaukee, WI$1,596$133
Mesa, AZ$1,588$132
Indianapolis, IN$1,588$132
Albuquerque, NM$1,564$130
Tucson, AZ$1,528$127
San Antonio, TX$1,510$126
Omaha, NE$1,464$122
Fort Worth, TX$1,458$122
El Paso, TX$1,450$121
Austin, TX$1,434$120
Cleveland, OH$1,250$104
Columbus, OH$1,186$99
Charlotte, NC$1,126$94
Virginia Beach, VA$1,060$88
Raleigh, NC$974$81

Acura MDX Insurance By State [Rates + Comparison]

Compare the Acura MDX insurance rates by state and get to know how much you are paying for your car insurance. The cheapest insurance rate on an Acura MDX car is in Virginia which costs $1,018 per year and the most expensive is in Michigan costing $2,512 per year. States like New Jersey, Arkansas, and Texas have average Acura MDX insurance rates of $1,490, $1,686, and $1,484 per year, respectively.

From the table below, compare the 2022 Acura MDX insurance rates by state.

U.S. StateAnnual Cost6-month CostMonthly Cost
New Hampshire$950$475$79
New Jersey$1,490$745$124
New Mexico$1,264$632$105
New York$1,676$838$140
North Carolina$1,002$501$84
North Dakota$1,310$655$109
Rhode Island$1,858$929$155
South Carolina$1,452$726$121
South Dakota$1,428$714$119
West Virginia$1,420$710$118

What Are The Crash Test Results Of Acura MDX?

Acura MDX received a five-star rating from the NHTSA during crash safety testing in frontal and side impacts.

2020 Acura MDX Crash Test Result
2020 Acura MDX Crash Test Result

The safer is a car, the lesser the insurance rates are. Here is the breakdown of crash test results for the Acura MDX car:

Vehicle TestedOverallFrontalSideRollover
2020 Acura MDX SUV FWD5 stars5 stars5 stars4 stars
2020 Acura MDX SUV AWD5 stars5 stars5 stars4 stars
2020 Acura MDX SPORT HYBRID SUV AWD5 stars5 stars5 stars4 stars
2019 Acura MDX SUV FWD5 stars5 stars5 stars4 stars
2019 Acura MDX SUV AWD5 stars5 stars5 stars4 stars
2019 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid SUV AWD5 stars5 stars5 stars4 stars
2018 Acura MDX SUV FWD5 stars5 stars5 stars4 stars
2018 Acura MDX SUV AWD5 stars5 stars5 stars4 stars
2018 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid SUV AWD5 stars5 stars5 stars4 stars
2017 Acura MDX SUV FWD5 stars5 stars5 stars4 stars
2017 Acura MDX SUV AWD5 stars5 stars5 stars4 stars
2017 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid SUV AWD5 stars5 stars5 stars4 stars
2016 Acura MDX SUV FWD5 stars5 stars5 stars4 stars
2016 Acura MDX SUV AWD5 stars5 stars5 stars4 stars

What Are The Safety Ratings Of Acura MDX?

The NHTSA also gave the Acura MDX a five-star rating in frontal and side impacts during crash testing. In a roll-over crash, the Acura MDX received four out of five ratings. This good rating could help you save a lot of money on your car insurance.

The safety ratings of the Acura MDX have an impact on your vehicle insurance costs. The following is a breakdown:

Test TypeRating
Small overlap front: driver-sideGood
Small overlap front: passenger-sideNot Tested
Moderate overlap frontGood
Roof strengthGood
Head restraints and seatsGood

How To Apply For Acura MDX Insurance in 2022?

The rates may vary from different states, companies, and manufacturing years of the Acura car. Before purchasing auto car insurance for Acura cars, the best method to insure the cheapest or most dependable option is to do extensive research. Allow Mount Shine to assist you; we have a large network of top insurance companies in all 50 states that can help you find the finest offers, payment methods, and vehicle insurance prices. Check yourself for Acura MDX insurance rates and then buy or renew.

Get free Acura MDX Insurance quotes, buy/renew, save money on car insurance policy by contacting us. Our service is free, fast, and simple, so get started today!

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